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Hi, Challenger. Welcome to the boards. I missed your first post; that was right as I started an insanely awful new job. Anyway, I just wanted to start with "Hi!"

I did have a couple of other things to say. First, suggestions for games belong in another forum, namely the RPG Play By Post Discussion and New Games forum. I'll move your post there after you've had a chance to see this thread.


Second, I'd look over the proposals posted there. That's the kind of thing we usually see from an ST who's starting a game: a clear delineation of the genre, setting and themes of the proposed game. That helps people know what you're expecting from PCs, and their first clue of whether they'll like your game.


Third, if I can suggest - letting your proposal sit for five months without a response/bump makes it feel like you're not going to be fast to respond to the players in a game. That may not be true - you may have been patiently lurking and waiting for responses. I hope you understand my meaning, and know that I mean no insult to you. :)


Last, I suggest creating a login for chat and coming out to talk to us. We like to meet new people, and most of the OOC backdoor stuff happens in chat. There are OOC threads but you can get instant feedback on your game in chat. Plus we'd love to get to know you better!


Again, welcome and let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

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