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[OpNet] I do not expect to be liked.


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I do not expect to be liked. Nor do I expect to be respected...those things are only earned after the proper litigations, or the proper actions...Utopia, T2M, they represent a group who wishes to constantly "sugar coat" their actions just to mantain popularity. Remember Slider.

Imagine the reach of Utopias branches, I've seen a few myself, from the goverment, to narcotics....think for a while...can a baseline have the power or the resources to create a drug that is made from a Novas MR-node? How can a baseline track and killa Nova? Remember the Houston Tornado.

Some Teragen seem to only cause destruction and terror in their quake, other seem to plot for the advancement of their own agendas, while others seem to ponder on what the hell is going on. Try and imagine Portman's Sphinx.

Humanity proved able to survive...by evolving into us. For better or worse, it is our destiny, to forge the new World. But I feel a war beetwen Novas brewing...those who would keep their individuality or freedom by analizing the worl around them, and those who keep selling their souls to glamorous altruistic entities. We are not fairy tales, we are not humans. Our words forge time itself. Brother novas...be ready when the time for a collective unveiling will set us in the right direction, and we shall stand UNITED.

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