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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - (A&A) Lian Chang

Karren Gaunt

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Name: Lian Chang
Age: 30
Gender: Female

Description: Lian Chang is a handsome woman with dark green eyes, black hair cut unfashionably short, and most strikingly, a pair of large, black wings. She's deceptively strong for her 5'4 height and almost literally-featherweight build. The Chinese Dynamic favors simply patterned QAH outfits, the better to assist her engineering duties at the Liverpool Power Plant. It's rare to get a smile or a laugh out of the dour-minded Dynamic, and easy to get a frown if you bring up the war.

History: Lian Chang was born a peasant in central China during 1910, the waning years of Imperial China, growing up with no greater expectation in life than farming the fields and having her husband's children. The growing tensions that bloomed into the Chinese Civil War put an end to that simple dream, her husband conscripted into a CPC militia and killed in action a mere two years after their marriage in 1926.

The loss and the hard years of conflict between the right and left wing factions catalyzed her Eruption into one of the prized and precious ’Dynamics’, an avatar out of old folklore marked by her wings and boiling furnace of her powers. KMT officials managed to persuade and secure the young woman to come with them back to the governmental capital for training and use as they tried with all those so gifted if only to keep them out of CPC hands. At the urging of an elder Dynamic named Gao Wen who would become her mentor and political shield, she took advantage of the resources and education available to become something more than another weapon, training in practical aether technology to apply her mastery of heat to the fledgling industries so vital to the war effort and the economy.

Lian had found a niche she could like, a vocation and a profession that left her enough time to keep learning. It was... liberating, an almost alien sense of freedom that made her head spin as if she had dared a particularly stupid aerial maneuver. The war was kept outside the walls of the cities where she worked. Everything was… Not perfect, no, but good. Life was good for nine years.

And then Japan stopped dancing around it's intention to dominate Lian's homeland and invaded in full force.

Life got pretty bad. Gao Wen died in the battle of Shanghai. Jian was conscripted into serving with the Nanking garrison burning down the very things she had helped build. When the city came under siege and she withdrew with the army, she was injured and very nearly killed. Listening to the news coming out the damned city in the following weeks made her sick to her heart and soul and fueled a desire to get out. Just... out and away. The indifferent West who were letting her homeland bleed itself dry without lifting a finger to help sounded good.

She took her chance when it came, escaping to England via Hong Kong with a little help from MI-6, and selling her services to Liverpool Gas and Electric as an engineer and breathing a sigh of relief as she got back to making things, not breaking them. She maintains a comfortable middle class home, as outwardly westernized as any well-off working immigrant. She does keep the brass-and-silver arm cannon from her KMT army days under lock and key, just in case. War seems to have followed her west, much as she dreads it and the prospect of being called to serve again.

Nature: Architect

Theme: Yatagarasu’s Avatar

Game Statistics


STRENGTH: 4 (Compact)
DEXTERITY: 5 (Steady Hand)
STAMINA: 4 (Stubborn)

INTELLIGENCE: 4 (Pragmatic)


Mega Attributes: Mega-Strength 2 (Unbreakable)

Might: 3
Athletics: 5
Melee: 4
Endurance: 3
Resistance: 3
Awareness: 2
Academics: 2
Bureaucracy: 2
Engineering: 4
Linguistics: 2 (Chinese*, English, Japanese)
Science: 2
Survival: 1
Meditation: 3
Biz: 2
Rapport: 3
Style: 2
Subterfuge: 3
Etiquette: 3

Backgrounds: Attunement 5, Node 4, Resources 3, Backing 3 (Liverpool Gas+Electric), Eufiber 2 (Quantum Aether Handwavium)

*Three-Legged Crow (Body Mods Wings and Ultralight Musculoskeletal System)
*Let There be Light (Quantum Conversion (heat) 4)
*Blessed by the Sun (Invulnerability (heat) 2)
*Burning Corona (Immolate (Lethal heat damage) 2)
*Solar Flare Cannon (Device with Quantum Bolt (Lethal plasma damage, Area Extra) 1)

Other (Initiative, Willpower, Quantum, etc)
Iniative: 1d10+7
Willpower: 7
Quantum: 4
Quantum Pool: 40
Eufiber Reserve: 2
Soak: 6B/4L (18B/16L versus heat-based attacks)

Aberration/Flaws/Merits: None

Bonus Points: +1 Quantum (7), +4 Willpower (8)

Nova Points: Ultralight Musculoskeletal System (3), Wings (3), Mega-Strength 2 (6), Quantum Conversion 4 (4), Invulnerability 2 (6), Immolate 2 (6), Device with Quantum Blast 1 and Area Extra (5), +6 Attributes (2), +10 Backgrounds (2), +18 Abilities (3)

Date Activated: 2/21/2013

XP Earned: 0
XP Spent: 0
XP Purchases: None

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