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[OpNet] The Inflictor


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Is that thing on? Well then, get the hell out of the way or I'll turn you inta paste!

Now, I know what all you Inerts are thinkin'. "Here's another friggin' Nova who's gonna talk some shit about stayin' off drugs or whatever the hell else it is they talk about", well, it ain't. I'm here to set some stuff straight and you're gonna listen. All you baselines out there think you're all nice an' safe what with Team Tommorrow on the job. Ooooooo, I'm pissin' myself! Well let me tell YOU somethin' bud, Team Tamale ain't got jack on Mal an' they know it. He's gonna use 'em all like cheap toilet paper! You boys and girls can all stay in your pretty little houses and pretend that it ain't true, but Utopia can't touch 'im. Me, I'm just waitin' for the man's word and I'm gonna open up a can 'o whoopass like ain't never been seen. An' I'm gonna start with all you pretty little ladies and your faggy little husbands and all your precious little kids. I'm gonna wrap your guts around your damn neck and squeeze till your eyes pop out your head! And then I'm gonna go get the rest of ya sorry bunch! All you Homo Sapiens better watch the skies man, 'cause I'm watchin' for the sign. And when it shows, I'm gonna party till Hell freezes over, baby!

- The Inflictor, popularity rating 71 percent

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