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[Interest Check] Battletech, with a twist

Justin OOC

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Battletech is EASILY my favorite game. I've spent alot of money playing it, collecting it and enjoying it over the last two plus decades. I've been inspired to run a game of it on here.

There's a catch

I do not like the Mechwarrior RPG system

Because it is a system most people here are comfortable with Mutants and Masterminds 3e.

My idea is for the PC's to play members of a rough and ready mercenary command, not a large army, They can only boast twelve mechwarriors, a single company. Still, the market for their services is alive and thriving. This is Especially true for the Inner Sphere realm of the Draconis Combine, a Neo Japanese interstellar empire, which has been brutally savaged by Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cat. Their capital World was nearly sacked and captured. many of their best units who adhered to the old ways of doing things, are dead and broken before the clan juggernaut.

A single company may not seem like it can accomplish much. Those who think that miss the word of Wolcott. Save forever from invasion, but not raiding, this world lies behind the jaguar and Cat lines, a forward staging base for raids. The units who can come out there and do well retire quickly, as the secondary missions from Wolcott are ten times more profitable than any other of similar scale. You just have to live to spend it. You've got your pick of contracts, and something big is brewing.

War is a hell of a business, and business is booming.

Here is the simple Pdf I will take my mech combat rules from the quick start starting on page 12


I will make the Company and unit commander, there will be two lance leader positions open, as well as 9 additional mechwarrior positions.

The mech battles will be a big component of the game but there will be RP and action outside the mechs, You will be normal people, therefore I'm ruling for PL 5

There are two special attributes I am adding for this, in contrary to norms you will be buying these values down. They will be 5 points per rank

Piloting. This stat begins at 5. This is the actual base target number used when making chest to resist the effects of being hit when massive damage, avoiding skids when running on asphalt, ice, or through swampy terrain. It is also the base Target number for making physical attacks with your battlemech.

Gunnery- This stat begins at a 6. This reperesents your accuracy with your mech's ranged arsenal.

www.sarna.net is an amazing resource for battletech lore, and information various battlemechs

Any mech made by August of 3057 will be allowed as a mech choice. Keep in mind, I will allow Clan technology. It costs between 2 and four times as much to replace, and is much more difficult to repair.

I want this to be fun for everyone, and this game is any who can post at least once a week ( this will limit you in combat however.) I do prefer those able to post regularly 2-4 times a week, but I can make allowances. Combat will be interesting the first time we try it, I'm still testing the mating of the systems, and will adjust as I need to. If I find modifications are needed after we begin, I will make these at no cost to the PC's

I want to share my love of Battletech with you all, and I hope you'll join me as we Fight back against the Clans.

Thanks to joani for reminding me about this

it will allow you to keep track of your mechs stats easily, as well as customize them, once I allow it, beyond the slight tweaks I may make at chargen.


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it will be somewhat gritty. Tech support is limited, and expensive. The dropship is serviceable, and your mechs will start fully repaired and functional. They won't stay that way, and you may not be able to get them fixed between battles. Your missions will range from quick smash and grab to recon in force, to guerrilla action.

Sarna has a very large listing of battlemechs available. anything in the 2750, 3025, 3039, 350, 3055 year Technical Readouts is a legal battlemech choice.

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After some consideration, I've decided to let each of you craft the details of one of the major NPC's for this game. They don't need sheets, they're all good strong pilots, I just want more detailed backgrounds and personalities, flesh them out abit more if you will...

We have 4 Mechwarriors remaining, including one Lance Commander (Recon)

We have 1 Dropship Captain

Some Guidelines

All of these personnel are former Com Guard Personnel, All are Veterans of Tukayidd, and are the remaining survivors of the Original Company.

For the Mechwarriors, their mechs and roles

Mechwarrior A Recon lance commander drives a Shadowcat, captured in the first contract in battle against the Smoke Jaguars. You may choose a configuration aside from B

Mechwarrior B Recon lance pilot Battlemech- Hitman Electronic marvel, one of the lightest and fastest mechs in the unit, it has extensive advanced electronics.

Mechwarrior C Recon Lance Battlemech Mongoose 66b

Mechwarrior D Command lance Female artillery specialist Pilots a highly customized Crockett battlemech, with a pair of Arrow IV artillery pieces

Dropship Captain. Commands the Avenger's Union-Class Dropship, Divine Serenity.

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Well guys, I'd hoped this would have worked, but perhaps porting over a strategy game was too ambitious. Couple that with over half of the players not posting, RL eating several, and the game has largely become unworkable. Thanks to those of you who tried and posted, but I think it's time to close shop on this game. Who knows, I may come back to it.

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Arr...I think it's just too hard to have a game that focuses on tactical combat in a PBP. The medium seems best to a heavy emphasis on roleplaying. Combat really brings the difficulties of posting speed and order into sharp focus.

I had the same thoughts when I was tossing around an X-Com game. Too much of the game would be combat to really work in a PBP.

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