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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Nexus Earth: Epilogue [Complete]

Justin OOC

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"Three months."

Kai sat behind the desk at the top of Satoshi Tower, the first of the new Japanese skyscrapers in what was once the Tokyo metropolis. He was alone, though he knew this wouldn't last. He had too many friends to see, and of course duties to perform.

When they'd jumped into the wave, everything had gone white. He expected that would be the end, but it was not so. Chaos smiled on them all, and restored the multiverse, with only them possessing knowledge of how it nearly ended.

"Guard it well, my champions, I'm counting on you." Those were the last words he'd heard, and then he awoke on the Macross, next to Lily, being hailed by Akina and the rest of the fleet.

Since then they had been rebuilding, and on the whole things had gone well.

Nagareboshi remembered nothing of being the vessel for Chaos, and it was deemed best not to tamper with that. Francis' armor was finally restored, as was his home dimension.

Sakura had come to live in the same home that Kai did, as it was the Amaha compound, and she was still the Prime Key for Aradia.

With all the dimensions returning, Kai was busy sending recon missions to them, trying to see if there were changes. Today was the day he'd be sending Skye and Kazuo home, if they wished.

For Hideko, he'd found her home dimension too, and if she was ready to go home today would be the day.

Lily of course had her duties as Princess, but she had been chosen to serve as the liason to Earth, allowing her to be with Kai.

Today would be a day of goodbyes, potentially, the breaking of a fellowship that had saved everything, physically, but for Kai, he could only smile. Their bonds went far deeper. He got up, heading for the Meeting room he'd asked everyone to meet him in, to get this all underway. It felt good to finally be able to make good on all he'd promised.

(OOC note okay here's where you get to post up what you want for your characters, they can leave and go home, or remain, the choice is yours. Kai has recovered enough to make good all his promises. Have fun with this guys, and by all means we can interact.)

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In the end, most chose not to Remain.


Skye and Kazuo took Kai's offer, not to go home, where they'd be reminded of the grisly past they'd endured, but Head up the Explorer Corps Mission to a new world, Eden. It seemed to be a veritable paradise but so much was unknown, so a detachment of CRT 4 scientists and Engineers had been dispatched, with a single Squad of CRT 13 troopers as security. The orders were to survey the planet, and see if there was somewhere that a settlement wouldn't overly effect the world. They were to give Kazuo and Skye any support they needed, and if they so requested at the end of the survey, they would simply leave them to it, as a private paradise. Skye was still the High Priestess of Tsunami, but after so much, her new people didn't begrudge her this "Vacation" especially after it was revealed that the new world resonated with the same energies as were found on wartorn Dalaraan, indicating a long lost colony could be present.


Francis bid a fond goodbye to the men and women he served with, and Kai embraced him as a brother. "If not for you, Takashi would have killed us. Your Sacrifice, your willingness to take up that burden, saved everyone." Francis had nodded, and given him a rare smile, and then, still packing Nagareboshi, activated the Chronal matrix, Finally returning home. It took some weeks to fully debrief him, but once it was done, he sat alone in his office, and looked at a worn journal, something his Father had given him, telling him it had been in the family since the days of the Great War. He turned to a page that held a photograph, and smiled as he saw Kai and Sakura, embracing, with her holding two infants. The caption read "My great Great grandfather, Kai Morisato, and Great great grandmother, Sakura Amaha." It was signed by Arcturus Gold, his great grandfather. Nagareboshi hummed beside him, resonating with power and understanding. Truly, Fate worked in mysterious ways.


Hideko had a somewhat bittersweet farewell. Removing the nanites would kill her, so instead they were modified, allowing her to resume his natural form at will, and the powered form she'd used so well. That done, She elected to return home, and at last report, she was a hero of her world, fighting criminals, and trying to bring peace to her world.


Sakura soon revealed to Kai her condition. This caused some real stir, and some hard feelings between Kai and Lily. Still it was done, and Preparations were made, She took up the last name Amaha, her ancestral surname, and in Time her son was born, whom they named Atsushi, after the Captain who'd brought everyone together. Their daughter, once found was brought to Sakura, whom she named after her mother. She returned to Aradia frequently, lending her power to the ravaged world, helping it to recover from the savaging it took at the hands of the demons. Her young children fell in love with the world as well, and always accompanied her.


Lily and Kai had trouble, and a very rocky time once it was revealed that Sakura would have his child. In the end, however, Kai chose Lily, and she couldn't bear him ill-will forever, and accepted his heartfelt words. He proposed after two years, which she accepted happily. They were married on Dalaraan, and the video was broadcast throughout the Galaxy. Even The Circinus Federation's High Admiral attended, which in turn laid the groundwork for a lasting peace between all three factions. Lily was instrumental in this, and together with her Husband and consort, workeed hard to make the dream of peace a lasting reality.

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