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[Heritage's Adventure!] [Char] Tarık Zihnin Olmadan (Quotemyname)


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Name: Tarik Zihnin Olmadan


"Tarik the Turban", "The Mid-East Mystic", "The Magician of Mystery", "The Favor of Fortune", "He Who Knocks at the Door to Men's Minds", "The Djini of the Desert", "The Diamond of Destiny", "The Sorcerer of the Sands", "The Sultan of Suave" (This character is prone to exclaiming any number of these aliases in every day conversation before uttering his actual name, and after the using some form of the phrase, "Do you know who I am?!")

Nationality: Turkish

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Allegience: ? (some setting specific version of the Argentum Astrum possibly)

Nature: Architect (You see the big picture).

Vice: Bravo (Spend a Willpower or gloat over a foe you have just defeated).

Virtue: Expert Harmonizer (Gain Willpower whenever you Rapport Abilities prove successful).

Inspiration: Psychic

Short Background:

Tarik has always had a natural tallent for hypnotism and other such marvels. He was very young when his mother took him to the market to see the local snake charmers. One day his mother lost track of him and he wandered very close to the snakes as he had always wanted to. The charmer stopped playing just as his mother found him. The two adults were amazed at how even without the charmer's music, the boy had managed to keep the eyes of a large King Cobra locked on his own. He could even make the snake dance just as the charmer had, except he needed no music to do it.

Since then, he has spent years developing his empathic, hypnotic, and clairvoyant powers. Though he has always made sure the he never neglects his athletic abilities either.

As a young adult, Tarik resolved to see the world and experience the many interesting and amazing sights and sounds within it. With a jittery feeling of anticipation, Tarik and his turban begin their haj in London at the young, eager age of 24.

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Character Creation Notes:

Attributes: Physical/Mental/Social 3/6/4

Abilities (23):


Martial Arts



Awareness ••

Investigation ••

Academics •••

Linguistics (English)

Intimidation ••

Subterfuge ••

Command •••


Rapport •••

Backgrounds (6) One free • of Resources from Foreigner Origin

Contacts •

Gadget •••

Reputation ••

Resources •

Initial Willpower •••

Bonus Point Log:


Rapport 2 (4)


Academics: (Arcana) (1)

Interrogation: (Trick Questions) (1)

Rapport (Making an Impression) (1)


Backing 1 (1)

Reputation 1 (1)

Willpower 3 (6)

Transformation Points (13)

Attributes 2 Wits 1 Charisma 1 (1)

Ability Dots 5: (1)

  • Etiquette 1
  • Awareness 1
  • Academics 1
  • Command 1

Inspiration 3 (3)

Backgrounds 4 Contacts 1, Gadgets 2, Reputation 1 (1)

Background Enhancement (2)

Knacks: (5)

Hypnotic Presence level 2

Evil Eye level 2

Brain Skimming level 1

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Tarik Zihnin Olmadan

(Tahd•eek Zeeh•in Ohl•muh•dahn)

Inspiration: Psychic

Origin: Foreigner (Gain Resources •)

Allegience: The Æon Society for Gentlemen (Gain Backing •)

Virtue: Expert Harmonizer (Gain Willpower whenever you Rapport Abilities prove successful).

Vice: Bravo (Spend a Willpower or gloat over a foe you have just defeated).


Strength ••

Dexterity ••


Martial Arts

Stamina ••




Awareness •••

Investigation ••

Intelligence Abstract ••••

Academics (Arcana) ••••

Linguistics (English)

Wits ••••

Appearance: ••

Intimidation ••

Manipulation ••

Subterfuge (Trick Questions) •••

Charisma: Suave ••••

Command (Social Leadership) ••••


Rapport (Discerning Weakness) •••••


Backing ••

Contacts ••

Gadget ••••• •

Reputation ••••

Resources •


Brain Skimming level 1

Hypnotic Presence level 2

Evil Eye level 2


Willpower: ••••• •

Inspiration •••

Intuitive Facet:

Reflective Facet: ••

Destructive Facet: •

THE ENIGMATIC EYE (Or some other appropriately pulpy mystical sounding name. Eye sounds good if it's a Gem.)


Telluric Resonancelevel 1

Fire Conjuration level 2

Psychic Control level 3

Die Pools and Other Stats:

Initiative: 6

Movement: Walk/Run/Sprint: 4/14/26m

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Knacks and Powers:

Brain Skimming level 1

- Requires Topical Communication; Roll Rapport, opposed by WP if subject is aware of intent (successes subtract); Information produced varies on it's importance to subject and number of successes achieved.

- 1 Success(es): Information of no particular importance to subject

- 2 Successes: Subject wants to avoid discussing, but not afraid of saying

- 3 Successes: Emotionally sensitive or oath bound secrets

- 4 Successes: Subject actively fears revealing this information

- 5 Successes: Produces info that will kill or ruin subject's life if it is disclosed

Hypnotic Presence level 2

- Requires eye contact and concentration for one turn; Spend 1 Inspiration and roll Rapport.

- Required Successes > Subject's Intelligence

- Duration: 10m/Insp (30min)

- Effect: Subject must answer any question posed by Mesmirist truthfully (as possible).

- Implanting Commands: Roll Subterfuge; Diff = Subject's Intelligence.

- Maximum Commands = WP (6)

- Command Duration = Command Dice Pool in days (4)

Evil Eye level 2

- Requires eye contact and a gesture; Roll (Wits + Destructive Facet; 5 Dice)

- Additional Requirement: Spend Inspiration point if target is Inspired

- Bonus Dice: 1 extra die if suitable verbal hex is uttered (Storyteller Discretion).

- Successes split between Duration and Effect

- Duration

1 - Scene

2 - 8 hrs

3 - Day

4 - Week

5+ - Month

- Effect

1 - +1 Diff to Willpower, Mental, and Social rolls

2 - +1 Diff to all rolls

3 - +2 Diff to all rolls; Subject loses one temp Willpower

4 - +2 Diff to all rolls; Subject loses two temp Willpower

5+ - +3 Diff to all rolls; Subject loses three temp Willpower

- Willpower lost cannot be regained until the Hex duration expires.

- Subsequent attempts to Hex have no effect until duration expires.


Telluric Resonance level 1

- Roll Awareness;

- Each success registers the general location of one mesmerist or stalwart within 20m starting with closest

- To determine if a device is an Innovative Invention, Roll Engineering Diff 1 (Y/N)

- STORYTELLER SECRETLY ROLLS AWARENESS if a dynamic or psychic Knack within 30m is used. Standard Diff for lvl 3 Knack, +1 for lvl 2, +3 for lvl 1. One success provides direction and distance to character using power. Three successes identifies the power if the Mesmirist has prior experience with it.

Fire Conjuration level 2

- Method of use 1: Heat a small (hand-sized) area

- Target item from fingertip to hand-size at range (40m)

- Spend Inspiration, Roll Willpower

- Duration: [# successes] in turns

- Fire ignited this way burns out after duration; other flammable materials ignited may burn longer.

- Base damage: 3L // Bonus Damage: 1 die / 2 successes

- Metal or stone may be painfully hot for minutes afterward

- Method of use 2: Hurl a fist sized ball of flame

- Spend inspiration, Roll Awareness as Attack Roll

- Range: 20m

- Damage: 4L (3L + Destructive Facet)

Psychic Control level 3

- Target: within range 20m

- Concentrate for # minutes = Successes Needed

- Spend: Inspiration and Willpower Point

- Roll: Command (Resisted: Willpower; Successes Subtract)

- Spend Additional Inspiration for Successes (1:1)

- Degree of Change: = # Successes

- 1 - Trivial Changes: Can't remember address, thinks he has a different name

- 3 - Major Alterations: Forget where he works, Thinks he's married to a woman that doesn't exist

- 5 - Extensive/Disastrous Changes: Forget to breathe, remember being born in Atlantis 500yrs ago

- Decide intended alteration before rolling

- Spend Willpower after rolling to "Buy Down" intended effect

- Can be used to restore memories previous altered by another use of this Knack

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