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Mutants & Masterminds - [Review] Gadget Guide: Nanotech

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Gadget Guide: Nanotech

Vitals: Published By Green Ronin • 7(6) pages • $1.29 • full color PDF

[insert flavor comment here]

What's in it?

Two words: Power Profile. Oh sure, maybe in a sci-fi game this kind of stuff could be equipment, but in a setting advanced enough for nanotech to be equipment what would constitute a power? That said, much like cybertech before it this does not diminish the profile, err, Guide. The product starts out detailing some possible descriptors to use with nanotech before details how nanotechnology is particularly appropriate for inventing.

Nanofabrication is the next major section, which hits closest to current real-world potential for the technology. Nano-construction, repair, and reshaping are covered by effects like Create and Transform. In addition to the base effects there are several suggestions for limits, flaws, and extras that could be applied to the powers to separately to the character.

Personal Nano comes next, being uses for nanotech on, or in, a character's person. Ranging from suits of active nanotech to body-ware that flows through the character's bloodstream, or even invades their entire being, Personal Nano provide protective effects to the bearer. The most extreme example being a character who is a construct made entirely of active nanites.


Nano-Weapons come next with an initial discussion on delivery systems before diving into various attack methods. From mono-filament weaponry to nano-dissemblers this lays out several attack forms. A sidebar about rogue nanotechnology and a section on nano-sensors close out the guide.

Closing Thoughts

Gadget Guide: Nanotech tackles a difficult topic, one capable of justifying an very wide array of power effects, and gives you the tools needed to implement it. The product is very strong in theme and suggests a number of power effects across a range of categories. This product is once again closer to a Power Profile in terms of scope and use, but still serves as a strong addition the the M&M Product line.

Rating: 85% - Strong in theme, nanotech provides a great deal of advice for using micromachines if your games.

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