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Aberrant: Mutant High - Julie 'Firework' McCalister

Karren Gaunt

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Name: Julie ’Firework’ McCalister

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: 5’2 and athletically slender, Julie is a blonde-haired, green-eyed fireplug of a young woman, almost always in motion or doing something. Almost incapable of taking things seriously outside of a few topics since her mutation started making everything so easy for her, her sheer energy bubbles off of her with a grin and a laugh. She takes as little care for her appearance as she can get away with, keeping her hair no longer than the bottom of her ears for ease of care and dressing with the same practicality in mind.

History: Julie McCalister was born and raised in the rural foothills of southern California, as much a child of the sun and open air as her parents, the owners of a successful cattle ranch. With three older brothers competing to inherit the family business, she felt free to bow out of the whole business and do what she wanted, aided by her doting Father and in a state of on-and-off warfare with her Mother tries to get her to apply herself to things she doesn‘t immediately love.

She proved herself a gifted athlete leading out of middle school and into high school, particularly in the arena of track and field, albeit one who had to constantly force herself to put in the time needed to keep up her grades to stay competing in those events. The adrenaline-junkie’s bright disposition and success kept her surrounded by an ever-shifting cadre of like-minded friends and hangers on.

That came to an end when her mutation made itself fully known at a particularly important track meet, most of her best teammates sick or injured, herself not feeling 100% but determined to run the event anyway. Julie made her best time yet, feeling so bluntly alive and in the moment as she came to a halt that it took her a few heartbeats to hear the shocked murmurs, to miss the customary cluster of happy teammates, to see the fact she was literally glowing, bright blue lines of illumination running up and down her body.

The glow went out from surprise as the word ’Mutant’ was picked up by the crowd and repeated, whistles shrieking and her coaches coming up to escort her off the field with less than kind words.

The weeks to follow were bad weeks. Kicked off the team as trophies were stripped away from her school. Rejected by the circles she was accustomed to moving among. Dreams of a future in sports smashed to ribbons. A through humiliation made only marginally better by a family suddenly unsure how to deal with her and the bittersweet joy of being able to do more with her new gifts than she could have ever done before.

Then came a pamphlet in the mail and an invitation to a school for mutants… Maybe this could be something good.


Nature: Thrillseeker

Theme: A Candle Burning at Both Ends








APPEARANCE: 4 (Photogenic)


CHARISMA: 4 (Genial)

Mega Attributes:

Mega Dexterity 3 (Physical Prodigy, Enhanced Movement)


Athletics: 3 (Track and Field 2)

Drive: 2

Ride: 2

Melee: 2

Stealth: 3

Endurance: 3

Resistance: 3

Awareness: 2

Academics: 1


Rapport: 3

Intimidation: 3

Style: 3

Subterfuge: 3

Etiquette: 3

Perform: 3


Attunement 5

Resources 3

Uniform 3 (???)


Tron Lines (Bioluminescence 2)


Walk: 7m

Run: 20m

Sprint: 44m

Other (Initiative, Willpower, Quantum, etc)

Initiative: 11

Willpower: 8

Focus: 3

Energy Pool: 26

Soak: 3 Bashing, 1 Lethal

Taint: 2

Aberration/Flaws/Merits: Over Confidence, High Pain Tolerance

XP Earned:

XP Spent:

XP Purchases:








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