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(AoH)[1.2]Midnight in the Garden

Craig ST

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This thread is for team 2 which consists of Charta Domina, and Tempest Greer

Kamiko Anderson stood outside The Ocean Club considering her options. Yesterday she had been hired to find one Alonzo De Luca; accused murderer. Her client was a pale and tragic looking woman named Rebecca Hale. She’d swept in to Kamiko’s office wearing a black powersuit with a pencil skirt and back hat with a black lace veil, apparently in mourning with the story of how her sister Angela was murdered by her lover who’d gone missing. Rebecca wanted the man found and brought to justice, but more importantly, she wanted to know why

It hadn’t taken her long to track down information on her target. Alonzo was a mid level member of the Pinella crime family known for his capacity for violence and often used as a family leg breaker; generally not a very nice fellow. Her information led her to the Ocean Club, a known front for organized crime and if what she had learned was true, Alonzo was inside right now. Kamiko sighed and checked to make sure her paper supplies were full before heading to the building, unaware of the figure observing her from the rooftops.

Tempest Greer stood on the roof of the building across the street. For the past month she’d been following the trail of drugs from dealer to supplier responsible for a teen overdose at her school. Benny Walker wasn’t one of the popular kids; in fact she didn’t even know who he was until the announcement that he was in the hospital. Rumors quickly spread that he was on something; something hard. Heroin or coke or some sort of derivative. While he’d live, the doctors weren’t sure he’d fully recover mentally.

Tempest’s feelings were a confused jumble. She was angry that something like had happened at her school; under her watch. She was sad for Benny, that he’d felt he needed to turn to drug for whatever his reasons were but mostly she felt guilty that it took a tragedy like this for her to even know he existed. Tempest had vowed that she’d find the people responsible for bringing the drugs into the school and she had. But that lead to another level of dealers and suppliers and then another. Now she was after a Mafia enforcer named Alonzo De Luca. She didn’t know much about him but she knew he’d have information about how and where the drugs were getting into the city and she wanted that information. Her investigation told her Alonzo was in the Ocean Club right now.

As Tempest pondered the best way to approach the situation, she watched as a woman got out of a car and regarded the building for a minute, before starting for the entrance.

OOC Info
Tempest can make a DC 10 untrained Expertise: Pop Culture or Expertise: Current Affairs test to recognize Kamiko as “That super powered private detective.”
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Tempest lowered herself into a crouch, letting her outfit blend into the evening’s darkness. She’d planned for this to be her focus for the evening, hence why she was here just after eight. With luck, she’d have this done and could be in bed by midnight. Getting six hours of sleep sounded heavenly, but Tempest shook off her fantasies and focused on getting inside the building.

The snap of her bowstring signaled the flight of a grappling arrow, and after testing its grip, Tempest swung out into the air. She landed silently on the roof and crouched, waiting to see if she was heard. When she didn’t observe any reaction to her landing, she tiptoed to the back of the building, the one side she hadn’t scouted yet. On her way there, she carefully peered into the skylights, watching the gyrating dancers for a moment before moving onward.

Two men hovered by the back entrance; the alleyway was large enough for delivery trucks. Beyond the alley was not another building, but a slope down to the bay. Tempest took note of that, as well as the two buildings that flanked the club. Moving back to the skylights, she considered the opening, eyeing the wires and sensors on it. It was a good system, but not insurmountable, and it only took Tempest a few minutes to disarm it. Cracking the skylight open, she looked for signs that she had screwed up her disarm—and began looking for Alonzo De Luca.

DC 10 untrained Expertise: Pop Culture or Expertise: Current Affairs test to recognize Kamiko as “That super powered private detective.” -- 8, Fail by 1 degree

[Jordan] 3:01 pm: Carver - Did I capture how Tempest would have felt about the drug scenario?

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20+2: 6: 8

[Carver Soze] 3:05 pm: Heh.

Stealth DC 10 (roof)—20, Pass

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20: 10+10: 20, Pass

[Jeremy] 3:26 pm: Rev: So... any postage for Relax? We're stilll waiting for an update, if my brain remembers correctly

Perception DC 15 (back alley)—11, Fail by 1

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20: 9+2: 11

[Jeremy] 3:28 pm: wb Joani

Technology DC 10 (examine security around skylights)—15, Pass

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20: 11+4: 15

[Jordan] 3:47 pm: woot!

Technology DC 15 (disarm security system)—17

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20: 13+4: 17

[Long6] 3:59 pm: can't abandon Warren Oneca, Summer and Autumn

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Kamiko stepped out of her vehicle, her white cloak sitting over her shoulders and it's hood down, for now. Looking about the front of the establishment she kept a calm demeanor.

"The Ocean Club... we meet again, old friend and enemy..." She thought, her having had to come here before. That and her reputation now... would probably mean that a bouncer would stop her at the door.

"Hey... you're that paper chick... what you doing here?"

Kamiko smiled. "Oh... going to enjoy a night at this establishment, that's all... I should be on the list..."

She places a couple hundred dollars on his clip board. "As far as you know... you found that." She whispered, and the bouncer lets her past.

Kamiko was unaware of the fact Tempest was watching her. Completely. She was more focused on watching her own back. In particular once she crosses that line from being just a patron to an annoying fly that needed swatting.

"Ma'am... if I may have your... cloak." The man at the cloak room asked. "That will not be necessary, I will be leaving shortly." Kamiko said, smiling and trying to loosen up.

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The Maitre D' eyed Kamiko in that same snooty way maitre D's around the world all seem to possess, as if they merely deign to interact with you when it is, in fact, their job. "Table for one, madam?" He said with a slightly arched brow as if dining alone in a restaurant were something scandalous.

Meanwhile, Tempest slipped quietly through the open skylight window, on to the scaffolding suspending the lights above the dance floor, 2 stories below. From their respective vantage points, both women could get a clear view of the club.

The decor was an elegant, subtle display with an oceanic motif. In the center of the club was a dance floor of hardwood, sunk three feet below the floor line of the surrounding space. Surrounding the dance floor in a horseshoe shape was the dining area proper with tables for 2 or 4 people spread strategically through the space. Privacy booths lined the outer walls and an elegant staircase curved upwards from beside the Maitre D's stand, leading to the balcony. Along the back wall was a stage with seating for a band, just off the dance floor and doors that presumably lead to the kitchen and back areas of the club. Currently there were a few diners at various tables and slow jazz was playing over the sound system but there was no band on stage. A few couples were dancing slowly and intimately on the dance floor.

The balcony was dominated by private booths that lined the edge. From her vantage point, Tempest could see they were more like the private booths of an old time theater with walls for privacy but open at the balcony so the occupants could see the activity on the floor below. They varied in size with some for small intimate couples or groups of four an at least one large enough to hold a dinner party of eight. None of the balcony booths were occupied at the moment, and indeed Tempest got the impression that the upper floor was closed at the moment.

OOC Stuff
Temepet will need to make a DC 10 Acrobatics check to safely leap to one of the balcony rooms without being seen. She can lower the DC to 5 but will drop her stealth and make the people in the club aware of her presence.

Kamiko can make a DC 25 Perception check to notice Tempest on the light scaffolding as she takes in the club (20 for Tempest's prior stealth roll + and extra 5 for because she's looking into several light sources)

if Kami spots Tempest she can make a DC 15 Expertise: Current Events check (if she has it) to recognize her as "Lady Hood" or "That Archer Girl from the news"

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Perception and naked INT for recognizing
[Charta Domina] 2:09 pm: Well time for a perception roll, I would do Streetwise but he asked current events so I'll have to make a naked INT check on that if I nail the perception check.
[Charta Domina] 2:09 pm: Perception Check, d20+14
Charta Domina *rolls* 1d20: 12+14: 26
[Charta Domina] 2:10 pm: Int Check
Charta Domina *rolls* 1d20: 13+6: 19

Kamiko strained her eyes for a moment. Noticing something from the corner of her eye.

"Yes... just one."

She was going to play it cool... she had a hunch what was about to happen but couldn't guarantee that was what was going to happen. A detective, particularly one as public as her gets... to make alot of "fans" in her line of work.

Not sure what those rolls give me, so I'm rolling with this as "on the cusp" of a revelation as to who that is watching the goings on. Also wasn't sure if streetwise could play into this.
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Tempest stared around the room, trying to pick out the man she sought in the crowd. Her position up near the roof of the room gave her an overhead view of the room. Peering around, she caught sight of the empty balconies. Perfect, exactly what I need!

Getting over to them would be a matter of leverage and momentum. Tempest eyed the distance to jump, drew a deep breath and lowered herself through the skylight. Handing by her hands, she rocked her body back and forth, getting swing going. Then she released, tumbling into a back arc and landing in a shadow behind the one of the tables.

Another 10, she thought smugly as she allowed herself a moment of exaltation at her skill. Tempest made sure her mask was in place and her hood was pulled forward to shield her face before she crept to the edge of the balcony and started to scan the room.

[Carver Soze] 11:33 pm: Okay. Time for an Acrobatics check, DC 10

Carver Soze *rolls* 1d20: 6+20: 26

[Asarasa] 11:33 pm: ...

[Asarasa] 11:33 pm: Did you roll a DC 10 check with a +20 bonus?

[Asarasa] 11:33 pm: ;)

[Carver Soze] 11:34 pm: I do as the ST tells me.

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