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[Pathfinder / Freeform] Dragons with Ambition

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I was wondering about the point buy since the way it reads it only goes up to 18, but then I realized you could just shift that up. Ie. raising a stat by 1 point costs 1, raising it by 2 costs two, and increasing the more you raise it based on the chart in the book.

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I have been utterly slammed at work this week, so I haven't touched any of thsi in several days.

-- Hee hee, no worries. Pathfinder actually made it simpler than original 3.5 D&D, but dragons have a LOT of stuff factored in, so it can be confusing. Here's how it works as far as I can tell.

Step 1

Visit your dragon's color entry to get your base stats. These stats are your 'zero point.' Every dragon of that color starts with those attributes for free, before any modifiers are applied.

Step 2

Visit the entry for True Dragons, and scroll down to the table that shows ability score modifiers per age category. These numbers include both size modifiers, and modifiers for the bonuses all characters get for advancing hit dice (+1 per 4 levels or hit dice). So you don't have to worry about those things. Just tack the modifiers from the table right on to the base scores for the dragon breed.

Step 3

Do your point buy, modifying the numbers you got in Step 2.

Step 4

Since we have class levels, we get additional bonus attribute points for each 4 class levels we have. That's 1 in your case. Add 1 to any stat you like.


What I meant to say the other day is Nyrath gave me a list of 'base stat adds' for a young adult silver dragon to add to my point buy, so I used those; I will go back to the rules and see if I can figure what I did, and if I can even do it.

-- Dragons buying divine spells as arcane spells with their sorceror caster levels is rules-as-written. They can do that. There are some reasons not to though, some of which I briefly mentioned. You don't -have- to do this. The curestick is definitely advised though. :)

I'll have to think about this, but I might still keep her bardic heals for advancement purposes; I will probably swap the heal wand for the Strength-sapper.

-- That's a lot of money for something you may not need very often. If you had a Necklace of Adaptation, you could just pass it to your cohort before putting him in the bag, then take it back if you need it. Less than 2000gold more than the Bottle. Worth considering, since it has more applications.

I should probably be able to afford the necklace if I judgle some of my other purchases.

-- Critical Focus, if I recall right, only increases your confirmation roll. It's considerably less useful than normal in two circumstances: 1) You have a bad critical chance, and 2) You already have a huge hit bonus, and are thus likely to confirm even without the extra bonus from Critical Focus. The first makes it unlikely you'll crit in the first place (rapiers have a good crit chance though), the second makes it redundant to have it. For you, both 1 and 2 are true. The first is true of your dragon form, which only crits on a 20 as is. The second is true of your rapier, which...especially if you have Weapon Finesse, is unlikely to miss a confirm roll against any target you can hit in the first place.

Plus, even WITH a crit, your rapier is way behind your bite as a weapon. I would just feel bad suggesting that you spend so many feats on rapier combat, when it's really more of a roleplaying choice than a good combat decision. You definitely can do it, but I suspect you'll find that in any serious fight, you'll want to change to a dragon...making those feat choices obsolete.

Two things here:

1. Rax does spend a lot of time in humanoid form, typically as 'Sophea the half-elf bard', doing research for her insane rambling epic history book; I see her a lot like Socrates, fascinated by the thoughts and opinions of pretty much everyone she meets, so much of her time is spent in the field doing interviews. And sometimes while she's out, she will seem some injustice that offends her, and she will 'thrust herself into the narrative' and intervene, usually covertly. I wanted her to be effective in combat as a humanoid so she could avoid having to drop her cover.

2. I have yet to make a truly effective combat chareacter in any d20 game; I almost always take a bunch of feats that offer minimal benefit because I can't bother to crunch the combat numbers to figure out what really helps and what's redundant.

With those two caveats in mind, I will look over her character and see what will actually help her in both her forms and make any cuts.

Your cohort should be higher than level 14 though, I think.

No matter what your Leadership score is, your cohort can't be more than two points less than your character's level; I thought we were considered to be 16 'level', but between of challenge ratings, hit dice and class levels, I have no idea which numbers actually apply.

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Your level is always equal to your hit dice. Challenge Rating is a completely different number, generally useful only to a GM.

In the case of these dragons it's used only to help us determine how many class levels we can have, and to determine what our Spell Resistance is. Anytime something keys off of 'character level,' add your dragon hit dice to your class levels, and that's your level.

I spend a lot of time in human form too...but yeah, since I focus on spellcasting my best weapons are not limited that way.

But consider that even with no feats at all, you have something like +22 to hit with a rapier that does 1d6+2 damage...probably a little more since it's got an enhancement bonus. That's not a bad humanoid attack for no "cost", and you can buff it with bardsong and spells pretty easily.

And then anything that's too tough for her to hurt with that, she can shift into dracoform to deal with. Or fly away from, as needed. :)

Also, I should point out that you can assume animal shapes as well, including dire animals.

I can even see the possibility of spending a feat to help her out with humanoid combat. I think that's a very cool idea.

Three feats though...well, it's still just fine, and if you think it's best for your concept, by all means do it. That's just a heavy, heavy investment to make, for relatively small numerical gains that might not 'protect' you from still having to turn into a dragon for any serious fight.

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So then if she's a 13 HD dragon with 6 levels of bard, she's considered a 19th level character? Yikes! Our cohorts will be very badass indeed, since they can be up to 17th level!

I'll probably just give her a longsword and rely upon her prodigeous BAB to get hits through; the fact that she's much weaker in humanoid form is good, since she probably doesn't just want to hack her way through the world, and severely wounding humanoid foes until they get the point is probably more in line with her character. I have one question, though; I know your equipment is absorbed into your body if you polymorph into something bigger, but if a dragon turns into a humanoid, puts on humanoid-sized equipemnt, and then returns to her normal shape and size, does the equipment still get absorbed? Bit of a headscratcher, that.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to rethink her feats a bit.

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As I understand it, yes. So you could wear armor in human form, and it would disappear magically (becoming nonfunctional) when you became a dragon, even though technically you're not really assuming dragon form so much as REsuming it. Then it would be back when you turned back into a human.

I'm not sure that's RAW, but I believe it's a reasonable extension of RAW.

With feats, look for things you can take that will benefit both forms, perhaps. Power Attack is good, for example. Vital Strike is good. There are others.

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Question, only Gold, Silver and Bronze say they have the Shape Change ability. How are the other dragons posing as humans? Does everyone get that ability free?

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I think only those breeds have it; the others would either need spells or magic items, or be limited to thier dragon forms, I believe.

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Is this game still a going concern? I haven't touched my dragon in a while (which sounds so inappropriate when I type it out), but I can finish working on her if this game is still moving forward.

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I've been finishing mine...I think Nyrath has been away a lot, so I haven't been rushing on it. Lots of subsections on my sheet, so it's taken me awhile.

Once I see that the time to begin is nigh, I will post it all up and I will be ready to go.

In fact...I'll just do that now, since it's in spitting distance of being done:


Huge Young Adult Bronze Dragon

Hit Dice: Dragon 14 / Sorceror 6 / Urban Ranger 1

Str 26 13+12+3 (1)

Dex 14 14-4+4 (5)

Con 22 13+6+3 (3)

Int 22 14+4+2 (2)

Wis 20 15+4+1 (1)

Cha 28 14+4+7+1 (13)

BAB +18

HP: 13d12+6d6+1d8 +138 (248)

AC: 29 (8 + 2 dex + 17 natural +2 deflection), Touch AC 12

CMB +28

CMD +40

Init: +2

Fort: +19, Ref +15, Will +19

Speed: 40' swim 60' fly 200' poor

Race (Bronze Dragon)

Breath Weapon (Su), 50' cone, fire 10d6 or Repulsion 1d6+5 rnds, Ref DC 23 for half or will DC 23 to resist

Dragon Senses (Ex): Darkvision 120 ft. and blindsense 60 ft. 4x normal sight in dim light, 2x normal in normal light.

Spell-Like Abilities: A dragon's caster level for its spell-like abilities is equal to its total Hit Dice.

Damage Reduction: DR 5/magic. Natural weapons are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Immunities (Ex): Every dragon is immune to sleep and paralysis. Immune to electricity.

Spell Resistance (Ex): A dragon's SR is equal to 11 + its CR. (27)

Change Shape 3/day (as Polymorph, into any humanoid or animal)

Water Breathing

Speak with animals

Create Food and Water

Wave Mastery (Age Catx10 min/day, double water speed for self/others within 50')

Class (Urban Ranger)

Favored Enemy: Human


Wild Empathy +10

Class (Arcane Bloodline Sorceror)

Eschew Materials


Arcane Bloodline

Arcana: Spell DC increases by 1 when cast with metamagic raising its level by at least 1, other than Heighten Spell.

Bonus Spells: Identify, Invisibility


- Arcane Bond

- Metamagic Adept


Magical Knack - +2 caster level, but not past Hit Dice

Mathematical Prodigy - +1 to Knowledge: Arcana and Knowledge: Engineering; one is a class skill for all classes (engineering)


1 Scholar (Arcana, Engineering)

3 Flyby Attack

5 Multiattack

7 Spell Penetration

9 Leadership

11 Greater Spell Penetration

13 Vital Strike

15 Craft Wondrous Item?

17 Piercing Spell

19 Improved Familiar

21 Expanded Arcana

Skills 228

Appraise +19 (10 + 6 int + 3 class)

Bluff +23 (11 + 9 cha + 3 class)

Craft: Alchemy +19 (10 + 6 int + 3 class)

Craft: Traps +20 (11 + 6 int + 3 class)

Craft: ? +19 (10 + 6 int + 3 class)

Diplomacy +21 (9 + 9 cha + 3 class)

Disable Device +15 (10 + 2 Dex + 3 class)

Fly +17 (20 + 2 dex -4 poor manuevering, -4 size +3 class)

Knowledge: Arcana +28 (16 + 6 int + 2 feat + 3 class + 1 trait)

Knowledge: Engineering +27 (15 + 6 int + 2 feat +3 class + 1 trait)

Knowledge: Planes +20 (11 + 6 int +3 class)

Knowledge: History +26 (12 + 6 int +5 item +3 class)

Knowledge: Local +13 (4 + 6 int + 3 class)

Linguistics +14 (5 + 6 int + 3 class)

Perception +28 (20 + 5 wis + 3 class)

Sense Motive +22 (14 + 5 wis + 3 class)

Spellcraft +29 (20 + 6 int + 3 class)

Survival +13 (5 + 5 wis + 3 class)

Swim +24 (5 + 8 str + 8 racial speed + 3 class)

Use Magic Device +22 (10 + 9 cha + 3 class)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Low Elvish, Dwarven, Celestial, Aquan, Brandobian, Kalamaran, Fhokki, Reanaarian, Dejy, Svimohzish, Sylvan

Spellcasting (Sorceror CL 11+2 (17 vs SR), Base DC 20)

Slots: 1 - 6/6, 2 - 6/6, 3 - 6/6, 4 - 6/6, 5 - 4/4

0 - Drench, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation, Resistance

1 - Shield, Mage Armor, Identify, Magic Missile, Feather Fall, Burning Disarm

2 - See Invisible, Invisibility, Align Weapon, Resist Enegy, Glitterdust, Lesser Restoration

3 - Heroism, Dispel Magic, Cure Serious Wounds, Battering Blast, Cloak of Wind

4 - Dragon's Breath, Resilient Sphere, Fire Shield

5 - Teleport, Telekinesis


Money: 750gp


- 15,000 coinage

- 15,000 art

- 20,000 unused magic


Bite, +25, 2d8+13, 15' reach

Claws (2), +25, 2d6+9, 10' reach

Wings (2), +22, 1d8+5, 10' reach

Tail Slap, +22, 2d6+13, 10' reach

Crush 2d8+15, vs Small or smaller, Ref DC 24 to avoid pinning




Headband of Mental Prowess (Cha, Int) +2, 5,000 (crafted)

Ring of Protection +2, 4000 (crafted)

Ring of Spell Knowledge III, 6750 (crafted)

Goggles of Minute Seeing, 1250 (crafted)

Amulet of Mighty Fists +1, 2000 (crafted)

Handy Haversack, 1000 (crafted)

Lair Costs

Traps 4250


Str 20

Dex 18

Con 18

Int 22

Wis 20

Cha 28

BAB +18

HP: 13d12+6d6+1d8 +96 (206)

AC: 16 (10 +4 dex +2 deflection), Touch AC 16

CMB +23

CMD +27

Init: +4

Fort: +17, Ref +17, Will +19

Speed: 30'

SLAs: Speak with Animals, Create Food/Water

DR 5/magic?, SR27

Water Breathing?


Unarmed, +23, 1d3+5 nl, incurs AoO




Headband of Mental Prowess (Cha, Int) +2, 5,000 (crafted)

Ring of Protection +2, 4000 (crafted)

Ring of Spell Knowledge III, 6750 (crafted)

Goggles of Minute Seeing, 1250 (crafted)

Amulet of Mighty Fists +1, 2000 (crafted)

Handy Haversack, 1000 (crafted)




Tiny Construct

Str 8

Dex 15

Con _

Int 10

Wis 12

Cha 7

BAB +18

HP 124 (21HD)

AC 17 (10 + 2 dex + 2 size + 3 natural)

CMB +17

CMD 11

Fort +10, Ref +14, Will +11

Init +2

Speed 20', 50 fly (good)

Attack: 1 bite +19, 1d4-1, Poison (DC 13, sleep 1 min)

Feats: Lightning Reflexes

Skills: Fly, Perception, Stealth +12

Languages: Common (can't speak), telepathic link to owner

Abilities: Construct traits, Telepathic Link, Grant Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link, Deliver Touch spells



Sea Elf Diviner Wizard 17

Str 08

Dex 16

Con 10

Int 23 (+4 item)

Wis 10

Cha 15

BAB +8

Fort 5, Ref 8, Will 10

Hit points: 59

AC 14 (10 + 3 dex + 1 dodge)

Init +11

Race Traits

+2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con

Dreamspeaker: +1 DC divination and sleep effects, cast Dream 1/day as SLA

Keen Senses: +2 Perception

Spirit of Water: +4 Swim, take 10 on Swim any time

- Proficient in longspear, trident, net

Class - Wizard (Diviner)


Arcane bond (Staff)

Arcane School: Divination (Foretelling), Opposition: Necromancy/Evocation

- Forewarned (Autosucceed perception to act in surprise round, +8 to init)

- Prescience 9/day (roll d20 at beginning of turn, substitute for any d20 roll you make during turn or lose)

- Foretell (+2 luck to allies' checks, attacks, caster level checks, saves within 30', or -2 to enemies, up to 17rnds/day)


b Scribe Scroll

1 Dodge

3 Point Blank Shot

5 Spell Penetration

5b Spell Focus: Conjuration

7 Spell Focus: Divination

9 Augmented Summons

10b Forge Ring

11 Greater Spell Focus: Divination

13 Greater Spell Penetration

15 Heighten Spell

15b True Name (Octarina - Cetaceal Agathion)

17 Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration

Skills: 136


Craft (Jewelry)










Caster level: Wizard 17 (21 vs SR), Base DC 16 (19 divination and conjuration)

Memorized (standard load)

1 Grease, Shield, Mage Armor, Unseen Servant, Hold Portal, See Alignment

2 See Invisibility, Web, Invisibility, Acid Arrow, Resist Energy, Glitterdust

3 Water Breathing, Major Image, Enter Image, Aqueous Orb, Suggestion

4 Arcane Eye, Greater Invisibility, Solid Fog, Shocking Image, Black Tentacles

5 Acidic Spray, Mage's Private Sanctum (cast), Wall of Stone, Mirage Arcana, Hungry Pit

6 Greater Dispel, Guards and Wards, Greater Heroism, Disintegrate, Summon Monster VI

7 Project Image, Summon Monster VII, Greater Scrying

8 Mind Blank (cast), Greater Shadow Evocation

9 Summon Monster IX


0 Resistance, Acid Splash, Drench, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Daze, Ghost Sound, Haunted Fey Aspect, Jolt, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Root, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation

1 True Strike, Alarm, Shield, Grease, Mage Armor, Unseen Servant, See Alignment, Feather Fall, Illusion of Calm, Endure Elements, Hold Portal, Air bubble, Corossive Touch, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Magic Aura, Silent Image, Dancing Lantern, Gravity Bow, Erase

2 See Invisibility, Locate Object, Web, Book Ward, Resist Energy, Acid Arrow, Dust of Twilight, Glitterdust, Detect Thoughts,

Share Memory, Track Ship, Arcane Lock, Invisibility, Alter Self, Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Darkvision, Rope Trick

3 Blood Biography, Water Breathing, Fly, Clairvoyance, Cloak of Winds, Dispel Magic, Magic Circle vs Evil, Protection from Energy, Aqueous Orb, Spiked Pit, Suggestion, Major Image, Secret Page, Enter Image

4 Arcane Eye, Locate Creature, Dimension Door, Black Tentacles, Remove Curse, Acid Pit, Charm Monster, Illusory Wall,

Greater Invisibility, Shocking Image, Stone Shape, Secure Shelter, Solid Fog, Ride the Waves

5 Telepathic Bond, Symbol of Scrying, Acidic Spray, Wall of Stone, Mage's Private Sanctum, Teleport, Geyser, Hungry Pit, Mirage Arcana, Persistant Image, Fabricate, Permanency, Telekinesis

6 Analyze Dweomer, Cloak of Dreams, True Seeing, Ice Crystal Teleport, Antimagic Field, Greater Dispel, Globe of Invulnerability, Guards and Wards, Summon Monster VI, Greater Heroism, Permanent Image, Monstrous Physique IV, Hardening, Disintegrate, Beast Shape IV, Mage's Lucubration

7 Greater Scrying, Summon Monster VII, Ice Body, Vision, Banishment, Spell Turning, Teleport Trap, Project Image, Simulacrum,

Limited Wish

8 Moment of Prescience, Discern Location, Dimensional Lock, Seamantle, Mind Blank, Prismatic Wall, Greater Planar Binding,

Incendiary Cloud, Form of the Dragon III, Greater Shadow Evocation, Pmorph any object

9 Imprisonment, Foresight, Summon Monster IX, Freedom, Shades, Time Stop


Money 25gp


Staff of the Indomitable Dragon (self-crafted, arcane bond item), 27,100

- Form of the Dragon III, 3 charges, 16,000

- Greater Heroism, 2 charges, 9,900

- Bear's Endurance, 1 charge, 1,200




Blessed Book, 6,250 (crafted)

Headband of Vast Intelligence +4, 8,000 (crafted)

Cloak of Resistance +2, 2000 (crafted)

Scrolls (all self crafted)

1 Air Bubble, Comprehend Languages, Disguise Self, Erase; 50gp

2 Locate Object, Alter Self, Bull's Strength, Rope Trick; 300gp

4 Locate Creature, Dimension Door, Illusory Wall, Ride the Waves; 1400gp

Permanent Spells

Telepathic Bond (w/Macrisse) 12,500gp

Scribing Costs 11,475 (includes tuition, but scribing over 3rd level is free due to Blessed Book)

1 150

2 560

3 1350

4 800

5 1125

6 2160

7 1470

8 2240

9 1620

Traps: 4,250



Just off the coast of a prosperous fishing community a lone outcropping of rock and earth juts above the water. Though small from the surface, the deep water masks a larger mass that hides a network of caverns that has been shaped by nature and magic to suit a bronze dragon's needs. The only direct access is through a submerged cave mouth at the base of it.



The Cave Mouth

- The cave looks like a natural formation, but the far wall of it is an Illusory Wall. On the other side of the false wall is a wide corridor of smooth stone that ends in a metal door which is both Arcane Locked and mundanely locked. The corridor is lit with a Continual Light spell cast on a small jut of stone overhead. In an alcove beside the door is a statue of white stone in the shape of an elven maiden. When the permanant Alarm spell in the cavern outside is tripped, it signals Adriessa mentally. She then casts Enter Image targeting this statue. This lets her see, hear, and communicate with anyone entering the corridor. She is generally polite unless given reason not to be, but does not allow visitors into the Lair without first consulting with Macrisse. A release in the study unlocks the door and suppresses the Arcane Lock.

The Labyrinth

- Through the metal door in the Cave Mouth is the Labyrinth. What was originally a very large cavern has been filled with a complex maze of Walls of Stone, each of which was then fortified with Hardening spells. At each corner or intersection is another small statue of Adriessa. When visitors are allowed in, she can use Enter Image to hop from statue to statue, guiding the guests through the labyrinth while conversing with them. Intruders have a much harder time of it.

The entire Labyrinth is encompassed within the Dimensional Lock, so teleporting or entering the Ethereal plane is not possible. Intruders that come into the Ethereal plane outside, then enter, are not barred...but they cannot then re-enter the Material Plane within the locked area. It is also within the Private Sanctum spell, so cannot be scried into from outside. When intruders force their way past the door into the Labyrinth, Adriessa prepares for battle. She casts Greater Scrying, targeting whoever she saw at the door that seems likely to have the worst Will save. If this fails, she uses Enter Image to see where they are, then Arcane Eye to keep them under observation.

Adriessa sends a summoned creature to harass the invaders, watching the fight through her scrying spell to get a sense of their formidability and tactics. If they have difficulty, she sends another, more powerful summon and enters the labyrinth herself. She will not directly engage the intruders at first...preferring to use illusions and conjurations to confuse them and make them waste resources in hopes of making them give up.

If the intruders are too powerful or persistant to dissuade, Adriessa retreats to the Drying Room to prepare the next line of defense.

The Entrance Hall

- The Labyrinth empties out into a long corridor that leads straight to the Lair door, which is identical to the one in the Cave Mouth, statue and all. When anyone approaches within 30' of the door, the embossed dragon on it begins to emit electrical arcs that hit everyone within 30' in a line. It does 4d6 electrical damage per round, halved by a DC20 reflex save. The trap is not fooled by illusions or invisibility, and can see through magical or mundane darkness. It is DC25 Perception to spot the mechanism in the door, and DC20 Disable Device to sabotage it.

The trap has a manual release mechanism that can be triggered from the Drying Room, or the Study.

If Adriessa has begun setting up defenses in the Drying Room to repel intruders, she will have used the True Name of Octarina to call her into the Entrance Hall, where she will add her formidable power to keep the intruders back, and buy Adriessa more time.

The Drying Room

- This room is a natural cavern that has thick copper wires in a mesh set into the ceiling, and a comfortable mattress of dried seaweed under a cloth. The door in the Entrance Hall opens into a shallow pool here that one emerges into air from. When Macrisse comes home, he can use his breath weapon on the copper mesh to heat it red hot. This rapidly dries the seawater from him so he won't get any water tracked into the Lair. For guests not so equipped, there is a small rack of towels in the wall by the large wooden doorway on the far side of the cavern.

The Guest Chambers

- From the Drying Room, the first door on the right leads to the Guest Chambers. This is a cave about the size of a decent-sized bedroom, with the stone covered by paneling and Continual Light on overhead lamps that can be shuttered. A comfortable double bed dominates the north wall, with two smaller beds that can be set up on the floor space south of it. If the beds are all put away, the large one folding up into the wall, the floor is big enough for even a Huge dragon to curl up in comfortably, if need be. The furnishings in the room are comfortable, but not richly appointed nor worth enough to warrant the effort of stealing them.

The Study

- Both Adriessa and Macrisse use this room, and it has doors to both her bedroom and Macrisse's Roost. Wood paneling hides the stone here, and there is even a fireplace, though it's lit by magic fire. This room is full of bookshelves containing both dragon and elf's collections. It has a carpet, in contrast to the polished hardwood floors of the rest of the lair, and a large table in the center with four chairs. Another chair, larger and more plush, is planted by the fireplace. There are cabinets under most of the shelving units, and a rack for scrolls. On the table is a large atlas of the world.

There are hidden release switches for the two locked doors to the complex, as well as the trap in the Entrance Hall, inside one of the cabinets.

Adriessa's Room

- Opposite the door to the Guest Chambers is the much more secure door to Adriessa's bedroom. It is actually considerably more spartan than the guest room, and smaller as well. The bed is a very comfortable single, and it has a wardrobe and locked chest as well, both containing mundane clothing and personal effects. There is a hollow in the floor in the corner that she fills with water for bathing. Eventually she plans to create a magically renewing source, but hasn't had a chance to do it yet.

Macrisse's Roost

The largest single room in the Lair, the Roost is at the end of the hall, with a large double door regulating access. The floor is polished smooth here, but the walls have been left in their natural state. This is also the highest portion of the lair except the Vault, as it all slopes up from the Drying Room. At the far side of the room is Macrisse's bed of coins. All coin treasure in his hoard is kept here in a large pile for him to loll about on when he rests here. Around the bed is a sort of gallery, where the walls have been smoothed so that the art and tapestries of his hoard can be arrayed around him.

Small permanent illusions have been created around the walls of the Roost, with some of Macrisse's favorite places and memories from his travels replaying in them. Locked glass cases display ingenious devices and mechanisms and blueprints.

There is an Illusory Wall covering a hole in the ceiling, leading up to the Vault.

The Vault

- Within the small stone Vault over the Roost are shelves with the magical treasures of his hoard, and a locked chest containing blueprints and design notes of devices he considers too dangerous to freely share around. If Adriessa feels that she cannot defend the Lair, she retreats to the Vault and gathers up the objects within...then dismisses the Dimensional Lock and Dimension Doors outside the Lair to make her escape. The stone walls of the Vault have been Hardened to help prevent it from being breached from the outside.


Electric Arc Trap (Spot DC 25, Disarm DC 20, True Seeing visual trigger, hidden switch bypass, mechanical, Ref DC20 1/2), 6000

Permanant Alarm, 2500

Special notes

Adriessa casts Mage's Private Sanctum on the lair each day. Every 2 weeks she renews the Dimensional Lock on the lair.

She notifies Macrisse of any visitors or incursion as it happens via Telepathic Bond.

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Sorry 'bout my absence, which I certainly hadn't planned on, I'm not quite about to let this one go into a hibernation from which it might not emerge.


So. Who's still interested? As long as I've got at least one player I'll happily kick this off.

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So, Max. That's... one. Well, I said I'd run this with even just one player so I'll give Macrisse a final run over and get IC up within a week from now. Hopefully within the next two days.

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I would like to still. However, I really need help with the character creation. There are so many options and possibilities that it boggles my mind.

Also, what colors are taken at the moment with the two folks who have spoken up?

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I'd be happy to help. I'm Bronze. I -think- Heritage is silver? Correct me if I'm wrong, Heri.


Lots of possibilities for ya, Fox. We can talk more when I get back home.

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