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Mathis McAstor

Mathis McAstor

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Mathis McAstor


False glory. That was an unfortunate secret of the McAstor family. Living in a veritable mansion - sold on the cheap from celebrity repossessions, a marriage between fashion designer Connor McAstor and socialite Patricia McAstor - a tepid arrangement packed with affairs, a mother who had none of the blue blood she claimed, and a man more and more riding on his company's fame rather than his own.

Mathis McAstor despised these truths, and resolved to succeed on his own merits. Managing an academic scholarship to get into Harvard, he proved a clever speaker and intelligent individual. He wound through graduations fast, and an impressed professor networked him into the plush arms of Brandenburg & Klarfeld Associates, a mid to upper class private legal firm specializing in criminal defense.

Mathis proved to be a rather effective and successful young private attorney, notably not just for a strong win-loss ratio, but a willingness to take on less affluent clients. Though the firm partners were less than comfortable with these arrangements, the overall appearance of egalitarian service ended up benefiting the firm.

And then, he defended a man accused of embezzlement, banker William Riley the Third. Mathis listened to his client's protestations of innocence, faced down the prosecution and smiled when the jury verdict came. Reasonable doubt had won the day. McAstor was offered a thank-you vacation through Eastern Asia, by a joyous client.

In all honesty, Mathis had had his doubts about the innocence of William Riley the Third, and under normal circumstances would have let his misgivings turn down the offer for him, but tired out from the case, looking for a break from the strain, he accepted. His expenses paid and shipped off to Tokyo, then Seoul, then Bangkok, Mathis had to admit the stress relief was impressive, if a bit dubious.

Then, arriving in the Kansas City international airport, the world changed everything, and such questions became... moot.

Concept: Lawyer caught up in the Vanishing.

Nature: Judge



Intelligence •••, Wits •••, Per ••

Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••

Charisma •••, Manipulation •••• (Persuasive), Appearance •••



Academics ••• (Law)

Awareness •••

Bureaucracy •••

Etiquette ••

Investigation ••• (Interviews)

Perform ••• (Oration)

Rapport •••

Streetwise ••

Style ••

Subterfuge •••



Resources ••

[5 left to be spent]


Other Stats

Willpower •••••

Initiative +5

Movement: [WALK 7m/RUN 14m/SPRINT 26m]

BP Log
4 skill dots - 8

2 Willpower dots - 4

3 Specialties - 3

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