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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Valentin "Bǣl" Brandt

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Name: Bǣl
Real Name: Valentin Brandt
Nature: Rebel

Date of Birth: 1924
Sex: Male
Apparent Age: late-teens.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167lbs

Known Appearance:
A beautiful young man with red-gold hair, molten gold eyes and sharp features.

Known Powers:
A manipulator of fire, Bǣl can perform a wide range of effects with his element.

Visible Aberrations:
Unearthly Beauty, Distinctive Appearance, Anima Banner (green flames)

Claude and Lotte Brandt were lucky, blessed even. The two Dynamics were heroes of Germany during the Great War, they parlayed their fame into fortune and did well even during the hard years following the Treaty of Verdun. They had a son, whom they called Valentin, and life was good. Theirs was a happy household.


Then came the rise of the Nazis, and the widespread belief that the ubermenchen would catapult Germany back into worldwide prominence. The Brandt’s saw this dangerous movement and began to speak out against it, pointing to the follies of the prior war and warning against militarism. Their words, as Dynamic heroes of the nation, had a lot of impact, and people were swayed. Other people saw, and heard, and elected to do something about it.

The Brandts were killed in a mysterious automobile accident – a very mysterious accident indeed, considering that both Dynamics were inhumanly resistant to damage. Valentin, at the age of 7, was especially confused: he was sure that his parents did not even own an automobile. Lies were told, close family members were persuaded by the evidence, and Valentin went to live with his grandparents in Heidelburg.


On his 12th birthday, Valentin’s talent expressed itself. A book-burning was taking place, and one of his cousins – a member of the Hitler Youth – decided that the small collection of American comic books that Valentin hoarded was a perfect gift to the flames. Valentin struggled, but his cousin was bigger and heavier, and held the young boy away while tossing the comics into the roaring fire. Valentin was furious beyond measure. Those comics had been gifts, every single one, from his parents, and this fat pig had destroyed them to appease a funny little man who shouted and now somehow ruled the country.


He walked into the flames to get his verdammt comics back. The flames swirled around him, but didn’t touch his skin, their color changing to a verdant green hue that illuminated the terrified faces of the townsfolk, and as he stood on the emerald pyre and looked at the scorched remnants of all the books, his own included, Valentin quietly decided he would have no part of such blighted stupidity. The flames winked out, leaving the market square in darkness.


The Waffen SS arrived the next day, with their own Dynamics. They wanted to test the boy, and his grandparents, already old, dared not resist the superhuman presence of the SS ubermencsh who made the demand. So the Nazis took Valentin away – he didn’t want to fight them on his grandparents doorstep, after all. They took him to a camp, but he refused to use his powers. They cajoled him, and he refused. They threatened him, and he refused. Politely, he explained that he didn’t want to be a super soldier for the Fatherland. He wanted to go to school, and then to university in Vienna. He wanted to study the works of the philosophers and work to help all humanity, not just the Nazi party. To his keepers, this sounded like treason, and they couldn’t risk even a single ubermensch working against the Reich.


So they imprisoned him, and he escaped. They caught him, and built another prison. This one he also escaped from after a couple of years, causing the deaths of five guards and one Dynamic in the process. His powers had grown in captivity. The effort, however, drained the young man, and he was unable to resist capture a third time. This time, the Nazis did it right: they moved him to a fortified prison on the outskirts of Berlin. His cell was a hundred feet below ground and flooded: a stone box of water. Valentin was strapped into a diving suit and left there, kept alive through means of an air hose from the ceiling. Two smaller tubes also carried his meals (baby mush) and water. Once per day, under guard, his cell was drained and he was allowed to relieve himself and exercise while his suit was cleaned. The rest of the time, he was alone in the dark waters of his prison. He has been told that, should he attempt escape again, his grandparents will be killed in horrible ways. So he does not struggle, and does not complain.


And he remains there to this day. Thinking... planning... hating. The solitude and utter isolation, rather than breaking the young man, have hardened his soul to diamond-toughness. He has nothing to sustain him except his anger, which burns hotter with every passing moment. The irony is not lost on him – the Nazis wanted him to be a weapon, and he will be. Just not in their hands. Not in anyone’s hands but his own. Valentin has actually started to hope that his grandparents die soon – and he hates himself for that hope. If he were strong enough, he could reach his grandparents before the Reich can punish them, and spirit them away somewhere. But where? He has been kept isolated – where is safe from the Nazis now? Russia? Norway? One thing is certain, the Reich is going to regret ever having heard the name of Valentin Brandt. Or Bǣl, as he calls himself now. Bǣl, the fire of the funeral pyre.


The flame of destruction.

(40NP build)

Physical (Tertiary)
STR: ●●● ()
DEX: ●●●● (Agile)
STA: ●●● ()

Mental (Secondary)
PER: ●●●● (Intuitive)
INT: ●●●● (Bright)
WIT: ●●●● (Quick)

Social (Primary)
APP: ●●●● (Stunning)
MAN: ●●● ()
CHA: ●●●● (Arresting)

- ( 3 NP spent)

Athletics: ●●
Martial Arts: ●
Stealth: ●
Endurance: ●●●
Resistance: ●●●
Awareness: ●●●
Investigation: ●
Navigation: ●●
Academics: ●●
Engineering: ●
Linguistics: ●
Science: ●●
Survival: ●
Rapport: ●
Intimidation: ●●
Etiquette: ●

Modulate: ●●●

(2 BPs spent)

Node ●●●●●
Attunement ●●●●●

(3 BPs spent, )

Iron Will - 6
Quantum Recovery - 1

Vengeful - 2
Lusty - 1

Dependant - 4 (His grandparents)

Phobia: Claustrophobic - 2

Aberration - 2 Unearthly Beauty

Quantum: ●●●●● (14 BPs spent)
Quantum Pool: 40
Willpower: ●●●●●
Taint: 7

- Aberrations:
-Taint based:
Anima Banner: Emerald green flame dances around Valentin when he manifests his power.
Distinctive Appearance

Uncontrollable Power: Elemental Mastery
Hormonal Imbalance: Rage

Special Effect:
All of Valentin's fire-based effects manifest as emerald green flame.


Mega-Dexterity ● (Quickness)
Mega-Stamina ● (Hardbody)
Mega-Wits ● (Multi-tasking)
Mega-Appearance ● (Awe-Inspiring)
Mega-Charisma ● (Autonomy)
- (9 NP spent )

Quantum Powers

Bright Viridian Sword - Quantum Bolt Lvl 3 (Extra: Armor Piercing) ●●

Prince of the Emerald Sun - Elemental Mastery: Fire Lvl 3 ●●●● (Imprison, Enhance/Diminish, Shield, Storm)

Jade Gates - Transmit: Fire (Extra: Incontiguous) - ●●

No Power But Mine - Invulnerability: Fire - ●●

- (3 NP spent clean, 20 NP spent on Tainted dots)

Combat Stats
Base Soak: 4 Bashing / 2 Lethal

Health Levels: Bruised x1, Hurt x1, Wounded x1, Injured x1, Crippled x1, Incapacitated x1

9 (1 BP spent)


XP Log


1st Apr - 10xp for March

1st May - 10xp for April

20th May - spent 7 xp on Q-bolt 2

20th May - spent 6 xp on M-Dex 1

20th May - spent 6 xp on M-Wits 1

1 XP left

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