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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN] Ms Muse

Sasha Mewes

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Name: Sasha Mewes
Nova Identity: Ms Muse
Age: 24 (April 11, 1989)
Height: 5'5" (1.65m)
Weight: 120 pounds (54kg)
BWH: 34-23-40 (86-58-102)
Ethnicity: Nicaraguan
Eyes: amber
Hair: black

Early Life
Sasha's family had all the right connections. Her mother and father had deep political connections and doted on their child. Though the one thing they couldn't het her was some self-esteem.

Sasha was a shy girl. She never made friends. She never even talked to people unless she was spoken to. And even then it was very quiet and short speaking. What she focused her energy and time into was art, drawing to be exact. she loved to draw imaginary people doing imaginary things. Her influence was American comics she found online. She loved the idea of villians. What made them tick? Why were they so outgoing. Her art included badguys beating good guys. That, and when she found out what fanfiction was, she threw her self into that wholeheartedly.

It was fanfiction that got her interactive with the world. She didn't have to be herself, she was The Mistress of Mayhem. She could say anything she wanted and no one would know her true identity. Time passed and she eventually needed a job to earn her own money. So she took what she loved and made it a job. She made her own comics and characters. Ones where the bad guys were running the show. She eventually cought the eye of the big two, Marvel and DC. They contacted her to work on some pieces. She went under her pen name publically, but the checks came to Sasha Mewes.

It was when she started her blog that The Mistress of Mayhem truly took off. She would craft tales of her adventures and draw them all. There was, of course, a premium section where subscribers could pay for the privilege of knowing about the "real" her. And people ate it up like hotcakes. The Mistress of Mayhem was a large success.

Still, mousy little Sasha, physically and mentally, was a small person. She couldn't do anything on her own. It was The Mistress of Mayhem. And she was no The Mistress of Mayhem. Well, until one day...

Sasha received a gift from a fan. It wasn't the first time she received such, but nothing THIS extravagant. A plane ticket to the Bahamas. Attached was directions to a private beach. She knew this was some kind of set up. Her lizard brain told her to stay put. Her primal brain, for the first time in 21 years, won over that instinct. She didn't have to go to the private beach. She could just enjoy the trip by herself.

When Sasha got to the Bahamas, her lizard brain kicked in again. It told her that this was a bad idea, but for some reason her primal brain seemed to want that lizard brain to die. While Sasha was her normal meek self, she actually made to get out and do things while there. Of course, she wasn't going by the name Sasha Mewes while there. She was Ms Muse. Whatever Ms Muse did, she told herself, was not reflected on herself. She wasn't a curvy hard-bodied bombshell, she wasn't Sasha Mewes. Everything she did could be tagged as, 'Wasn't Me.'

A day later she started having killer headaches. Like everything she had done was coming to bear on her mind. Either that or it was a hangover from the night before. She wasn't going to let this ruin her fun though! She had done too much to go back now. She popped some over the counter headache pills and she was fine, forgetting everything. It was later on that night, when she was at a beach party, that they kicked in again. Though this time they didn't seem so overpowering. She dealt with them and had fun. She actually talked to other people.

And it was this time when Fate seemed to step in. The party was brought to an abrupt halt when masked bandits arrived. They demanded everyone get on the ground and start pulling wallets, jewelry and other valuables or else people would start dying. To make sure they were understood one of the bandits shot the DJ, killing him. Sasha's lizard brain was in tears, but that's the last time she heard from it. No more whining, she had to do something. Sasha picked herself up, she noticed that her clothes fit a little tight and that her skin was a darker brown. That didn't matter to Sasha, she felt like she could take down the bandits herself.

She called out to them harshly, catching all of their attention at once. She noticed her voice had changed too. Had everything changed about her? She scolded them all harshly and told them to lay down their guns. And they obeyed her every word like her puppets. This would have seemed awkward to her any other time, but she had control of their minds and she was going to use the time to play with them like the villain in her comics. This would be fun. She ordered them to run into the sea and swim until they got tired. That was the last seen of the bandits. The crowd applauded Ms Muse like it was some kind of nova show. Though when they realized the DJ was actually dead, the party ended early.

Sasha's inhibitions seemed dead to her for the rest of the weekend. For the rest of forever! She was not Sasha Mewes anymore. she technically never had to be again. Her mind and body morphed into everything the The Mistress of Mayhem character she made. Her primal brain had won the war and her lizard brain had all but died.

Turning Point
The next two years were a blur of debauchery for her. Whatever she wanted she got. If not from her amazing new attitude and appearance, then from her ability to twist people's wills against them. All of her 'adventures' were covered on her website. She carried a camera everywhere. And there was no shortage of others with cameras around her.

Life was imitating art. She had crushed Sasha Mewes's identity under her primal brain's heel. Ms Muse, the Mistress of Mayhem was all that seemed to be left. The Mistress of Mayhem was still a hedonistic thrillseeker, but her 'adventures' were less beat up the good guy and more about how she used her wiles to get things done in her favor. She appealed to her old fanbase also, but the new people were coming to see her for other things that superhero stuff. She was glad to facilitate both and collect a nice fee.

One night the whole thing came to bear. Ms Muse was at an end of summer party in the States. One girl, Amanda, had been hanging around her all night. Well, more than any usual person. Amanda was cute for a baseline. And eventually the two struck up a conversation. Amanda was a fan of The Mistress of Mayhem since the beginning. She had always wanted to meet her in person and this was such an honor for her. Ms Muse was impressed with her knowledge and, well, her looks. She eventually excused herself and took Amanda back to her place.

Amanda was thrilled that Ms Muse had chosen her out of all the guys and girls there. She saw it as a blessing from her goddess. A night of pleasure later, Amanda told Ms Muse of her devotion to her. She told her that she had been following her adventures personally for the past few months and had the pictures to prove it. She told her of how her husband and child (who she had named after Ms Muse) were stepping in between she and her love. Sasha's lizard brain perked up again. It was not as skittish before, but it told her that this needed to end this right now. Sasha agreed with her instinct for the first time in two years. She was a bit scared, something she hadn't been in a while. She waited for Amanda to fall asleep and then left.

Sasha went back home and thought about things. How she was perceived by the public. How she was affecting people. She damn sure wasn't a role model. She never asked to be. Her brains were conflicted on what she wanted to do and what she needed to do.

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Str 5

Dex 5

Sta 5

Per 5

Int 5

Wts 5

Cha 5

Man 5

App 5

Academics 2

Arts 5

Athletics 5

Awareness 3

Biz 3

Carousing 5

Command 5

Computers 2

Diplomacy 5

Drive 1

Language 1

Martial Arts 5

Rapport 5

Performance 5

Seduction 5

Stealth 5

Streetwise 5

Style 5

Subterfuge 5

Contacts 2

Fame 2

Influence 2

Node 5

Resources 3

Mega Dexterity 3 (Flexibility, Perfect Balance)

Mega Stamina 3 (Fertility, Health)

Mega Charisma 5 (Center of Attention, Politesse, Seductive)

Mega Manipulation 5 (Persuader, Tactful, The Voice)

Mega Appearance 5 (Almost Live, Awe Inspiring, Seductive Looks)

Mega Wits 5 (Artistic Genius, Lie Detector, Natural Empath)

Domination 5

Willpower 6

Taint 3

Quantum 5

Quantum Pool 50

Quantum Recovery 3

Sexy 1

Aberrant Eyes -1

Lusty -1

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Freebie Points
+3 willpower (6 points)
+2 Fame (2 points)
+2 Influence (2 points)
+3 Node (3points)
Quantum Recovery 3 (3 points)
Sexy (1 point)
Lusty (-1 point)
Aberrant eyes (-1 point)

Nova Points
All abilities to 5 (7 points)

54 skill points (9 points)
*Arts +2
*Athletics +3
*Carousing +5
*Command +5
*Diplomacy +5
*Martial Arts +4
*Rapport +5
*Performance +2
*Seduction +5
*Stealth +3
*Streetwise +5
*Style +5
*Subterfuge +5

Mega Dexterity 3 (9 points)
Mega Stamina 3 (9 points)

Mega Charisma 5 (10 points)
Mega Manipulation 5 (10 points)
Mega Appearance 5 (10 points)

Mega Wits 5 (10 points)

Domination 5 (5points)

21 left over

25 for February 2013
25 for birthday (March 2013)
25 for July 2013
25 for August 2013
25 for September 2013
25 for October 2013
25 for November 2013
25 for January 2014
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