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Mutants & Masterminds - [Review] Gadget Guide: Installations

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Gadget Guide: Installations
Vitals: Published By Green Ronin • 6(5) pages • $1.29 • full color PDF
"Welcome to my lair ..."
What's in it?
It doesn't call itself Gadget Guide: Headquarters, and I understand why, as it explicitly covers only non-mobiles structures, bases, facilities, etc., but that is a minor quibble, and everything here can, and will, be useful for HQs. Discussion of the effects of power levels on HQ (pardon, Installation) traits, installations shared between PCs (or NPCs), and the implicit features and environmental effects of these facilities is all included.
Moving deeper into the product we get detailed discussion of various features and powers that an installation could have, including modifiers applied to other features and powers like having remote hanger bays, or an isolated laboratory. A handful of example features are provided that are either new or expanded from the core rules. Personnel are also covered, discussing what base workers should and shouldn't be able to do, and the scope of their own usefulness.
Closing Thoughts

Gadget Guide: Installations finally steps back into the realm of equipment and gadgets. Headquarters, lairs, secret bases, and remote monasteries are all integral to the genre, and this product does a great job of expanding upon the system in the core rules. While lite on specific options it gives the players and GMs the tools needed to create their own. If there is any fault it is the lack of new examples in addition to those in the Hero's Handbook. I'd call this a very good buy for GMs and any player who wants to expand on the options they already have.


Rating: 90% - A worthwhile addition to the product line, and a helpful expansion on the core rules.


Note: I'll attach a picture and link once I get out from under the firewall that prevents me from accessing the GR store.

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