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[OpNet] Notice to All Nova and Baseline Citizens of Port Orleans


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I have been a crime-fighter in this city since the very start of this millenium. I was here before Project Utopia established T2M:Port Orleans. I was here before FBI Special Nova Operations set up shop here. This is my home, and I have been the most stalwart defender of it.

I have tried to work within the system. I have tried to work with both Team Tomorrow and the baseline authorities. But it hasn't worked. T2M is rife with corruption, and their team-leader, Python, is unable or unwilling to do anything about it. The civil authorities are just as bad; a corrupt police force and an FBI with ulterior motives, connected to a revolving-door justice system.

Two weeks ago, my parents -- people of peace who have never lifted a finger in anger in their lives -- were brutally slain during a fight between Teragen and T2M operatives. This will not stand.

You are all placed on notice. Port Orleans is my city, and as of right now, I am its sole authority. If you do not work with me, you are the enemy. Violators of this policy will be crushed.

You have been warned.

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