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[OpNet] Cynthia "Coldsteel" Johensan


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This one goes out to Teragen, all of you. Yeah, that's right Orzaiz, I'm talking to you. I'm sick and tired of all yer self-aggraindizing ego-maniachal machiavelli-wannabe shite. This might be hard for you bassackwards twits to figure out, but "With great power comes great responsibility". If you can't get that through yer thick, quanta-riddled skulls, then come see me, and I'll personally beat the concept into you.

If I catch any of you buggers so much as CONSIDERING using your powers for less than legal activities, so help me I'm gonna shove the Zurich Accord so far up yer arse that you'll scream for Divis Mal to show his ugly mug to save yer sorry hide.

- Cynthia "Coldsteel" Johensan , popularity rating 37 percent

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