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Mary Masters

[BESM3] The Brink - A Space Opera - Recruiting

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Finally got a concept down, got a system in mind, now before I start making house rules it is time to guage iterest.

It is a space exploration game in the vein of classic 1950s-1960s space operas modernized. What I have seen by what I am going to run it'll be like Star Trek and invites Halo to take a vacation there.

The characters will be members of an away team on ship, tasked with assisting the crunshier scientists and diplomats in terms of security and survival. Also, they handle piloting the shuttlecraft that go from the ship to the planet below (NO TRANSPORTERS!). The team will be expected to be ready for combat, but must have some diplomatic skill and social tact in the process.

House Rules - HERE

If you're interested, the USS Noble Endeavor awaits.

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Thank you, any others?

Also this is the new OOC account, as I turned my main account here into my OOC as originally intended.

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The Adventures of the USS Noble Endeavor

Basic House Rules

Points: 350 Character Points

Stats: No one stat can be higher than 8, and only one stat can be at 8.

Attributes: No limits, but restricted to attributes a normal Human can have. Racial templates can add certain attributes that are not considered normal for a human to have.

Skills: Skills are at the Multi-Genre point cost.

Gear: Players do not have to purchase gear for their characters.

Other Changes

Vehicles: Vehicles have a base 50 Health before their normal health from Armor is added.

Tough: Tough provides +10 Health per level

Energy Bonus: Energy Bonus provides +10 Energy per level

Armor: No change, except that Armor level 15 or higher reduces the attacker's Damage Multiplier by -1 starting at Armor 15, to a maximum of -5

Force Field: No change, follows same rules as armor in terms of a force field's armor rating being 15 or higher.

Racial Templates

These Racial Templates are BANNED - Dark Elf, Fairy, Giant Living Robot, Half-Oni, Skeleton Key, Shape Changer, Slime, Snow Maiden, Spider Demon, Yurei.

Racial Template Changes

The Haud: The Haud is a hostile race to the Galactic Commonwealth, as such they are not allowed as player characters.

Android Battle Maid: While it is interesting to see a former Maid volunteer as a member of an elite band of space explorers, An ABM will be reprogrammed, swapping Domestic Arts for Wilderness Survival 5 with a specialty of the player's choice. ABMs can come from anywhere in the Commonwealth.

The Greys: The Greys are the oldest race in the Galaxy, they have seen empires and republics rise and fall and they have charted them all. But they are a race now in decline as their genome has become frail from ceaseless genetic tinkering. They look to their closest genetic match, the people of Terra, to help in restoring their race. They became one of the founding members of the Commonwealth, and have advised the Terran Republic in all matters. The Greys have no home world, as it was forgotten or lost long ago.

Half Dragons: Half Dragons from the Draco Empire are called Draconians. They are unchanged in cost and stats/attributes. The Draconian Empire, while independent of the Commonwealth, is an ally of the GC, and is known to have "cultural exchanges" where a member of their interstellar fleet will serve aboard a Commonwealth ship.

Half Orcs: A hostle warrior race from Planet Kazin, it is a volcanic planet with few hospitable zones. They were rendered as such after a nuclear holocaust they brought upon themselves. What few Kazinti make it offworld are known mercenaries and criminals. While not normally considered player charaters, a outlier Kazinti that values order and honor over his pocketbook can happen.

Homo Psyche: The next step of Human evolution, Homo Psyche are trained on the idyllic world of Aria, where the students that train at the Aria academy focus their mental prowess. Graduates of the program fit in well with Commonwealth society, Although they are also regulated in certain environments, and must wear gloves to block the more dangerous of their talents.

Nekojin: The cat kind of Planet Paru, known as the Nekomi, were in fact founded by a group of colonists who were genetically altered, facing persecution by Terra for their acts, they fled to the outskirts of what was Terran Imperial space. When the Empire fell in 2314, the Nekomi re-established contact with the burgeoning Galactic Commonwealth formed by the Teran Republic's rebellion, which was assisted by the Venusian Conglomerate, the Martian Kingdom and the Jovian Republic.

Vampires: The legend is true. Vampires are a parasitic mutation in the genome of a race. Causing what is known as a Hemophagic Mutation. This mutation also influences the genome on a sub-quantum level, down to the very quantum strings, causing the unfortunate soul to turn into the monster that is a Vampire. Their supernatural power comes from their aptitude for Psychic talent. Any race has vampires in their midst. Vampire player characters follow a humane philosophy, although they still face persecution and hunting from more fanatical Terran colonies.

Woolies: Woolies, called the Ruar of Planet Ya'r are a species adapted to cool climates, hunting, and nomadic lifestyles. When uplifted by the Greys, they became excellent farmers and workers, showing their worth to the Commonwealth.

Occupational Templates

These Occupational Templates are NOT ALLOWED: Artificer, Demon Hunter, Gate Guardian, General, Idol, Magical Girl, Master Thief, Pet Monster Trainer, Sentai Member, Shadow Warrior, Student.

Power Templates

Only Psi is allowed.

Skill Modifications

These skills have new Specialties in addition to their original ones.

Acrobatics: Zero Gee

Administration: Shipboard Function

Animal Training: Xenobiological

Archetecture: Zero Gee, Pressurized Environments

Area Knowledge: By planet

Biological Sciences: Xenobiological

Controlled Breathing: Vacuum Survival

Cultural Arts: By Species

Etiquette: Shipboard, Exploratory Fleet

Foreign Culture: Venusian, Martian, Jovian, or an Alien World

Gaming: Full-Dive Interface, Holodeck

Interrogation: Psychic

Languages: Alien language

Law: Interstellar

Mechanics: Hardsuit, Spacecraft, Spaceship, FTL Drives

Medical: Xenobiological, Vaccuum Injury, Emergency Response

Occult: Alien Superstition

Physical Sciences: Quantum Physics, Unified Theory

Riding: Xenobiological

Seduction: Psychic

Social Sciences: Xenology

Sports: Zero Gee Ball

Swimming: Non-water fluids

Urban Tracking: Space Station

Wilderness Survival: Vaccuum, Alien Planets

Wilderness Tracking: Lunar

New Skill

Orbital Skydiving

A Character trained in Orbital Skydiving knows how to use the gear associated with the activity, and has learned how to make proper re-entries using said gear, everything from the quick-deploy heatshields, to the pressure suits a diver wears.

Specialties: Pressure Suit Maintenance, Heat Shield Maintenance, Parachute Maintenance, Navigation, High-Open dives, High-Speed Open, Dive Emergency Management

Rolling Conventions

A 1,1 (Snake Eyes) is a critical failure

A 6,6 (Box Cars) is a critical success

Other House Rules

Rule of Announced Spotting: When a player announces they are "Keeping Aware of their Surroundings" it is as if they are "Taking 6" on their rolls to spot or notice something.

Shock Value is not used.

Character Improvements

Character improvements are logged in the "Experience Blotter" in seperate entries at the bottom of your character sheet, before your character's Logbook entries for each mission. Earned experience points must be spent before the start of the next mission.

The Character's Logbook

Your logbook starts as the first post after your experience blotter. Also if a player writes a particularly good logbook entry, they will recieve bonus Character Points in experience. A log book entry is due three days before the start of the next mission. There is a gap of 2 RL weeks per mission.

Shore Leave

Every couple of missions or so, or after a particularly hard mission, is a shoreleave thread. This is a OW type of scenario where the USS Noble Endeavor heads to a port of call to give it's crew a much-needed shore leave. A Shore Leave thread lasts for anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks RL (perhaps more if I slip in some plot), and players can earn experience for their own stories. There is also a main Shore Leave thread where the entire team can participate in a story. Players may only have one thread of their own during a shoreleave. Note that shoreleave threads are supposed to be fun. Exiting sometimes, adventurous in others, but otherwise fun.

Other Events

Game Anniversary: At the start of a new story arc, and at the yearly anniversary of the game starting, all active characters recieve 5 CP in experience.

Character Arcs: I will pay attention to character arcs that develop in game. If I see a praticularly notable conclusion of a character's story arc, I will reward that character with 2 CP in addition to all other experience that session.

Other Requirements

I ask just one post a week from players in my game. If someone doesn't post within a month of their last post, I will consider them out of the game, and will move their character to the background as a GMNPC. If I recieve some form of notice that the player needs to take a leave of absence, or the player is having RL issues I will wave the posting minimum and run their character as a GMNPC when necessary. I do ask that if people wish to play that they sincerely consider if they can make a minimum of one post a week.

If you post a particularly good background, or a compelling background of your character's race (if you make your own race) I will reward you from 2 to 10 CP. Up to 5 for background, and up to 5 for racial background.

If, in the unfortunate event that a player's character dies, his next character will start with half the experience that was earned by the now deceased character.

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For those making builds now there are a few things to take note of.

1: Please make a character that isn't just good at combat, yes you should know how to defend yourself, but also you should have a niche or two that can help an away team.

2: Races from the main book (except for paranormal ones) are fine to draw examples from. Just note there isn't any Psionics or Magic in this setting.

3: I will be providing gear (armor, weapons, equipment, etc...) so don't worry about purchasing that.

4: It is a good idea to have some skill in driving a vehicle, piloting a spacecraft and or aircraft, and first aid.

5: Wilderness skills are a must.

6: Outside of that, if you want to wait if nothing grabs your attention, I will have some alien race templates for this game coming up piping hot tomorrow! :D

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I'm still working on the house rules, also I might be out of any way to connect to the internet until Wednesday as a snowstorm could keep me from walking for a couple days.

So by Wednesday or Thursday I should have much, much more on the game if people are waiting for it.

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For some reason, the word 'Xenoarchaeologist' is jumping out at me. At first I was thinking Space Marine (FOR THE EMPR- uhh, Commonwealth!) but a rough-and-tumble ruin explorer seems more interesting to me now.

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So someone that has training in Xenoarchaeology as well as their basic training as a Away Mission Crewmember?

A interesting combination of skills.

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