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Fate: No Exit - [Character Profile] Emanuel Francis

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Emanuel Francis




Once the star architect who defined a generation, his talents are but a grim reminder of all he lost.

High concept: jaded former star architect.

Trouble: he let others pay for his mistakes until there was no one left.


Phase One
A part of it may have been the sleep deprivation, but when he showed him the finalized model of the building, Emanuel Francis could see something in his former teachers eyes that hadn't been there before. Now he was the master. He had stuck to his ideas and found the thing of beauty in the non-space of self-conflicting requests and impossible requirements. Some purest form of beauty had opened up to him and let itself become manifest.
Aspect: There is perfection, true beauty. Let me show it to you. (inviolate)
Touchstone: Titanium plated X-Acto knife with cap. Always in breast pocket.

Phase Two
Emanuel Francis guest-stars in the story of Uriel Arcadia. Uriel Arcadia used some of the windfall from the Intel job to arrange for a save house with style. He managed to get to the architect of a high-rise just as the final stage of construction was ramping up.
"You know, this is highly unusual. I can easily arrange for you to acquire the apartment off the books. But keeping everything electronic about your condo air-gaped from the rest of the complex will get me into micro-management hell. This will cost you more than just money." Emanuel Francis leaned across the table. "I know a man of talent when I see one. This will cost you a favor. Do we have an agreement?"
Emanuel Francis' second Aspect:
Aspect: People are complex tools, but infinitely useful if you know how to wield them.
Touchstone: Book of matches from the restaurant they met at.

Phase Three
Emanuel Francis gets a push towards the complex and Damien Drake makes an appearance.
For the first couple of days there were rumors, that the Fielding Tower had been the target of a terrorist attack. The elegant skyscraper, crown achievement of Emanuel C. Francis, collapsed like a house of cards. Within an hour the renown architect was in front of the press, putting the blame at the structural engineer. As if it hadn't been clear that the life he had build for himself was over, horror author Damien Drake got into touch for details on 'what can go wrong with skyscrapers' for the final book in his series.
Emanuel Francis' third Aspect:
Aspect: I know who is to blame and it certainly is not me.
Touchstone: Transparent screw and nut.

+4 Crafts
+3 Will, Lore
+2 Intimidation, Notice, Investigation
+1 Resources, Rapport, Burglary, Deceit

Stunts: " I can see what was the process behind this"
Crafts: Can make an overcome roll to find a weakness in or altogether bypass an obstacle by sensing the structure and history behind it. Usually involves the process in which the obstacle was designed or constructed.

Refresh: 3

The apartment at the complex is in the fifth floor. It has these two aspects:

Extremely well organized. Too well, actually.
Sometimes you can hear noises from the vent in the bathroom. Maybe voices.

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