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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Olivia Jennings

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Name: Olivia Jennings

Gender: female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 120 pounds

Date of Birth: September 28, 1919

Eruption Date: December 21, 1920


Allegiance: Red Cross


Appearance: Olivia is a young woman of negro descent. Her height and weight are all average for her gender and race. She is in good health, having recovered from the attack that caused her eruption.


Known powers: Jennings is a talented nurse; even before eruption, her medical skills were strong. After her eruption, her proficiency with medicine has increased, including the ability to use ætheric energies to heal. This is causing consternation with the doctors; she once performed field surgery on a man. There is concern among the Red Cross administration that she will get above herself and attempt procedures better left to trained personnel.


Her ability to heal through ætheric energies is balanced by her ability to cause harm to the body. Jennings has described it as manipulating the human body’s health. She can do the same to herself, to limited degree. This power has caused an ætheric feedback in her: her touch causes pain except when she’s healing.


History: Olivia was born in the poorest parts of New Orleans, the daughter of a single mother. Della Jennings wasn’t married until Olivia was six and never talked about Olivia’s father. It wasn’t until the girl was older that she learned her father was her mother’s former employer. Her father was powerful, rich and white, and no attempt was made by mother or daughter to talk to him. Even at twelve, Olivia knew how the world worked.


Her step-father was a good man and she loved her half-siblings. At sixteen, she was working after school to help support her family and save for college. Her plan was to get a degree in history, but one of the administrators at the school explained that Olivia would be wasting her time and effort. She wouldn’t be able to get an advanced degree and would never be able to do anything with it. So Olivia entered nursing.


She hated it, but endured. The young woman was bright and able to pass her classes. Dancing and music kept her sane during this time; the young woman went to nightclubs in the city that admitted coloreds during her free time.


After school came the effort of finding work. Jobs went to white women first, particularly in bigoted New Orleans. There was talk among the family that Olivia should go north where a negro could sometimes find work. But Olivia had another idea: she’d volunteered in some of the poorest missions in New Orleans, both to practice her skills and to make contacts for work. While here, she met Walter Forthright, an administrator in the American Red Cross. He volunteered in missions in his free time, and quickly recognized the value of Olivia’s skills. She could have a job with them, if she agreed to serve overseas. Olivia agreed, expecting to be shipped to Europe, where stories were coming about war with Germany. Instead, they sent her to Burma in mid-1940.


The Burmese were rebelling against their colonial masters, the British. The Red Cross was attempting to be neutral and aid the native Burmese while the British were being imperlists. Olivia didn’t like Burma; she didn’t know the Burmese language and while English was the official language, she didn’t like that the natives could talk without her knowing.


Sending negros to foreign sites was not unusual for the Red Cross, and Olivia made friends with those of her own race. She continued to enjoy music and dancing; the young man she was dating, Sean Dermont, loved to take her dancing. They were talking about the future, in careful, hesitant terms.


One night she and Sean and another couple went to Rangoon for a Christmas party. On their way back to their base of operations, they were ambushed by members of the British Army. The men were drunk and looking for a good time; at night, under the cover of night, they decided to have their fun with the four coloreds. At first, it was just simple harassment; then one of the Brits ordered the women to disrobe. Sean and the other man objected but were outnumbered. Their attempt to defend the women only resulted in them being beaten to death while the women were raped.


It was during the attack that Olivia erupted. One moment, she was helpless; the next pain was slicing through the man attacking her. She fought them off as best she could and when the men couldn’t touch her without hurting themselves, they just shot her and left her in the jungle with the bodies of her three friends. She should have died; instead she healed and walked out of the jungle.


The Red Cross contacted the British Army; all four of the victims were Red Cross workers and the agency demanded action. The eight men identified by Olivia were reprimanded but two of them were in the hospital. Their injuries were severe and caused by an unknown source. The report from the Red Cross helped them to understand what had happened.


To Olivia's surprise, the British Army reacted swiftly. Three of the men were captured immediately and tried. They were found guilty and rapidly shot. The other three men went AWOL to avoid the firing squad. The Army also gave Olivia Ætherfiber as compensation.

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Character Sheet:

Str - 2, Dex - 3, Sta - 4 (Hardy)

Driving - 1, Endurance - 5, Resistance - 5

Per - 3, Int – 5 (Analytical), Wits - 4 (Empathetic)

Awareness - 2, Investigation - 1, Navigation - 1, Academics - 1, Bureacracy - 1, Linguistics - 2 (French, Chinese), Medicine - 3, Science - 2, Survival - 1

App - 3, Man - 3, Cha - 4

Style - 1, Diplomancy - 1, Subterfuge - 2, Etiquette - 1, Perform - 3


Ætherfiber - 1, Attunement - 3, Influence - 1, Node - 1, Resources - 1


Willpower - 7, Quantum - 5, Quantum Pool - 50, Taint - 3

HL - Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed x7, Crippled, Incapacitated, Dead


Permanent Symphony of Touch (taken voluntarily)


Mega-Stamina 1 [Regeneration]

Mega-Perception 1 [body Awareness]

Mega-Intelligence 1 [Mental Prodigy: Healing]

Mega-Manipulation 1 [symphony of Touch]


Health Manipulation 3 (I’m assuming that this power will be accepted; if not, I’ll adjust the build accordingly)

Body Mods: x6 Maimed

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