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[OpNet] Black Mass


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I know why you fear the dark while you lay in your beds, Baselines... I know why you buy night-lights, why your flashlight batteries are always charged, and why you keep a nice, big campfire while you sleep in your tents... The Darkness.

The Darkness is alive, and it is hungry. It wants to consume your flesh, to swallow your organs, to crack your bones in its ebony teeth and suck out the marrow... It wants to take away your children, your friends, your family, to leave you helpless and alone....

I control The Darkness, and it is held at bay by my will, and at my leisure. At any point I could unleash it, putting you at what would be its mercy if it had any. It is relentless, it is everywhere, and it is HUNGRY.

I control The Darkness, and you are safe from it...

But only so long as I wish it.

- Black Mass, popularity rating 70 percent

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