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Aberrant: Mutant High - Mutant High: Timeline

Vivi OOC

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This timeline is a work in progress. Comments and/or suggestions should go in the OOC thread, not here.


What Could Go Wrong?!- Started by Alexander Andrews, 06 Feb 2012

Day of the Dreadnoughts (Redeux)- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012
Dante's Inferno- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012

  • Learning Curve- Started by Sakurako Hino, 11 Nov 2012 (Follows Dante's Inferno)
  • Retaliatory Gift- Started by Sonja Bahaar, 01 Feb 2013 (Follows Learning Curve)

The Lion, The Wench and the Warzone- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012
"Relax, We're The Good Guys"- Started by Dave ST, 15 Feb 2012

  • Midnight PIE!- Started by The Morrigan, 26 Sep 2012 (Follows Relax, We're The Good Guys)

Bribing the Evil Glowing One!- Started by The Morrigan, 14 Sep 2012



Marco's First Day- Started by Marco Moreno, 22 Jan 2013

  • Comfort- Started by The Morrigan, 24 Feb 2013 (Follows Marco's First Day)

Lively Lessons- Started by Curtis Shane, 18 Feb 2013
Old Friend, New Problem- Started by The Morrigan, 20 Feb 2013
Changing Seasons- Started by Alexander Andrews, 05 Mar 2013
[MH-Plot] The Proposal- Started by Dave ST, 06 Mar 2013



Cryogenic Biology- Started by Glacia, 30 Jan 2013
Jolting Developments- Started by Curtis Shane, 15 Jan 2013
Spark, Sizzle, Chill.- Started by Hotstreak, 16 Jan 2013
Picnic Study Session [Mature]- Started by Hotstreak, 05 Oct 2012
Moving-in Day- Started by Locomotive, 05 Sep 2012
Saku and Natt's Day Off- Started by Sakurako Hino, 25 Feb 2013

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