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Old World of Darkness Open World Forum Proposal

Setting: Old World of Darkness, no Judgement Day materials

System: Old World of Darkness

Date: Today, a calender will be created to keep track of events & threads.

Premise: The millennium has come and gone, and save for a bit of insanity from the more superstitious of the supernatural community, nothing happened. No Gehenna, no Apocalypse, no mass Ascension, nothing. Life - or unlife, in some cases - goes on, the world spins, and pretty much nothing's different except for Smartphones and increased security at airports. Paris shines as a bustling center of trade, politics, and culture on the European continent and is a nexus of the strange, frightening, and hidden.

In the City of Lights, there are many shadows.

Gameplay: This is an Open World forum. There are very few rules, most of them dictated by the setting itself.

  1. Sheets must be created for each character and posted before writing for that character.
  2. There are no experience rules, but keep in mind that the forum is completely consensual and creating broken or super-duper-most-special-snowflake characters is likely to result in little interest from other writers to include your character in their stories.
  3. No Spheres at 6 for Mages if you intend to play on Earth. You can have that if you're strictly keeping your character to Horizon realms. I'm not as conversant with some of the other supernatural types, so this rule may be expanded to include them if necessary.
  4. Anything that would drastically effect or alter Paris may only be done with my permission. This is to keep a stable area for writers to write within. Outside of Paris, there is much more leeway, but remember the interconectedness of the world. Burning down London or starting a civil war in the US would effect Paris. Destroying a small village in East Asia or sparking off a new round of sea battles between the Gangrel and Losambra, not so much. Have fun, but don't burn the game down, please.
  5. I do reserve the right to kick a writer from the forum for egregiously rude or confrontational behavior. This is primarily aimed at OOC behavior, but a pattern of un-fun-ly disruptive or 'god-mod' characters can also earn banishment. This isn't a threat, I just want a low-stress place to play some oWoD.
  6. I am the final arbiter of whatever on the forum. I may appoint others that can act in my stead as well. This is to provide a 'final decision' person if needed, but again, I'm not looking to spend much time playing parent to forum. We're adults, please act like it. :D

That's it so far. Questions? Comments? Please put a post if you're interested, as well. I'll start up a Character Profile thread once I have a bit of feedback.

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1. So a Mage can't have anything above a 5 but the others can 6+ til their hearts are content? Frankly I know Mages can be a pain in the ass, but a 6+ in a sphere doesn't drive a mage to the Horizon Realms (especially if there was no mass Ascension). If the Mages are limited, the others should be to, especially since no matter what anyone's dots are they are still governed by the rules you've set (the don't be a dick rules).

2. I think it might be nice place some sort of limit, I mean as you have it written I could play a 3rd Gen Vamp and as long as I was cool to everyone and didn't douche the rules, it'd be cool (remember, Assamamites can lower their generations with rituals, making old ones 4th and 5th in strength and 6th and 7th generation are not uncommon). Maybe nothing above a 6, so everyone (Vamps, Weres, Mages) can all still have fun, but still have to keep it in their pants. Considering Weres can't exceed Rank 6 and have no powers above the 6th rank, it does put them down a few rungs on the ladder if you're allowing Vamps and Mages to pocket god like power.

3. I should not be subject to any of these suggestions. I should be able to make a special snowflake of immense power with no limitations and permitted to lord it over the other players every time it's convenient for me to do so.

Just suggestions, I'll be making something either way, but a power guideline might be nice, like only have one or two of your 'powers' maxed. As written I can drop a 5 in everything and it's cool.

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Good point on the 6+ stuff. I mentioned the Mages because that's always how we played it (with Archmages). I thought it was part of the setting but it might have just been a long-standing house-rule that got burned into my brain.

Hrm....okay, then, capping the game at 6's.

As for guidelines, I'd suggest making characters between a starting character and a starting character plus ~125 freebie points. This is the base difference between a starting vampire character and a starting "elder" vampire character per the Elysium - The Elder Way book. Anything above that is going to have been hit with a cheese stick and will be fair game for major mocking on my part. ;)

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I'm interested. Toying with a few concepts, but I'm leaning towards something a little gritty. Either a Euthanatos intent on keeping the ol' Wheel spinning or an Archon / Justicar who really believes in the Masquerade and the laws of the Camarilla. Call him 'Archon Dredd' ;)


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Okay, narrowing my first character choices down to either a haughty sidhe noble (kinda like Bannon, only without the warm regard for his fellow man) or else an Assamite archon (been doing some reading up on the oWoD lore, and Assamite archons are not uncommon or unrealistic since the Gangrel absconded wholesale from the Camarilla.)

The sidhe would be played for acidic laughs, whereas the Assamite would be very much a straight man - a Justicar's favorite 'messenger' - who just happens to operate out of Paris.

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