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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Motion to change systems to M&M3

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We've been having a sudden swarm in terms of rules issues and more and more Aberrant and the Storyteller system has proven unable to fit our needs by my opinion.

Therefor I am putting up a motion to change systems to something far more defined and can be more easily house-ruled where necessary.

1: We move to Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition.

2: We decide who will be a GM in said game to oversee plot.

3: We operate from where we leave off in the Aberrant plot.

4: We keep a democratic process in regards to the game.

I am feeling that once we make the switch to M&M3 our path will be clearer in this game, and we might be able to stop having rules problems being a barrier to doing what we should be doing in this game; being our characters.

I don't know how this proposal will be recieved, I don't have any expectation of success, but I don't want CN to get killed off because of a game system that is, quite frankly, dysfunctional for our needs.

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I'm removing this from consideration for 3 reasons.

1- The plot relies on the players, and as this would continue where we leave off with the Aberrant system, not having the players that won't make a transition would be unfair to players that would make a transition. And vice-versa as nowinactive players having things happen with their now NPC characters may be enough unlike their character as intended to create new problems.

2- This was made as a spur of the moment solution to a problem that honestly has gotten more complex than it needs to be.

3- I'm not sure if it would get any approval at any level.

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Actually, I would vote in favor of this. I like the settings of Cosmos Nova and Axis & Allies, but I'm not so much a fan of the Aberrant system these days. M&M 3e, on the other hand, would do a fine job of covering pretty much everything we're trying to do in both game worlds.

That said, converting would be a major undertaking, and I agree that it's an option that is unlikely to gain much traction here.

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