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[OpNet] Baseline Delusions

Fortune's Son

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God made man, baseline man, in his image and novas are the get of hell?

So what Ryan is saying is that god is a egotistical self destructive bigot that needs hellspawn to bail his ass out after a couple of centuries of screwing up the planet by trying to act on delusions of grandeur?

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Ryan. Nothing like the clarity of madman to bring a ray of sunshine into my day. In the same vein I got a little question for you.

Don't it just suck to be low man on the evolutionary totem pole?

Say hi to the neandrathals for me and don't forget to turn out the lights on your society when you leave. Personally, I think the meek... jerk offs like you... really are going to inherit the Earth. Cuz me and mine are headed for the stars, baby. Give us a ring when you grow up and finally get tired of playing in the sandlot.

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