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Tejah Ebadi

z-Tejah Ebadi

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Name: Tejah Ebadi
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 pounds
Date of Birth: September 28, 1994
Eruption Date: N/A

Allegiance: Husband, Mohammed Ebadi

Appearance: Young, athletic and pretty, Tejah is a mix of Middle Eastern and something else, presumably Caucasian. She doesn’t know her ancestry so she can’t say for sure. Her skin is a pale brown, and her features are a blend of two cultures.

Known skills/abilities:
Tejah is good at being a wife. Her life has prepared her for little else. In the orphanage, she was given a basic schooling and taught how to be a good wife. At sixteen, Mohammed found her there and took her to be his wife. From there, she was groomed to be his partner, mostly in a sexual way. His other three wives were busy bearing him children and caring for his house; Tejah was there to care for his need for a young, nubile wife.

She has learned a few things from him, just by listening to him as he discusses business or engineering on the phone; sometimes, after sex, he will sometimes make small talk about his work. Aside from that, she has learned to appease his fetishes and demands. He has ordered her to do things that go against her religion and her comfort, but she has been an obedient wife. As such, she’s learned some things about style, disguise and other social activities to please him.

Tejah was left in an orphanage not long after her birth. She was taken in, given a name, and a minimal education. It wasn’t too bad; she learned about Allah and his prophet Mohammad, and if her childhood was boring, it was also secure. Sometimes she wanted to be adopted, but sometimes, she liked to dream of who her parents were.

At sixteen, a man came to the orphanage and took her away. He wasn’t adopting her, though; she was to be his wife. Tejah was sacred of him; he was older than her, had three wives already and she soon realized he wasn’t a devout Muslim. It soon became clear that she was there to serve his sexual pleasure and that was why she was put on birth control. His wives resented her; she was given pretty baubles and new clothing, and often went traveling with him on business while they took care of the house and the children. What they didn’t know is that while on the frequent trips, Tejah was required to play to whatever fantasy her husband might concoct, which often left her upset and embarrassed.

Name:  Tejah Ebadi
Concept: Kept Wife
Nature:  Submissive
Allegiance:  Husband
Theme:  Strange, New, Better Life
HT:  5' 7"
WT:  140 lbs
Hair: Black (dyed pink currently)
Eyes:  Brown
Age: 19
STR:  3                 PER: 2                  APP:  4
Brawl:                  Artillery:              Disguise: 2
Might:                  Awareness:  1           Intimidation:
Throwing:               Investigation:          Style:  3
DEX: 3                  INT: 3                  MAN: 1
Archery:                Academics:              Command:
Athletics:              Analysis:               Interrogation:
Drive:                  Bureaucracy:            Seduction: 1
Firearms:               Computer:               Streetwise:
Gunnery:                Demolitions:            Subterfuge:
Heavy Weapons:          Engineering: 1
Legerdemain:            Intrusion:
Martial Arts:           Gambling:
Melee:                  Linguistics: 1
Pilot:                  Medicine:
Ride:                   Science:
Stealth:                Survival:
STA: 3                  WIT: 1                   CHA: 4
Channel:                Arts:  3                 Animal Training:
Endurance: 3            Biz: 1                   Carousing:
Resistance: 2           Mediation:               Command:
                        Modulate:                Etiquette: 3
                        Rapport:  3              Instruction:
                        Shadowing:               Perform: 3
                        Tactics:                 Savvy:
Resources:  4
Willpower: 5
Initiative: 4
Merits & Flaws
Known Languages
Native:  Farsi/Persian
Others:  Azerbaijani
Walk: 7m, Run: 19m, Sprint: 29m
Base Soak: 3
Healing Rate: baseline
Health Levels:
Unhurt -0
Bruised -1
Hurt -2
Injured -3
Wounded -4
Maimed -5
Crippled -6
Incapacitated x
Dead x
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