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[OpNet] The Crimson Midnight


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Listen here! Gordon Barton, you waste of an M-R Node, you can't run fast enough to flee the UNGODLY terror that is the Crimson Midnight! I am forever in the Skies! I am the Death that waits for you above! You can never run from this, Barton! Best to lay yourself down in a comfortable spot, and dig yourself a shallow little grave!

You think you can double cross me like you did outside Lagos, and run while desert dust scraped up my blood? You think you can smear my name all over the OpNet, while I was recovering in some backwater hospital? You think you can DARE attempt to hide?


I WILL PUNISH YOU, AND I WILL RELENTLESSLY DEMOLISH ANYONE WHO GETS IN MY WAY! Let this be a public call! You stand between me and Gordon Barton, and I'll thrust my fist through your solar plexus! Watch where you stand!

I am the shadow, which eclipses the moon!

I am the blood, which fades out your vision!

I am the Crimson Midnight, and nothing short of Caestus Pax can stop me in my righteous fury!

THIS IS MY VOW! I WILL RUIN GORDON BARTON AND EVERYTHING HE HOLDS DEAR! Run, Barton, because there isn't a place on Earth safe enough to keep you alive!

- The Crimson Midnight, popularity rating 77 percent

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