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Mutants & Masterminds: A House Divided - Deep of the Night

Dawn OOC

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The Nursery

It was dark and quiet, in the late hours of the day. The Nursery operated on its own time, with the hour that started the day being the first one in the morning rather than in the middle of the night. But even though this was the middle of the night cycle, there were plenty of novas around.

Other members of the second generation slept in their beds, their dreams disturbed by nightmares and strange fancies. Tonight was particularly bad, and more than one small body cried out in sleeping terror. The sense of foreboding creeping up on the entire place was noticeable to the ones awake.

In the empty hallways of the Living Level, quantum began to coalesce and gather. At first there was just a sense of presence but soon there was a distinct, if unrecognizable, form. Then legs, four of them, followed by feet and claws. A head rose out of the body mass and opened into a mouth filled with teeth. The creature was both wolf and bear, somehow nothing of earth and yet it seemed familiar.

In the hallways of the Nursery, the beast started to hunt.

We’re starting off with a little fight. Please let me know what your character is doing that what would be 3 in the morning by our time. Give me initiatives in a spoiler in the post and I’ll put this into motion.

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Roxanne was restless. Julian simply didn’t get out of her mind no matter how hard she tried to focus and meditate. His scent... his voice had imprinted itself on her and lingered.

It was a new experience, something she wasn’t familiar with and while she didn’t like the unknown it gave her a nice feeling – even now thinking about him made her feel good, no matter how tired or restless she was. The constant contradiction and conflicting emotions made her edgy and impatient and suddenly she was angry at him for...

Yeah, what for? He didn’t do anything wrong... but he didn’t do anything right either and why didn’t she do anything instead? Her own voice was driving her insane and suddenly she screamed, “SHUT UP!!!

Her soprano echoed through the Nursery and for a moment she was embarressed for showing this blatant lack of self control. Roxanne looked around smiling nervously unsure if someone saw or heard her... well, someone certainly heard her since she could see a large shadow moving towards her.

“Wolf, is that you?”, she asked and then realized the creature approaching her wasn’t him... it was... different.... and it was about to attack!


[Joani] 10:44 am: rollin rollin rollin - Initiative:

Joani *rolls* 1d20: 20+12: 32

[Joani] 10:44 am: yarrr!!

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Argent was not fond of sleeping. She did not sleep at all, herself. Her changed biology required no such regeneration. The silvery stuff that made up her being was self-sustaining. But when she first heard about sleep she was curious. In fact, she was envious at one point, because it was something she could not do. Being a shapeshifter, Argent had grown used to being able to do whatever caught her fancy.

Sleep, though, was denied her. She even cried at how unfair it was that she could walk on the outside of the Nursery for hours without inconvenience, but she couldn’t sleep like her friends could.

Then she grew a little older, and saw it for what it was. She saw it for the thief that it was.

What had turned her against the idea of sleeping, the concept of it, was observing what it did to those children she called friends. Nobody played when they were asleep. They did not laugh. They did not play pranks or tell jokes or sing or dance or do anything.

Sleep made her friends go away. It turned them off the way they turned the lights on or off from time to time. It stole her friends away and left her alone until they woke up again. And even worse, when she grew bored and woke them up, her friends complained at her and told her to go away, often angrily.

In short, sleep possessed all the qualities of absolute evil. It stole her friends, it trapped them, and it used some sort of mind control to make them angry if she tried to oppose it.

Unfortunately, there existed no anti-sleep gun, and her powers did not let her fight against this unseen enemy which stalked the corridors of the Nursery whenever night came.

As a result, Argent did not much like night, either. Not inside the Nursery, anyway. She occupied her time with training and practicing her powers, or reading, or harassing her family for entertainment.

On this night she felt as restless as everybody else.

Argent could not put a solid name to the feeling. She put it down to sleep – the eternal enemy – being in proximity. So she stalked the corridors, her form growing as restless as her spirit. In mid-step the tall, curvaceous girl she appeared to be flowed to liquid silver and shifted into a heavy, mechanical quadropedal design. She clunked her way around the corridors until she returned to her human shape and went back to pacing.

She came to rest at a bulkhead, seeking a place to look out into the infinite black of space. It was peaceful out there.

Then she heard the scream.

Argent straightened up and frowned. That was an odd thing to shout in the middle of the night. She wondered if there might be some sort of party going on that she didn’t know about. But no, it didn’t feel like a party.

Frowning, Argent strode down the corridor towards Roxanne’s room, solidifying into her human shape as she went. “Roxanne? Is something wrong?”

She rounded the corner, caught quite off-guard by what awaited her.

[WhiteRain.vc] 11:42 pm: Initiative roll in deep of night

WhiteRain.vc *rolls* 1d20: 2: 2

[WhiteRain.vc] 11:42 pm: Oh dear

2+5 = 7 initiative

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Julian had been in his personal rooms, in the small lab he'd converted the largest room into, working on the designs for a new bacterial culture for the outside of the Nursery that would provide another buffer between the hull of the massive complex and the corrosive winds and gasses of Jupiter, when he nearly broke the glass container for the culture he was holding when Roxanne's scream echoed through the hallways. He was already in the halls, passing several other startled Terats peeking out from their own quarters, before Amica could suggest he find somewhere safe to put the culture down before running headlong into whatever was going on.

He left the circle of glass on the floor, off to the side, with a fluid motion that barely stopped his forward moment, before taking the first turn to get to where he'd heard his lover - and whatever else they might be - shout. He caught sight of one of his sisters as he rounded the corner, bringing himself up short to keep from barreling into her. *Helen? Something's wrong. Argent and I are here-* a mental map of the Nursery flashed across his other sister's mind *- hurry.*

He swallowed hard, adrenaline rushing through him as Amica took in the situation, and lifted his right arm to aim Noxa. Don't fire until we know what's going on. That could be someone playing a prank or learning a new power.

Yeah, yeah. I know. No friendly fire. I know what I'm doing. This is what you made me for, remember?

Adrenaline Rush active on Amica, boosting Strength and Fighting to 10.

[Malachite] 5:12 pm: Julian's Initiative:

Malachite *rolls* 1d20: 11+5: 16

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