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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Claire 'Slither' Kincaid


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Dynamic Name: Slither

Birthname: Claire Kinkaid
Allegiance: Allies
Nature: Rebel


Attributes & Abilities:

Strength: 3
Brawl: 1 [4]

Might (Climb): 2 [5]


Dexterity: 5
Athletics: 3 [8]
Legerdemain: 3 [8]
Stealth: 5 [10]

Stamina: 4
Endurance: 3 [7]

Resistance: 3 [7]

Perception: 3
Awareness: 3 [6]

Intelligence: 3

Academics (Classics): 2 [5]
Aetherlabe: 1 [4]

Bureaucracy: 1 [4]

Linguistics: 3 [6] [French, Greek, Latin]
Medicine: 1 [4]

Science (Zoology): 1 [4]


Wits: 3
Arts: 2 [5]
Rapport: 3 [6]


Appearance: 4

Style: 3 [7]

Manipulation: 3
Subterfuge: 2 [6]

Charisma: 4
Etiquette: 2 [6]

Perform: 3 [7]



Aetherweave: 2

Allies: 2

Backing: 1

Contacts: 2

Dormancy: 2

Resources: 3



Mega-Dexterity: 2



Perfect Balance

Mega-Stamina: 2




Body Modification (Adhesive Grip, Chromatophores): 2

Poison (Stun): 1

Willpower: 5
Quantum: 3
Quantum Pool: 40
Initiative: 10
Soak: 6 [8] Bashing/ 3 [5] Lethal

Walk: 7m
Run: 19m
Sprint: 41m

Strike: 5 Bashing
Kick: 6 Bashing




Claire was born in Edinburgh to Edward and Marie Kinkaid; her father was a manager at the Bank of Scotland, and the family moved to London when he was transfered there. Her mother was a French nurse that Edward met while recovering from a leg amputation at a BEF aid station after the Battle of the Somme. Claire was brought up bilingual, and speaks fluent French. From a young age, Claire was interested in a wide variety of subjects, and took to study eagerly, throwing herself into reading Greek history and mythology, botany, zoology as well as sketching, dance and piano lessons. The young girl was in particular fascinated by all kinds of reptiles, and had amassed a a large collection of snakes and lizards who lived in special crates in her parents' basement.


After attending a public boarding school, Claire studied the Classics at Oxford, graduating with honors in the summer of 1940. She then returned home to her family in Chelsea, where she and her mother joined the Women's Voluntary Service to help out with the war effort in the midst of the Blitz. It was at this time that tragedy struck, for on October 9th 1940 the Kinkaid's home was struck by a high explosive bomb, killing both her parents outright and trapping Claire beneath tons of rubble; if not for her dynamic transformation, she would surely have joined her mother and father in the afterlife. Instead, she seems to have unconciously drawn inspiration from her scaly pets and developed a strange set of powers that allowed her to escape her confinement.


She immediately requested transfer to Rescue Services, where she felt she could do the most good; this led to a lot of battling until she proved her worth during a night raid by entering a collapsed building no normal human could have entered and helped save a family. The government eventually issued her a suit of aetherweave after she threatened to rescue people in the nude if she didn't get a proper set of adaptive clothing!




An attractive young woman of twenty-one, Claire is rather slender by the standards of the time, with short brown hair and brown eyes. When she's working, she wears her aetherweave suit, typically configured to look like a much more fetching version of the standard Rescue Services blue coveralls; her boots, helmet and gas mask however are all standard issue, and frequently ditched when she has to squeeze a tight space.




Claire is very bright and inquistive by nature, though the war and the loss of her parents have obviously taken a toll. She's found some comfort in channelling her energy and powers into helping out the war effort in anyway she can; however in the wee hours, alone in her bed, she has frequent nightmares and weeping fits. When she isn't asleep or working, she does her best to fill her idle time with copious reading, doing a bit of light sketching or watercolours or writing in her journal.


Her temperment is rather willfull, and her father did much to encourage this, perhaps in part because he always longed to have a son; her mother, a deeply pious French Catholic, did her best to temper this fiery rebellious spirit with profound empathy and compassion, and a great deal of it took. She's not a madcap thrillseeker by any stretch, but she is still loyal, courageous and determined to show the world what she can do.


In the romance depatment, she's had a few boyfriends in her life, but few that lasted more than a few months or got really serious; she's still holding out for the strong yet learned man who will sweep her off her feet, like a hero out of her favorite Greek myths.

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