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[OpNet] Conscience


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Criminals, nova and baseline alike, your days are numbered. My eyes are open to you all. My attention is fully yours. I do not need sleep, I have weapons and equipment the likes of which you have never seen, I know who you all are, and of what you are capable. I am here, and I have seen enough.

Drug dealers, Terragen, rogue novas, and even Proteus agents (yes,I know of you too...), none of you are safe from me. Sleep lightly and get used to looking over your shoulders. Eventually, you will either see me moving up behind you, or you will fail to awaken one morning. It will happen. Don't think it won't.

There is one punishment for you all, and it is not prison. I am that punishment, and I am final. I will do whatever I need to, to do what must be done.

Those of you who do not yet deserve my attention, be wary of me. I am always watching, looking for those who will next require punishment. Do not step out of line. Do not disrespect the peace and tranquility of life that all deserve. If you do, then I will remove you from the equasion. Before you act, think of me. I will be your Conscience.

- Conscience , popularity rating 76 percent

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