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[OpNet] God and vengence are coming hellspawn

Father Ryan

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God made man in his own image.

You are NOT that image.

You have done the work of Satan for the last time.

Mankind can not afford to sit around and let it's people be killed or mutated by such evilness as is represented by the perverted powers of novas.

A time will soon come when man will stand up and say,

"No more.

No more shall we watch while our children are killed or subjected to evil. No more shall we sit idle as the powers of corruption are allowed to spread unhindered among our young. No more shall we sit and watch while you pervert and pollute our Earth with you foul presence.

No more.

No more novas."

That time can now not be far off. Rest uneasy in your beds of skulls followers of the infernal powers. You time of ascendancy is at its end.

The children of God are coming and you shall all be destroyed.

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