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I am curious if this would interest anyone. I am thinking on doing an small campaign, maybe major. I was hoping to do it in one location. I wanted it to be a few sessions, but could be longer depending on what you all think of it.

High School of the Dead style story

An Arc or mini series at best to see if people will stay (4 to 8 sessions)

Genre: Action/Drama, with a dash of comedy I hope. It is set in the modern day.


I wanted to do an cross between video game and anime. I wanted to do it in a style like left for dead where if I go with several movie style arcs or story arc’s. The first arc is very mysterious in style. The characters would ask various questions about what is going on, but for now there is no conclusive reason behind what is happening in the story. It is more or less survival and the start of an Zombie style invasion.

I wanted to do something like resident evil, left for dead, or Dead Island where there were more then mindless zombies walking about. Sure there would not be a lot of the special monsters. I wanted to do this to break add some elements of tension as well as break up the combat a bit. Anyways I would like feedback in that aspect. I also want feedback in my game mastering since this would be my first time doing it. Also I have several ideas, but don't have everything set yet.

Setting: Takes places on a island continent. The inspiration is more heavily focus on video games then anime, but wanted it to be something over the top while keeping it at an human level of power. After all the players are teenagers with not a whole lot of experience and power.

The first game or maybe several will focus on the school and it’s changes. I wanted to make the first or maybe two or three about the school itself and it’s changes. I did not want the whole school overrun in a day. It has a large population of students, but still for the most part the illness could be contain or at least people could barricade themselves in and have some form of safety. Though if that will stay depends on both the players actions and story line progression. Basically not everyone is going to be saved, no one is safe in the game.

As mention before the school is modern day and is more highly tech out than an average school. The reason for that is due to it’s general location in the city as it would become a emergency response area in cause of a city wide disaster. As such it could take care of a large group of people over a couple of weeks before supplies ran out. As such the students can be a part of a event once a year to take part in a mock disaster scenario in order to help train the emergency response crew. A majority of those who do it volunteer for it, while for some it’s more of a punishment for various crimes. As mention it is volunteer and several students take the time off for a break. There is no real award for joining in the event, except for having the chance to learn some survival techniques and what to do in case of a emergency.

Players: Main concept or theme was teenagers force to mature before their time and as such had to face decision that were more adult like in nature. The age group would be freshmen, juniors (9, 10 grade or 10, 11) for the starting characters in the game. It is not going to be very powerful story, but that could change depending on how the game is played and feedback from players. I had two sub themes when it comes to how they interact with the un dead and the world.

A. More like high school of the dead or any other zombie movie where if bitten it’s game over in a few hours.

B. They were somehow bitten or got infected, but have some sort of immunity. This also affects how people treat them if they know this.

Also give each odd mission or even a multiple choice style situation that would affect the game. There maybe even an endgame style event that could determine how the next series runs or is tittle.

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