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Mutants & Masterminds: Divine Intervention - [Divine Intervention] Winter Wonderland

Shosuro Miren

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Winter Wonderland


Despite clear skies and warm (for December) weather Westchester, New York, it was gently snowing across the grounds the large Kyo Zon compound. Snow that could be seen but no touched accumulated just enough to cover the grass and grace the brightly decorated and lit trees around the buildings, including the large skyscraper that was being finished in record time for Kyo Zon's owner. Christmas music, festive but tasteful, flitted through the walkways with the snow, never quite loud enough to interrupt conversation but still a pleasant background. Occasionally, Santa Clause and his reign-deer drawn sleigh would scamper out of the trees or swoop off a roof and disappear into the twilight sky. free-christmas-village-full-of-castles-w

Showoff, Puck sent through his link to his friend.

I prefer 'artist', Xotiko Yosei retorted. And a damn good one. Puck grinned as the AI added, Unless you'd prefer to be sixteen choirs and a holographic city for the evening?

And if I said yes, Xo? The sharply-dressed youth shot back as he made his rounds through the throngs of invitees to his party: old friends, new employees, and New York's upper crust, all mingling in large ballroom on the first floor of the Kyo Zon Tower.

I'd suggest you seek professional help. Or technological singularity and cybernetics. Either way, you're not doing it tonight and I'm not even getting credit for being awesome for this party.

A slight sigh of frustration marred his 'host' smile for a brief moment. In time, Xo. You know the statistics on letting people know about you yet. You're the one running the numbers, remember?

Pffft. Details. Dozens of Christmas trees throughout the building lit up in perfect unison, virtual candles lighting along their branches and casting flicker candlelight through the ballroom as the main lights dimmed just the right amount to call attention to the effect without having people trip over each other or lose sight of whatever treat they were currently indulging in. People near the trees let out laughs of delight and ran their hands through the illusions. I am awesome, though.


Puck rolled his eyes, roguish grin back in place. Yes, you are awesome, Xo.

OOC and Puck's outfit
It's a grainy pic with a logo across it, but this is what Puck is wearing:


All players are welcome in this thread. Assume they procured an invitation however they would have and enjoy. I'm leaving things open right now so anyone can bump into Puck or each other as you all want. :)

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The limo was one of many arriving at the Kyo Zon, but this one was carrying a bombshell of a cargo. Or two in this case, Darrik corrected, leaning up against Moira with a fruity-tasting martini in hand. He had it thoroughly intended for Moira to meet Puck, of course, and a party was always a good thing to visit.

Spicy scandal, eyes casting jealously and desire, what was not to like? Many would disagree, but Darrik wasn't the many. After all, he alone kept the tabloid industry profitable, and had no issue with being the 'Hollywood Hedonist.'

"Ready for a big night, Moira?" Darrik inquired with a rich voice and a smile.

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Moira loathed winter. Cold everywhere. Still she wasn't going to let the cold weather get her down. Darrik always made things a bit warmer. She lightly rubbed the back of his neck when he leaned on her. If this Puck fellow was even half the things Darrik said about him, Moira knew she would have a great time. Sure formal parties are something you can't act out on. Then again, she and Darrik had made a few scenes in public before. Cameras went crazy for that. She wouldn't have had it any other way. She had to please her fans.

"Yes, dear," she said lightly dipping a finger into his martini. The taste is what she wanted, letting her martini-flavored tip rest on her lips. She smiled and lightly touched it to his lips, "I brought a gift for your friend. A vintage bottle of wine, 1896. I had to find the auction and it cost me half my allowance this month. I hope he likes it."

shawl and dress
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The sound of engines started to break the silence of the crisp december air. Sly decided since he was running errands, that no ordinary limo would do. Or some common helicopter in this case. The sound of his engines switching to VTOL and his sleek, custom-designed aircraft landing on one of the generous number of helipads on the grounds were a different sight. His white with black trim aircraft was striking, and at least with the Cygnus the Swan logo on the tail, it was obvious that he was looking to make his aircraft as non-threatening as possible. At least when standing still.

The foreward cockpit opens and he hops out after the guard/watchman of the property walks up with a step-ladder, Sly was his suit he made for such trips, it was also white, with black trim on the seams and for some detail, with green connector covers and buttons on the wrists, which he presses one of and the suit slackens up majorly, and after disconnecting the helmet from it it makes a hissing sound.

He lets the suit slip off after taking off what looked like a combination of a red tactical vest and pilot's survival vest revealing a outfit Sly picked out that could easily be hidden underneath his flight suit. He takes his ignition key out of the jet and lets the cockpit windscreen close before grabbing a dufflebag to stow his suit and gear. It had a special gift for the host, one that Sly hoped would be proper. His Aunt and Uncle arranged this as a way for Sly to get out of the house... although Sly would have preferred a night of Halo 4 with his friends, this... you don't get to see this very much either.

After stowing his gear and placing his gift under arm he walks up to one of those responsible for watching the property. "Name's Sylvester Normanson. I'm happy that the host of this gathering was able to arrange my landing, I brought a gift for his generosity in this matter, and..." Sly pulls out his invitation from one of the pockets on his pants. "...here is the invitation."

It looked a little wrinkled the otherwise well made invitation card was... also there was a bit of... motor oil?

"Sorry, I got it in the mail when I was working on my baby over there." Sly says with a smile as the doorman simply nods. "Welcome, I think Mr. Ryoke is greeting guests in the main foyer of the ballroom... that way..." He says, pointing to a building under construction nearby on the property.

"Oh... alright."

The watchman nods and continues his duties.

"Thank you." He says with a awkward smile before giving a generous 100 dollar tip to him and going on his merry way.

The trip was... interesting as he paid attention to how every moment and every noise translated in engineering. The winter wonderland was an amazing touch. It fascinated Sylvester how this building could have been built in such a rapid timeframe, and be ready enough for visitors. Then as soon as his mental fugue ended, he arrives, with a polite ring from the door after he's let in by a doorman, he's greeted by Puck's setup.

"Impressive! Not bad at all."

He smiled, looking to see where Puck was or perhaps some other guest.

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Sly didn't have to look very far to spot another guest as shortly after his own arrival, the cavalcade of press vans and style reporters swarmed around the newest arrival. The vehicle arriving, a license plate “DWF King” was not even remotely subtle, but considering what it was attached to, it was mostly insignificant. The Aston Martin One-77, with its price tag of 1.85 million dollars and the fact that there were only 77 of them made was plenty identifiable.

Stepping out of the car in dark blue denim jeans, a black t-shirt, and navy blue blazer, Praxis paused briefly for a moment, looking out through half-tinted round sunglasses as the press and paparazzi waited for what would happen next. Flashing an award-winning smile that could melt an iceberg and make women’s pants fly off, Praxis closed the door to his car and passed the keys to a valet.

“Not this time, my friends”

Despite being one of the wealthiest single individuals on the planet that wasn’t a Corporate CEO or Royalty, Praxis had gone years without being connected romantically to anyone. Sure there were those who he would allow to hang on his arm and use his own considerable star power to launch or reenergize their own careers, but Praxis was as single and eligible a bachelor as they came.

There were the usual questions, his thoughts on current events, inquiries about the next DWF Pay-Per-View, his opinion on the current beau his daughter had picked up, all the classics. Fielding them with an expert grace and precision that no mortal could ever hope to match, the undisputed master of the DWF arena made his way into the party proper.

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Maia didn't really like the limo, but she bowed to her mother's expertise, this was the expected way for someone like her to arrive. "Besides dear, you can't just fly there, the dress wouldn't hold up under the strain." That had been the argument to seal the deal, and She chuckled. One simply didn't go against her mother very long without seeing things her way, not in her experience. The invitation had come, and because she couldn't go, there was going to be a new show in Milan and it would be rude to simply not have anyone show up, it was decided, by her mother, to send Maia to the party in her stead.

Maia waited for the driver to open the door and stepped out in a beautiful dress of sapphire blue, accenting her eyes, with a hint of silver, offsetting her platinum blonde hair, which she wore in a single long braid down her spine. She wore minimal jewelry, a pair of diamond stud earrings and a simple necklace. The dress was strapless with a slit that went up to mid thigh, allowing her the freedom of movement she required.

She smiled for the cameras, her beauty was highly spoken of, thanks to the few times she'd modeled for her mother's line. Still she was happy to move inside, though not because of the cold. That was something that she really didn't worry about.

She didn't get the press that Praxis did, or the attention, and to her this was a good thing. Following him in made things easier, as the press was still recovering from his entrance to really make a big stir over her.

She smiled once inside past the doors, marveling at the guests she could already see.

She moved inside taking it all in, and smiling. "This could definitely be fun."

maia's dress


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Xo fed him the juciest tidbits about who had arrived so far and who was still making their way from the city or down the long winding path to the Tower. His smile was just a touch smug at the turn-out, both mortal and divinely-born, but one guest in particular received the full brunt of his enthusiastic greetings.

Sly found himself pulled into a tight hug, the barely-a-man laughing at the still-technically-a-boy's startled expression. "Sly! You came! Outside! With people! Did your aunt and uncle have to crowbar you out of the garage?" The teasing was entirely good-natured and Puck was obviously very happy his friend/sometime competition had decided to venture forth from X-box and Doritos for the evening.

He's supposed to be playing co-op Halo with me tonight, y'know. And you're just going to keep him up...get him drunk....maybe laid....Xo's own silent teasing was mostly good-natured as well.

Puck linked arms with Sly, ensconcing him at his side and heading towards the knots of people enjoying themselves in the ballroom. "I have some young ladies you just have to meet," he murmured conspiratorially. That is the plan, yes. Besides, you play Halo co-op with him almost every night. Tonight is my night. My games. Puck's infectious grin might have betrayed his voiceless conversation, had anyone known of Xo's existence. Don't worry, I'll have him safely back behind his TV screen by tomorrow, controller fingers in-tact. ...Well, maybe the end of the week. Depends on how well he hits it off with the girls here.

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"I'm sure Puck will be thrilled." Darrik remarked, with a deepening smile. The Greek-Japanese now-adult still had the benefit of diplomatic immunity, so there. That brought up briefly in his mind the matter that Eros would have squashed until now... but Darrik figured why ruin Puck's night tonight?

The limo pulled up, Darrik took Moira's hand, and the two stepped out to meet the flashing cameras and mob of paparazzi outside the party. Darrik simply smiled ravishingly, waved and strutted in his trademark fashion.

Up ahead, Darrik did notice other arriving celebrities... ah, Maia St. Croix, Praxis had made it as well... more than a few aggrieved eyes from the other jet-set were less pleased to see him - Brad Pitt was glowering quietly... apparently still mad over one weekend fling that had ended Brangelina. Too bad, he had his potential too.

Plus the politicians like Gertrude Morsey, a House of Representatives conservative who veered much toward the Tea Party like... old bag giving him the stink eye. Darrik smiled politely but ignored them, searching out in the mass of guests for Puck.

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"Well, they did threaten to cut off my XBox Live Gold Account... and... sell off my plane to NASA... you'd be suprised what it could be used for." Sylvester said, properly constricted by Puck's hug. He blushed. Social gatherings were an awkward moment... hell, it took him two weeks to finally settle on his outfit. Hell, at his Mother's funeral, all he really had that would have fitting the mood at that time was his school uniform. Although his choice for this gathering... fit his "15 minutes into the future" attitude.

"Alright... first question... how many man-hours and what not did this take to set up?" He asked Puck. "And... I have a gift!" He said with his almost uncharacteristic grin. "After all you got air-traffic control to agree to me to fly thr route I used getting over here.

"And by the way, no drinks, well... anything alcoholic. I do have a plane to fly, after all. I'll be happy to raid your Red Bull and Mountain Dew supply."

"Speaking of which... how is that project we worked on? Can't wait to ride her for the first time."

He smacks his forehead. "Right the gift!"

He holds up the wrapped package. "I decided it is something that was something that screamed "yeah... that is what Sly would give." and such... Aww, I can't keep ya in suspense... It's four 512GB Solid State Drives. Mounted in a case for external use. I'm sure you'll find some use for them. Made sure the box was a sexy glossy black."

"Was originally going to make it look like the TARDIS, but you're not the mega-nerd like I am." He said with a nervous laugh.

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Moira smiled and greeted the crowd of photographers. She and Darrik were a walking photo shoot without having to work for it. She was sure the gossip sites and shows were watching their every move. A bevy of nice faces were there also. So, while distracted by the children of Aphrodite, they had their work cut out for them.

"Daddy's here," she noticed the DWF strolling in like his normal exuberant self, "After we go see Puck we'll have to swing by and say hello. Speaking of the host, it looks like he's already doing his duty." She held to Darrik's arm, the seasonal gift box cradled in her other arm, as they walked over. Puck seemed to be talking to a dapperly dressed young man. "Minors, Darrik," she whispered casually, "Looks like we'll have to be on 'good' behavior tonight."

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Ready to go, once you've got a proper name for her, and yes, she's a she, don't quibble. And permission from anyone crazy enough to let you drive her around....

"She's just waiting to tell me her name and then we can find somewhere to take her out for a spin," Puck replied easily, ignoring Sly's slightly scatterbrainedness and taking the present with all the greedy eyes of a toddler at Christmas. "Maybe go startle some divers in the Marianas Trench, mhm?"

He found a table to set the present on, then deft fingers undid the bow and pulled the wrapping off with puckish glee.

I. Want. Those.

You're salivating, Xo. You don't have a mouth or glands, and you're salivating.

Want! You get girls and sex and food. I want those!

Okay! Sheesh. Hard drive junkie.

Everything else junkie.

Fair point.

"They're perfect, Sly, thank you." Puck almost leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, but years of association had finally trained him to some restraint with his sci-fi obsessed friend. Sly didn't escape another hug, but it was positively pristine to Puck's normal behavior - which became immediately apparent as he spotted another friend making his way into the party.

"Darrik, you're here!" Puck exclaimed with the same exuberance he had when he'd pounced on Sly earlier, only this time he pulled his quarry in and kissed him deeply; nervous giggles, the 'swish-click' of smartphone cameras, and the titters of younger guests washed over them for the several heartbeats of the kiss. When Puck pulled back he gave Darrik's companion a gentleman's bow and roguish kiss to the back of her hand.

His eyes flicked to the wrapped gift cradled in her arms, but he held his tongue and his curiosity in check until his sometime-lover's companion chose to speak of it.

You really are a little kid, you know.

Hush you, you're stealing my present from Sly.

.... Yes. Yes I am. Can you install them tonight?

I'm hosting a party!

Please? Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseple-

Okay! Seriously, who's the kid here? I'll see if I can slip away later. A thought occurred to Puck while introductions were being made. Run the numbers on Sly. Security risk, short term and long term reaction.




Yes. Now stop yelling in my brain. I'm trying to pay attention to the very pretty lady in front of me.

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Darrik was caught off guard by Puck's smoldering greeting, though he wasn't shying away from it either. No, if it weren't public, kisses would be the least of this greeting. While the pictures snapped as the two men said their silent 'hellos', Moira waited patiently, taking in this moment.

Quite the looker, Moira mentally sighed, I can see why Darrik and him get along so well. Ecstasy trapped in a mortal shell. This will be a fun time for all of us.

"Good to see you again, Puck," Darrik said softly as the two stepped away from each other. Speaking up and looking to his date and then back to Puck, "This would be the woman I mentioned, Moira." He smiled as Puck elegantly kissed her hand.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you," Moira said with a curtsy as she went through the pleasantries "Thank you for inviting us. I have brought you a gift." She presented the present to him. "I certainly hope you enjoy it." Man, I hope I don't sound like a freakin robot here, Moira thought. She leaned into Puck's ear with a teasing promise in her voice, "Maybe we can share some of that later?"

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She could feel a shiver of pleasure and anticipation quiver through the slim boy-man. "A gift from a lady is always a pleasure, doubly so when shared," he murmured back against her cheek.

You're totally going to have sex instead of installing my new hard drives, aren't you?

I will if you keep interrupting.......

He let the moment linger, a bit lost in the smell of her perfume and the feel of her skin on his. When he opened his eyes, they lazily sought out Darrik's, dark blue and dilated with desire.

You do have other guests, Hoetsu.

The prod from Xo, and the use of his actual name, helped pull him out of his fugue, but he went reluctantly. "Perhaps later tonight we can sample your gift together, yes?"

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Darrik couldn't help but smile deeper as Moira gave Puck a thrill. Damningly tempting, but sometimes - those rare unfortunate sometimes, pleasures had to give way to duller things. "I'm all for that," he suggested softly, "but I fear we're distracting Puck from hosting. And there are some other people to meet... please excuse us."

With that regrettable reminder, Moira quirked her lips as the three silently admitted defeat to the surrounding circumstances of the party and the children of Aphrodite broke off from the host. Darrik observed one more fellow that was certainly familiar and needed no introductions.

"Hello, family man." Darrik grinned as they came into contact with Moira's father. "No companions for the night? Shame on you shirking your responsibility to the tabloid industry." Though suddenly Darrik regretted using that phrase, since it reminded him of someone else, a certain uptight, moralistic yet hypocritical man who provided the Y chromosome for Darrik.

They had not spoken in years, heck, never since that night.

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"I can fully understand how you feel, Senator, and you are well within your rights to express your views in any way you choose. That's the beauty of the First Amendment. At the same time, while your thoughts on these matters are valid, you have to admit that mine are as well, whether we agree or not."

Praxis had recently been notified via Twitter that some mortal senator in Wyoming had just authorized a press release condemning some of what he perceived to be scandalous acts by some of his extended family. With this press release, the good Senator had violated the unspoken code of conduct with regards to the Divine. The politicians left his extended family out of their playbook and scandal-searches, and they didn't get decimated by the social juggernaut that Praxis could bring to bear.

"Yes. Correct. All I am saying is that we would both be much better served by expressing our views in such a way that neither one of us ends up being dragged through the mud, socially of course, live and in high definition. I think we can both live with that, right?"

This fool must have thought he was just another dumb wrestler that was hoping to save the whales in daddy's name or something. What the poor human failed to understand was that he was descended from Ares. God of Conflict and War. These confrontations were what he lived for. In addition, he had learned long ago that simply traveling to someone's home and crushing their skull like an overripe grape was not a lasting victory and caused more problems than it solved. Most of the time.

"Of course. Perfect. I am glad we could come to an agreement."

The senator was not a total failure, he had made the right decision. Still, Praxis had to respect the man's audacity. It spoke volumes of a man when they were able and willing to stand up for their convictions even in the face of opposition from their peers. It was more than could be said about the rest of the doe-eyed sheep that simply did what they were told in order to avoid possible defeat.

As the discussion went on and the Senator expressed his wholehearted agreement with Praxis in that the issue should just be dropped and that he would retract the statement, the son of Ares watched the interactions between his daughter, her current lover, and the rail-thin man-boy-girl-child that hosted this party. Were it not for the known divine lineage of Ecstacy, Praxis would have written him off long ago as just another spoiled rich dilettante screaming for attention in the most expensive way possible.

Not that the Divine didn't have those as well.

His daughter and her half-brother broke off from their interaction and came over towards him. "I have to go" He hung up the phone.

"Hello family man. No companions for the night? Shame on you shirking your responsibility to the tabloid industry."

Praxis smiled warmly at the pair. "I am certain the tabloids will have plenty enough to talk about without needing to resort to who I have following me around."

He leaned over and kissed Moira on both cheeks.

"Good evening, Moira, you look stunning. Darrik, you don't look so bad yourself"

The direct contrast of descriptors was fully intentional and meant to be noticed, but of course so was the joking tone of voice.

"Anything interesting that I've missed in my time away?"

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And in the hustle and bustle of celebrities human and demi-human arriving by air and by limo, a taxi took it’s turn in the cue to dispatch it’s passenger into the gauntlet of cameras. A picture-perfect smile danced on her lips, blue eyes blinking away the flashes of the press, hair loose and framing her face to her shoulders like a dark chocolate waterfall. Her body was clad in a knee-length little black dress that hugged her curves to great effect and left her arms bare. High heels clicked in counter point to the cameras as she fished out her invitation from her purse enroute to the entrance and the guard who warded it.

“Coraline Boehm,” she offered, holding out the square of paper with her name on it among other flowery terms and entreaties to attend.

“Welcome, Miss Boehm,” he offered in response after a pause to confirm over intercom she was indeed on the list and matched her known description.

After a short walk, she was inside, surveying the glittering wonderland her host had put on and the glittering people in it. For a moment, the smile faltered into frown, but ever the slightest shake of her head cleared that up like a ripple across a pond, apparent wonder and curiosity taking pride of place once more.

Coraline didn’t want to be here. It was too open. Too refined. Too many other demi-gods if half the rumors were a quarter true. Too much publicity to potentially pop her up on the radar of those who’d use and abuse her. She missed her boots already and wished the music was three times as loud, something visceral and emotional. But she hadn’t been given much of a choice this time, the invite and the check to pay for her wardrobe arriving with a short ’Show up and mingle, Cora. Do you some good. Try not to blow everything up, or else I’ll have to test you another way. Love, Markus’.

Urggh. At least the spread should be good. She’d start there and work her way onto the mingling. Her heels started carrying her in search of it.

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Maia watched the interplay between Darrik, Moira, and Praxis with an amused look, The younger two were easily the most attractive people here, with a divine draw to them even she felt. The elder, Praxis, was quite well known, her mother spoke of him as a good and upright man, and that was something her mother seldom called anyone.

From behind her she saw a darker skinned woman move towards the food, followed by a young man moving in towards her, clearly entranced by the young woman's beauty. Who'd have thought I could walk in a crowd such as this unnoticed? She asked herself bemusedly. Still it was something she savored for the moment, being a part of the background.

She move inside to not block the door and nodded and smiled genuinely. She was already glad she'd let her mother cajole her into coming.

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Sly saw the beautiful Coraline make her way in. She was... to a schoolboy... stunning. After closing his mouth and hoping she didn't see, He walks over. "Hi... umm... I was trying to find the snacks and saw you and... um... hello."

He smiled. He didn't stand a chance.

Sly got his acknowledgement, Coraline glancing over one shoulder at the teenager addressing her. Her expression wasn't unkind, an amused twinkle in her eyes and a wry grin on her lips. Inside her head, she ran down a checklist and crossed him out of every catergory that would end up with him being either a serious dance partner for the night or a potential mark. Although that could always change to the latter even if he looked a little bit too young young for the former...

"Um Hello yourself," she offered back with a chuckle, turning to face him completely, extending a hand in greeting, "My name is Coraline Boehm. Can I have your name while we sniff out the snacks? A party this nice has to have some good stuff."

She chuckled again, breaking her smirk into her best 'friendly stranger' smile. Mingling she was told to do, so mingle she would do.

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Sly smiled, scratching his head. "Sorry... forgot... My name is Sylvester. Sylvester Normanson."

"And yes, snacks! Snacks are good! Well that and I really want to find the most caffinated thing here that doesn't have alcohol... I... flew over here. I don't like to brag, but I did."

"My little lady's my pride and joy."

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...y'know, I think I have a better chance of getting laid than Sly does. Also, prelim is back and he's clean. I cleared up some old parking tickets on his mother's name. Some jackass with a grudge kept them in the system after she died. I'm still running through the psych profile and going a bit deeper to make sure no one's got a hold on him.

Puck nodded absently and handed off the wine and hard drives to one of the wait staff, with quick instructions to handle them carefully and take them to his current private quarters on the third floor. Seeing a bevy of new arrivals, Puck let himself wander over to another one of the divinely beautiful women standing in the lobby.

"Ms. Maia St. Croix?" Puck took her hand in the Old World style, bowing over it like he had with Moira, though with a touch less roguish sexuality. "Ryoke Hoetsu, please call me Puck. I am honored you decided to come this evening."

So much for being Sly's wingman.

Eh, she hasn't run screaming, he's fine.

You're a paragon among men, my friend.

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Maia offered him a genuine smile, and nodded politely. "My mother thanks you for your invitation, Puck, and regrets that business requires her to miss such a grand evening."

She managed to look almost impish in the next moment. "Still, I'm somewhat glad, else I'd not have been able to attend. This is all magnificent, So many luminaries in a single place, if this place already didn't hum with lights and electricity, it would solely on the guests present."

Her eyes narrowed to behold only him. "And of course, Our most gracious host."

"It is I who am honored to be here, this is far more interesting already than the stuffy parties my mother's had me attend in the past. I'm sure that before the night is done it will be one no one present can or wants to ever forget."

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Sly smiled, scratching his head. "Sorry... forgot... My name is Sylvester. Sylvester Normanson."

"And yes, snacks! Snacks are good! Well that and I really want to find the most caffinated thing here that doesn't have alcohol... I... flew over here. I don't like to brag, but I did."

"My little lady's my pride and joy."

"For someone who doesn't like to brag, that came dangerously close to sounding like bragging, Slyvester," joked Coraline lightly, lowering her hand and continuing to speak as she walked for the nearest table of party snack, stride a slow clicking tempo to her words.

"Though it does sound impressive. Not alot of people learn to fly anything they'd allow within city limits at, what, 18, 19..? years old. I'm sorry, sometimes I'm not the best judge of people much as all I do is work with people."

She laughed again, glancing sidelong at the teen and gauging his reaction. Money. Private aircraft. Own pilot. Useful in a crunch maybe.

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Sly blinked for a moment. "Well I did say I didn't like bragging... just my plane is something I take some pride in. I'm sure there is something on your end you can't help but feel accomplished in."

He wasn't angry or nothing, he still had a smile on his face even. His tone suggested an earnest curiosity. He heads over to the chips first and checks the dip assortment. "Well... bigger chips to the availiable dip... I... well... there's quite a selection!"

He takes a chip and goes into the chili dip, sort of wishing they had cheese.

"Yeah... got my licence only a few weeks ago. It is actually quite fun flying. Compared to Driving or Boating... although sailing is pretty fun. Probably the best example of physics in action from my point of view."

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Ooh, I like her. Can we keep her?

If we're very very lucky.

"Her loss is my gain." He held out his hand to her, motioning to the ballroom. Classical Christmas music wafted into the lobby and dozens of people were paired off, dancing sedately to the electronic orchestra. "Can I entice you to a dance?"

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Maia nodded. "Sharing a dance with such a gentleman would be my pleasure Puck." She allowed him to lead on to where the others danced, and even through the dance itself. Maia was the epitome of grace, light on her feet and a dancer with few real equals. She was divine to watch and in such an environment seemed perfectly at home. When the song ended, she nodded politely. "Thank you for a most wonderful first dance of the evening. I hope, before the night is done, it is not the last of them."

She spoke with refreshing sincerity. She couldn't help but feel good tonight, there was something in the air,not a sense of peace, but a sense of belonging. "It might be impolite to ask directly, but that's simply my way. "Why throw such an ostentatious party? I don't see you as someone who needs the attention of others to know their worth."

"I have read about you, and of course about some of your other guests this evening. Someone more discerning than I might think you had another purpose in mind for so grand a party."

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Puck chuckled and shook his head, "Sorry to disappoint, Maia, but honestly, I just like showing off." He shrugged, "That and it's the first time I've gotten to host a Christmas party. With my parents, December was always a scheduling nightmare, running between at least three different countries and all the stuffy, boring parties. You understand."

He wasn't boasting, nor was he completely complaining. "I just bought the campus, got Kyo Zon up and running, and the Tower is literally building itself as we speak. It seemed like the right time for a party."

He looked around the room - the lights, the trees, the catering, everything - and shrugged. "Besides, this isn't even close to ostentatious for me. We haven't crossed international borders or caused a complete media frenzy...." He grinned, "but the night's still young, so we'll see."

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She smiled. "That it is. I look forward to the festivities."

She looked around and shrugged. "It is certainly a lively bunch that has come tonight. I think it will be sooner rather than later, that things will "liven" up, more than they already are."

"I confess, sadly I don't really know anyone else here though."

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"Hello, daddy," she greeted Praxis with a hug as he kissed her on the cheek. "Nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet," ashe said stepping back gracefully, "Though that's why we, or at least I, came to this social. The child of Eros and Psyche is here. He's bound to cause some ruckus." She smirked at Praxis with a wink, "you better get that rhetoric ready," she said facetiously.

Hearing the music swell, she smiled brightly, offering her left arm to Praxis and her right to Darrik, "Maybe we should see what's going on in the ballroom?"

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"Honestly, there's a fair number of people here that I don't know," he admitted easily. "How about I introduce you to some long-time friends, though?"

At her nod, he took her arm and led her back over to where Darrik and Moira were speaking with Moira's father. "Good evening, Praxis. I'm glad you could make it." He smiled at the trio and motioned to the divinely beautiful woman on his arm. "This is Maia St. Croix, and she is looking for some new friends to share the evening with. Do you think the four of us could oblige?"

It could have been subtext and innuendo. Well, to be honest, there was that undercurrent, but mostly his words were the proper, polite words of a well-trained host. He spared a smile entirely made of subtext and innuendo for Moira. "Besides, I only know one of you that well myself. Maia has come to my rescue as a most beautiful excuse to impose on all of you for the evening."

He glanced around the circle of Divines and laughed, "If you would all be so kind as to indulge a mere mortal with such impertinence."

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Before Moira had the chance to escort the two most important men in her life to the ballroom, Puck had found them. Not like she was hiding from him. She was quite enamored with him. Though this time he was with another lady. Quite beautiful herself.

She smiled as he introduced her, noting Puck's little word game and smile. She certainly would have obliged. "Well, I have no problem obliging such a beautiful couple as you two." She stepped forward and lightly pecked Maia's cheek. She looked to Puck with a loaded smirk and then stepped back. "Such a gracious host," her voice dripped with honey, "Maybe you could show us around? I'm sure there are all sorts of nice things to see and do around here."

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Coraline grazed the buffet like a professional, taking and sampling savory tidbits with pleased little reactions that weren't entirely faked, smile quirking around a particularly sharp little cheese and cracker combo, forceful to the edge of chaos as it made its way down her tongue and into her throat. The Scionette of Eris closed her eyes and inhaled sharply, chest rising and falling with the apreciation of it.

Oh, it was good to be right. The spread *was* wonderful. And the company so far wasn't horrible if a little bland.

"Oh, you have *got* to have some of that," she offered, looking at Slyvester again, "*That* alone was worth coming to this. So, do you have any questions while we look? I am in need of something to wash that down and it's only fair I shall a little about myself after you had your turn on the hotseat."

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Praxis observed the interplay between the four people before him. The host's thinly veiled invitation of his guests into his bed was a well delivered one. Couched in polite civility and audacious enough to be noticed, the son of Ares approved of this opening gambit.

Unsuprisingly, Moira seemed to approve as well. The fact that Ecstasy had brought a companion of his own to the table was not a wasted gesture. It said to Moira that even if his time was taken up by her on again off again lover, Mr. Reynolds, she would still have a lovely little thing to play with.

Maia seemed to agree also for much the same reason. The audacity that her host had shown in the statement gave the impression that Moira's acceptance was a foregone conclusion. This would make Ecstasy come off as a lover to be desired as opposed to simply someone wanting to start a spontaneous orgy.

Not that such a desire was uncommon or even frowned upon by the Divine.

"It is good to see you as well..."

There was a short delay as he decided which name to address the host by. His true name, which had been kept from him by request, his 'nickname', Puck, or his legal name, Hoetsu.

"Puck. This is a great party you've put together, seems to have brought out the finest people. As far as people to spend an interesting night with I think you're on to something." His voice was both knowing and friendly, approving and interested, sure, though not as loaded with honey and sweetness as his daughter, That said, his very nature was one of barely contained action and ferocity rather than passionate love and gratification. The fact that he came as close as he did spoke volumes.

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The Trio she was introduced to needed no introductions. They were all like her, indeed, they were cousins, well two of them were, on her mother's side. She marveled again at how the Gods family tree did many interesting things a mortal tree shouldn't do, and smiled. "It is a distinct pleasure to meet you all."

She looked to Praxis and nodded. "My mother will be sorry she missed you, she's always spoken highly of you." It was true, though she never did elaborate much beyond that.

She was still young, and decidedly not used to the subtle and not so subtle contexts and layering of their interplay. She avoided blushing, at some of what she did pick up. "I'd like a look around yes, if it's not a bother."

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Darrik found another sultry grin on his face when Puck came back with Maia St. Croix... ingenious sexy minx, finding an excuse to wander back to them. And the familial company wasn't the least unappealing. Darrik took Maia's hand and raised to his lips in a dashing mix of gallant chivalry and innate naughtiness.

"It would be our pleasure, Maia. How has your mother been, and the label?" Darrik had done more than a bit of modeling for Blessed Divinity in the early part of his career - and given his changing whims for career work... well, everyone was in a tizzy over the Olympian Curves porn movie, so maybe he could throw everyone for a loop and go back to 'tasteful' wear.

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Maia smiled at the gesture, knowing that he was a real ladykiller. It was a popular topic at the Academy among the Senior girls. "My mother told me quite abit about you, Mr. Reynolds." Her grin turned abit impish and she nodded. "Things have gone well enough for us, her dream is becoming reality, as more people are responding to her adds and finding that she really is offering high fashion for much less. Her competitors are none to happy."

She chuckled. "I have no doubt that if you were up for it she'd be ecstatic to have you come in and do a shoot again, She'd probably design a line just for you to model, knowing her."

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Moira looked to Darrik. while a smile as Maia talked him up. While Moira didn't focus on her modeling and acting as much as she did the family business, she had her portfolio. Still, while she was no slouch, Darrik was a juggernaut when it came to such things. Moira leaned into Darrik's ear, "I'm sure that will go swimmingly," she said with an amused whisper, "Maybe you should show Ms Saint Croix a bit of you style later on?" It was a minor tease, bit then again she knew Darrik. Perfect time to play a bit of matchmaker. That and she had plans for later on herself. Namely Ecstasy.

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Mayday! Wingman mayday! Sly's stalling out with the pretty young woman he's with. Or are you too far gone in the sea of boobs and Darrik?




Sly + girl + current conversation =/= Sly + girl + anything else. Capisce?

Oh. Damn, yeah, right. On it. Puck smiled back at Moira, trying to keep his mind on helping Sly for the evening, but fighting the baser instincts far closer to his true nature.

I'm ordering comfort food for him, oh fearless leader. My confidence in you just sky high at the moment.

Thanks, really. Mood lighting and music, please? Something to dance to.

As you wish, maestro.

The lights in the hall and the ballroom beyond dimmed just as a new song, Wham!'s Last Christmas, started up. Puck smiled and motioned Darrik and Maia together, catching Moira's arm in his own and herding the group of them towards the dance floor. As they passed Sly and his hopefully-to-be new ladyfriend, Puck adroitly scooped them both into the social circle. "Let's start with dances, to break the ice, then we can go play in the snow and watch the light show, yes?"

"Relax," Puck whispered to Sly, picking up on the underlying tension of confusion from his friend. "Ask her about herself and be interested. Let her decide when to ask about you."

Another girl was snagged in a similar manner as the group made it to the dance floor for Praxis; well-fitting to his divine heritage, Puck picked a woman of toned body, sassy personality, and just enough awe of Praxis to tow a mostly genuine humble line with the son of Ares.

Real subtle there, cupid.

Eh, subtle's not really Sly's thing. Scout out some others while we dance, just in case she bolts?

Uh huh. Comfort food ordered and on its way. Tip the driver, it's polite.

The place is stuffed with food, Xo. What could you possibly have ordered?



It's bigger than a breadbox?

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