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Aberrant: Mutant High - Saku and Natt's Day Off


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This is a Sakurako and Natalie thread.

Sakurako adjusted her windbreaker. It wasn't too unusual for her to wear it as she had been busy tidying up the outside as winter transitioned to spring. She had gotten into the habit also to be prepared for rain, as trying to hold a umbrella with a broom is a task doomed to fail. Although the weather today was due to be sunny and seasonible, there was still a bit of nippyness to the western breeze.

She rocked back and forth on her feet, brushing off her dark purplish skirt or getting self-concious about her shoes. The converse shoes she was wearing looked cute and all, but were something new to her.

She was waiting for her roommate Natalie. Before they take a Taxi to town to enjoy some rare free time.

This was really Sakurako's first taste of freedom since the Dante's incident, although she did have to negotiate this outing. She was on academic probation, and Drumm had signed off on things, but admonished her that a second incident would not be tolerated.

But if there was anyone that would signal the least amount of trouble, it is Natalie.

She looked at her watch, whistling a little.

"Come on... the Taxi will be here soon..."
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Natalie came running as fast as she can. As usual, she's wearing her tan vest with the pockets along with a green top, a pair of jeans with cargo pockets and sneakers. She's carrying a bag on her back


"Sorry if I'm late Saku! Just l needed to grab a few essentials."


Natt said smiling. She wanted today to go off without a hitch for her and her roommate.

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Sakurako adjusted the collar of the purple dress shirt and white bow-tie she had on. Barely visible under her red windbreaker. "Oh don't worry, I'm just anxious we are being allowed off campus... well... I'm being allowed, you're under no such restriction. I'm... still rebuilding the trust between myself and Headmaster Drumm. He was... very dissapointed in me after what happened at Dante's. If it is any consolation he was happy that I was planning an outing with you."

"I do have dinner planned at a Italian eatery in town. I have my allowance back from my aunt, so I thought I should celebrate with my Roommate."

Her tone was slightly matter-of-fact, something Natalie had gottan used to. But thn a smile crossed her face.

"But... I thought since the day is longer and my Curfew tonight was lifted to the standard legal curfew in town, I thought we could maximize our efforts in improving our selection of clothing. I'm... lacking... in judgement in regards to current fasion and you seem to always at the very least not insult the sensibilities of the student body."

She twirled a lock of her white hair, which she decided not to dye, with a pair of naturally bluish-green contacts that hid her pink irises. They had no value for her vision, as she still needed her glasses. "And... I... trust you."

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"Eh. Don't sweat it, Saku. We're gonna have a great day out!"


She said confidently. Nothing was gonna go wrong today.


"So what's our plans today anyways, Saku. Sorry but I forgot most of it."


She said scratching the back of her head.

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"Umm... I just said Shopping then lunch, Natalie." Saku said, looking slightly confused. Her roommate seemed a little distracted.

"Of course there is enough of a gap where you can add something of interest as we go along."

Sakurako sees their taxi pull up out front. "Well... about time."

As Sakurako and Natalie make their way into the cab and they head off, Sakurako checks her cell phone, sending a text.

This is Mouse, Railgun accompanying. Starting trip. Will update periodically
*Long string of latitude and longitude coodinates of first destination*
The driver looked up at Sakurako. "Odd that you're heading out this early.I mean i's a weekend but..."

Sakurako smiled. "Indeed it is, sir. And yes I'm aware that it is odd to have us out without supervision, but I have logged my full itenerary with our guardians. There shouldn't be much trouble."

Saku hits the breaks in her mind. "Shit... remember Saku... no genius mode..."

She scratched her head. "Oh, sorry, just doing some play-by-post roleplaying and sometimes I gotta get out of character..."

She sheepishly giggled. Then looked over to Natalie, with a look of "please help a little..." on her face.

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Sakurako smiled, thankful Natalie was playing along. She was a good roleplayer. She even blushed bashfully.

"Sorry... That is a favorite character of mine."

She adjusted her glasses as the Taxi driver laughed a little and continued on his trip.

"I don't get many requsests for trips from that school of yours. Heck... don't hear of many schools that are year-round boarding schools anymore." He said, adjusting the rear-view mirror to see the road, although Saku and Natalie could see his older facial features. He looked like a 50 year old man, who was making some extra money in life.

"Actually, I and my friend are part of the gifted program... It's the first step to a full scolarship to any university we choose... To be honest, it's not a bad school. The teachers are nice, if demanding, and the student body is... well depends on the club you talk to." Sakurako says with a giggle.

"You an exchange student, kid? You look asian... well outside the white hair. What happened for that, anyways?"

Sakurako adjusted her glasses again, pushing back her feelings. "I... um... it's embarassing... chemistry lab accident. Bleached my hair and damaged the folicles."

The driver winced. "Damn." He looked over to Natalie. "What's your story?"

Saku looked to Natalie again with a smile. Her smirk showed some satisfaction that she could lie through her teeth and not feel guilty.

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"About the same. Got a full scholarship here. Nowhere near as much as a brainiac as Saku here is, though."


She said nodding.


"Yeah, let's just say Saku's accident was pretty horrific to watch. Which is why I handle the chems in labs for her now."


She said giving Saku a look to let her know she's playing along.

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Sakurako adjusted the blazer over her purple shirt and white tie. She smiled, adjusted her glasses and adjusted her hair a little.

"Well, after that they did invest in those white suits like painters wear and those face-shield things. But that is besides the point, your help, is as always, is appreciated." Sakurako said with a smile.

They were almost at their destination. Sakurako watched the meter. Knowing full well all she had was paper cash. Alot of it. Using her debit card here would give away Nat and her's location.

"Although today we're heading out to get some spring outfits.Was so bored I sewed this on my free time." She said, pointing to her outfit.

The Taxi Driver smiled. "Well, it's unique, that's for sure. Experimenting for a class?"

"No... just personal indulgence more than anything."

"Well, you don't see outfits like that these days... it's cute. Honest."

Sakurako blushed as the car reached a red light. The driver looked around.

"You know... I do lots of runs to that Hunt Academy. That Drumm fella... he's not too bad. So are the students, mostly."

The look on the man's face started to tell a story, as if he was in on something. Not a look of malice, but understanding. "I've brought a few students to the school as well on their first day. I... sorta regret not seeing you two."

"I... was brought over on my own."

The driver checked his GPS.

"You know... I'm gonna let you kids in on something..."

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