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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [A&A] Constanta "Silvestru" Silivasi


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sylvan_zps4641f144.jpgLegal Name: Constanta Silivasi

Codename: Silvestru

Residence: Bucharest

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: July 4, 1924

Date of Eruption: November 28, 1940

Sex: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 110 lbs

Physical Build/Appearance: Constanta is lean and athletic in a petite package. She isn’t a powerhouse like some Dynamics, for her skills lie in her agility and grace. She’s small and unassuming with brown hair and fair skin. Her distinguishing features are her eyes; they are a pretty hazel-green that has caught many men’s attention.

Catalyst of Eruption: Constanta’s father and brother were killed in the Jilava Massacre on November 26. When she learned about their deaths, she armed herself with her hunting bow and went after Dumitru Grozea, the man who had commanded the execution squad. When she was attacked by his guards, she erupted and killed them all. Grozea escaped, but Constanta has vowed to kill him.

Personality Profile / Quirks: Silvestru is filled with anger. Once a quiet Romanian Orthodox girl, she’s has since become as unyielding as any man in the Romanian Underground movement. It unnerves the men to see such a young woman being so hard. When she can be broken out of her vengeful mood, she has a wry humor and a quick smile.

Distinctive Features: The most distinctive features of Silvestru are her green eyes; she’s not inhumanly beautiful like some of the Dynamics. Instead, she has a girl-next-door appearance which allows her to blend into crowds in most locations. It’s not her physical appearance that makes her stand out; she usually dresses like a boy, and her bow and quiver of arrows are ever-constant. That is what people remember about her, more than her green eyes: the bow, the arrows and her angry frown.

Known Powers: Silvestru (Romanian for Sylvan) appears to have minimal powers. She’s tougher than normal and her quantum æther fuels her accuracy with the bow and arrow. She has the ability to empathize, though not command animals, and an ability to control plants. Her lesser-known ability is her above-human toughness and her ability to hide her visibility from the seeing world.

General History: Constanta was born to a university professor turned political advisor and his wife. Growing up, she was something of a tomboy; she liked to hunt rabbits, which helped feed her family when times grew lean. She kept up the habit even after her father, Eugen Silivasi, became an advisor to King Carol’s Parliament. He was part of the group advocating action against the Iron Guard; then the Guard came into power, Eugen was arrested. His son, Flaviu, was also arrested for trying to defend his elderly father. His wife, Sanda, and daughter, Constanta watched in horror as the two men they loved were taken away.

Eugen and Flaviu were held at the prison in Jilava with sixty-two other political prisoners. Sanda’s health took a turn for the worse and Constanta was too busy caring for her to worry about her father. Two months later on November 27th, members of the Iron Guard got tired of waiting for justice via legal means and executed all the prisoners at Jilava. Sanda and Constanta were informed the next day when their bodies were delivered to them. Sanda had a fit and lapsed into unconsciousness. Constanta cleaned the corpses and made her mother comfortable. When darkness fell, her mother breathed her last, succumbing as the last light faded from the sky.

Constanta lost her last emotional anchor. The young woman prepared her mother for burial too and then collected her hunting bow and arrows. Then she went hunting, stalking the man who had commanded the execution. She might have succeeded in killing him, had Dumitru Grozea not had guards. The girl still attacked, despite the odds of her imminent death - she had nothing left to live for, in her mind. Grozea escaped as she erupted into a Dynamic and survived.

After she regained her sense of self following the haze of eruption, Constanta vowed to track Grozea and kill him. Her quest was hampered by her status as an enemy of the Iron Guard, the ruling power in Romania. She hid in the woods around Jilava until she heard that Grozea had been reassigned to Bucharest, and she followed him there.

While attempting to get a shot at Grozea, Constanta ran into the Romanian Resistance. They were hesitant to accept a woman, but when she showed she was a Dynamic, they allowed her in the ranks. She operated with them for a time, earning her place in their ranks.

On January 20, 1941, the Iron Guard attempted a coup of the government. It failed on the 24th but the resistance attempted to assassinate Antonescu, the Grand Marshall, during the confusion. It failed; Silvestru was injured. Worse, a Dynamic who was expert at tracking got her trail and began to harry her. It wasn’t long before the hurt woman was captured.

Her interrogator was Luka Prokina, a son of Russian immigrants. He was a Dynamic as well, and great at infiltration, spycraft and interrogation. Because of his black hair and his ability to get into places he wasn’t wanted, he gave himself the codename Pauka Chernaya, the Black Spider. His mission is to learn everything she knows about the Romanian Resistance.

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Strength - 3, Dexterity - 5 (Accurate), Stamina - 4 (Enduring)
Perception - 5 (Sharp Eyes), Intelligence - 3, Wits - 4 (Quick)
Appearance - 3, Manipulation - 3, Charisma - 3

Throw - 2, Archery - 5, Athletics - 5, Firearms - 2, Legerdemain - 1, Martial Arts - 2, Melee - 3, Stealth - 5
Awareness - 5, Investigation - 1, Navigation - 1, Demolitions - 1, Engineering - 1, Intrusion - 5, Linguistics 1 (Romanian (N), German), Medicine - 1, Survival - 3, Shadowing - 3
Intimidation - 2, Interrogation - 1, Streetwise - 1, Subterfuge - 1, Animal Training - 2

Allies - 5 (Luka "Pauk Chernaya" Prokina, a Russian-born Romanian dissident)
Backing - 5 (Romanian Resistance Movement)
Dormancy - 2
Node - 3
Rank - 2 (Sergeant in the Romanian Resistance Movement)
Resources - 1

Initiative - +14
Taint 2 - (none visible)
Quantum - 3
Willpower - 6

Health levels - Bruised, Hurt, Injured, Wounded, Maimed, Crippled, Incapacitated

Dexterity - 1 [Cat-footed]
Stamina - 1 [Regeneration]
Perception - 1 [High-End Electromagnetic Scan]
Wits - 1 [Multi-Tasking]
Charisma - 1 [bestial Rapport]

Armor 1 - Level 2 [+3/+3]
Invisibility 2 - Level 2
Plant Mastery 2 - Level 2

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