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[OpNet] Corona Mindburst


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The Null Manifesto, the Zurich Accords. They are both crap. Why? Because they are based on one bad assumption. That being Human is the sole reason for the rights and responsibilities that MOST people, baseline and nova take for granted.

BULLSHIT! If an intelligent, friendly alien race landed on our beautiful planet tomorrow and someone shot one that would be murder... but not according to the Zurich accords. Sentience. The ability to reason. That is the thing that gives us these rights and responsibilities. Regardless of whether the sentient is baseline, nova, or alien. But look at us. We talk about Human rights and Crimes against Humanity. We are so terrocentric. It is ridiculous! Wake up, people, there's a whole universe out there and it's probably teaming with sentient life. Let's not be caught by surprise. Lets assume an equality of all sentients regardless of species and especially lets us remember that morality does vary between human cultures and thus be ready to explain in tolerance should we ever meet others out there. PLEASE.

- Corona Mindburst, popularity rating 81 percent

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