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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Fiction - Mission 1: The Trip of a Lifetime

The Traveler

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Yomiko was dismayed. "Three! This is unacceptible!"

"I'm sorry... The drones need maintenance..."

"I've had three different technical teams in here upgrading every aspect of the ship from three different universes and all you can say is you need maintenance?"

She crosses her arms. "What am I going to do with you?"

Three blushed as The Librarian... the new captain of the Hikari Maru made her way through Trans-Dimensional space. "I don't know, Ma'am."

The Librarian quirked an eyebrow. "You... didn't call me mistress..."

Smiling she nodded. "Looks like I'll get to work on that hard-light projector drone for you then."

Three blinked. "Really?"

"Just one thing, Three, have you picked an actual name yet?"

"Sanko... Sanko Hino."

Yomiko nodded. "Good... you're ready then, Sanko... right now though we need to get to the bridge. I'm sure Daniel will be waiting there. We'll be..."

Yomiko seemed to pause in a fugue.

"Scratch that... I think something is up... you feel that? The ship? It's moved off course... just slightly..."

Sanko nodded. "That is correct, we are off by exactly 3.141592653589793..." Yomiko blinked. "Sanko, That is PI... that is a artificial course correction... Secure the ship and go to condition yellow. Meet you up at the Bridge."

Yomiko burst out of engineering, her labcoat all dusty from trying to clean. The ship had been in storage on Brittanian Earth for 3 months. She bursts on to the bridge, with Sanko appearing beside her in a white bodysuit with blue trim on the "seams" with her bespoke pointed ears.


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Daniel never did wear the suits that Yomiko did, eschewing them in favor of simple comfortable normal clothing. His power was such that he didn't need to worry overmuch about what she worried about on that end.

He had been on his way to the bridge and arrived before her. "Yes Yomiko, what's wrong?"

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She sat down in the center seat, pulling over a console screen on a swivel arm. "We've been knocked off course. By an external force, this time. And by the precice deviance, it's by an intelligence of some sort."

She scratched her head and looked... "We're being... pulled out of the continuum... usually I would be telling you to abandon ship, but we're in some sort of stable bubble of trans-universal medium as we slip out."

She adjusts her glasses.

"I think we'd better be prepared for anything, and I do mean anything."

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Yomiko smiled. "Well... then again this might be a form of distress call too... I do know there are other universe-hoppers like myself... perhaps someone needs a rescue."

She scratched her head. "Well... we should know soon enough."

- Meanwhile -

"Okay, make sure the pool is clear for when The Librarian arrives, Kat. Mel... how is the grill?"

The man stating this was wearing a white polo and khaki style cargo shorts, sitting at the pool edge letting his bare feet get wet.

"Everything is cooking alright." The girl known as Mel said. Her black hair drawn back in a couple of ponytails, wearing a apron with what looked like clothing made for something old Venetian or renaissance era. "Sure isn't how we cooked in my universe."

"How is Rebbie coming along?" The Felinoid asked. Wearing a orange and black flightsuit, sipping on what looked like a cocktail.

"She's recovering from the entanglement. Using the Schrodinger entanglement I had to use doesn't correct any damage the body received at the moment of death. Took me a month to piece Mel back together. Rebecca had it easy. That and she's been... sort of emotional. The AI accompanying her has been far more accepting of her fate. finding out you can never go back to the continuum you were plucked from is..."

Mel nodded. She was in the same boat. "I should talk to her when I get the chance."

"You should...." The man notices a slight swirl in the pool. "There's our guest of honor."

- Back on the Hikari Maru -

The landing warning chimes, as the lighting comes online to full. "Well... here we go... Best take a seat and buckle in."

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The Librarian kept on foot as there was a rocking motion, followed by a simple ping as green lights crossed her navigation console. The ship gently rocked as if on an ocean.

"On screen, Sanko."

What was on screen was that they were in a large pool, sitting near one of the edges. She saw the man and his compatriots sitting on the deck next to the pool lounging or generally milling about.

"Odd... Stay on guard, I'm stepping out."

Yomiko heads to the closest airlock point and grabs a board and tosses it out once she opens the door and unzips the outer flap that keeps up the appearance of a large life raft outside. The plank serves as a gangplank between the raft and the deck outside.

She steps out first after pulling out a cylindrical device that starts hovering next to her and forms Sanko's holographic body out of "hard light"... constrained photons that create a semblance of mass, and a reflective index to be visible.

"Ship sensors are not sensing any armament other than a heavy revolver on the felinoid and a constrained plasma pulse projector on the hip of the cook."

Yomiko spoke up as she reached the deck. "Daniel... they're armed but seems peaceful."

She looked over to the man dressed for a summer beach sojurn. "So... are you the one that summoned me? Or the cook over there? Or the Feline?"

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Daniel emerged shortly after her, and nodded. "Alright then. So why are we here?" He was an impressive figure, his composure and the way he carried himself bespoke a man of great self confidence, and reliability. He was handsome almost beyond words, and heat seemed to roil off of him, in several forms.

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"Straight and to the point..." The man responded getting up and heading barefooted to a bar he had set up near the pool. "Well... it was actually a mistake of mine... I'll elaborate in a moment, but feel free to enjoy refreshments..."

"I have your typical grill creations over there being tended by my very good assistant Mel and Kat over there is well... doing what cats do."

The Felinoid had already started to doze next to where the Hikari Maru had come to rest.

"I can go over the details as we enjoy the summer..."

A blonde-haired girl steps out from the red brick building connected to the pool, stepping from an open glass door. "I smelled food..."

She was wearing a white body-suit like garment with armored chest plates of a gray color. "Haven't eaten in... days."

"Yeah, being in medi-stasis does that... done with your temper tantrums?"

She walked up and stared the man eye to eye. "I never asked for this."

"No... and I'm sorry... but you were the right woman for the Job. Well you and who I called up just now."

The blonde girl arched an eyebrow, looking over Yomiko in her dirty white labcoat, brown vest and black skirt and Daniel with the hovering form of Sanko in a black holographic bodysuit with tracings of glowing cyan data. "Who's the Professor and the Schoolboy?"

"These, Rebecca, are Yomiko Hino, Captain of the Hikari Maru and her companion, Daniel. The hologram-lifeform is Three, a refugee from a destroyed digital universe. Everyone, this is Rebecca S. Rathbone... formerly a Lieutenant. Her universe and continuum is too noisy to really look into it, and managing to snag her was only possible with the fact she is a time traveler. Chronoton radiation tends to linger around the quantum template of a person."

He walked up to Yomiko. "Then again, a Nova is a roiling, boiling cauldron of Quantum energy, aren't you?"

"It's odd, A Nova of your level should be tainted out of your ears yet... You're a second generation, aren't you? Right... Daughter of someone I've recently become acquainted with. First person of your universe to traverse from one continuum to another... Sakurako Hino, the Professor... Right?"

Yomiko nodded. "So... I doubt a trans-continuum traveling life form isn't interested for pulling my ship out of transit for a pool party..."

He walked up to the raft... the stuck form of the Hikari Maru. "Oh? Perhaps I just wanted a pool toy for my party?"

"Cut the game, mister... I'm growing impatient."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Still such a child for one of your maturity... Perhaps if you were 1000 years old you'd probably see things like I. In any case I need your assistance... seems a creature came out of the dimensional aperture I created when I called Rebecca through. Seems something from the trans-continuum void used my summons to call Rebecca to enter this universe... one I created to act as a central point for my travels... and for others with the ability I have."

"I believe your Mover was keenly aware of this race, Yomiko."

Yomiko's face blanched.

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"To me you're a schoolboy, Daniel." He said, grinning. "When I was 19 I was calculating FTL coordinates. By 30 I was travelling through time and now... I'm just enjoying my retirement as an adventurer. Until I discovered the many continuums I've visited needed someone... there were so many threats. The Hive, for starters..."

"The Hive isn't from where your Mother thought... they are the remnants of a collapsed continuum. Last living things of their kind, if you can call them that."

He sits on a stool. "I am afraid the last of their species is now on this planet... right now it's licking it's wounds but soon it will try to start a new collective here on the planet. I cannot allow that to happen."

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"I am smart... damn smart... but these things are beyond my ability to fight and... well... would be nothing more than a light snack for such a thing and would be just enough power to further regenerate it."

He sighed. "To be honest, I needed the daughter of an expert in handling the Hive."

"It wasn't my mother." Yomiko said, plainly. "It was my Father... and it almost killed him to send that much energy through him."

The man was in shock. "What?"

"Quite honestly if you have one of that kind here it's probably already sucked enough quantum energy out of it's surroundings where it can become mobile again."

He swallowed. "So what does that mean?"

Yomiko turned towards her raft. "Sanko... start a full planetary scan of the area, look for any quantum anomalys."

"Mister... you are damn lucky it was just one. I should be able to handle it... I'm suprised your female friends here can't help."

The Felinid sits back. "I'm the captain of a air carrier, not some warrior... give me a Jet though and I can tear it apart."

The ponytailed lady turns to Yomiko and Daniel. "To be honest... I'm no good in battle. Count me out."

The one called Rebecca looked at the Artificial Intellect. "I... would be able to help... if I had a mobile suit."

"My friends are all mortal, Miss Librarian." The main said, mixing up a drink. "And I'm more fragile than the paper you wield. I would wager you'd have the best chance, well, you and your friend. All I am is a humble bartender now."

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Yomiko closed her eyes to think as Sanko returned.

"Yomiko... I am not detecting any obvious quantum imbalances anywhere on the planet. I also took the liberty of scanning this world... it's Earth. Judging by technological levels it's a mixture of 20th, 21st, and 22nd technology with..."

"Go on..." Yomiko says, staring the Bartender down. "I am seeing all sorts of races, human and alien, fantasy and real... it's... odd."

The Bartender smiled. "Welcome to Earth-Null, friends. I'm the Bartender of this establishment."

Yomiko's eyes widen. "The... Bartender?"

He nods.

Daniel looks like he's missing something. "Is this important?"

"It is... seems... The Bartender's called in a favor that my Mother owes... This friends, is the Bartender of the Bar at the Edge of Existance. This earth is a amalgamation of various universes that have collapsed over the course of the eons... this place should not exist... it's been here for quadrillions of years yet the sun is exactly 4.5 billion years old, as is the earth here..."

She scratched her head. "Alright... I remember the debt my mother owes you. you convinced her not to commit suicide soon after the destruction of her universe, and you traveled with her for a time. BEfore she met up with my father..."

"In a way... I also owe you my life in a way... so be it."

"Daniel? Sure you're in on this?"

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"When it comes to the Hive... It is better to kill them... While a Hive drone is unaware, a psychic looking at one has felt the suffering of the person shoved into their subconscious. The process is reversible... if you can manage to survive the fact that the person has transformed into a killing machine. Sometimes the psychological torture is so strong, that the drone's original mind gives up and gives into the control. And that is when the only mercy is death."

Yomiko sighed. "Unfortunately with being stuck in the inter-dimensional void, madness is your only companion. Not to sound like I've abandoned hope, Daniel... but this is the sad reality."

Rebecca looked over. "Sounds like what I was fighting before..."

Yomiko looked over. "Go on..."

"Sorry... that was another life. One I can't return to."

Yomiko looked over to Sanko. "Where is our current location?"

"44.973056 North, 93.261051 West, Ma'am."

"So... Barkeep... where did this Hive Drone land?"

"Last I heard, Librarian... it was in the Boundary Waters Canoeing Area. That would be a good place to start."

Yomiko nodded. "Good... luckily my ship floats."

"Actually... I got better transport." The Felinid speaks up. "This bartender can do more than make a good cocktail... he brought my ship over from my collapsed universe. Bringing that ship you have... would be a dead give-away That thing has to have a energy signature... a big one. The Noble Endeavor was designed to be cloaked in every way."

"Hmm... alright... never been on an airship before."

The Felinid pulls out a communication device from a pocket on her flight vest. "MCSS 01, this is Kat... requesting pickup of myself and two PAX."

"Make that three." Rebecca speaks up. "I need something to do other than moping around here."

Kat nods. "Make that three."

Yomiko walks over to Daniel. "We'll wrap this up and be done in time to enjoy those hot dogs over there..."

She represses her impulse to drool.

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"Good thought... Mind if I move the Hikari Maru to your ship then?"

Kat nodded. "Whatever plan you got I'm game for it."

"Right... I can call the HM then to wherever I need it, once we get to your ship. It needs to memorize a location for site-to-site transport, and a mobile ship is quite... a hard point B to pin down."

- 10 Minutes Later -

On board the Noble Endeavor, the crews are getting ready, Aircraft are already on deck, ready to sortie and the Hikari Maru is slowly lowered below deck.

Yomiko is already starting to make battleplans with the captain of the ship, with Sanko in tow as Rebecca starts to coordinate with some of the pilots. Yomiko asked Daniel to look after the ship for a moment as She briefed Kat further on how to handle a Hive drone.

Seeing things inside this flying fortress of an aircraft carrier was something to behold.

Rebecca leaned against a F-18 looking up at it's wing.

"Shit... where I came from these birds could transform..."

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"Well... odd... I served on a ship like that..."

Sighing, she looked over some extra gear dropped off at her feet. "Seems your friend is sending me off to do recon of the area. Once I see something off, then I report back."

"Thing is... knowing a fight like this, I would be bait." She smugly grins. "Not that that sort of thing has happened to me before."

She straps on the extra gear, her suit she is wearing was designed for ejecting in a pod, not in a ejection seat. "These things use parachutes?... primitive."

"Anyways, Daniel... what makes you so special that you got called up with glasses over there."

Rebecca seemed out of sorts compared with everyone else. Like she has been through more than she bargained for recently.

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Rebecca nods as she puts her helmet on. "Well... wish me luck... it's not my mecha, but it'll do..."

She looked longingly for a moment before walking off to her F-35. "My callsign is Osprey, by the way... keep that in mind when you listen to the radio."

As she heads off, Yomiko returns. "Okay... we're starting underway here... we should be at the coordinates of impact in 20 minutes."

She walks over to a side rail overlooking the cities, forests, and rivers of the Minnesota region below. "Come over for a minute..."

She tugs Daniel over and smiles. Her hands covering his. "You know, with some help this is the first trip outside our continuum we've ever taken."

Smiling she leaned over, her eyes seemingly sparkling with a combination of trust, mischief, and joy. "I'm glad I got you here." She kissed Daniel... it seemed like a schoolgirl... no... a girl fresh out of elementary school, compared to what he's experienced. She was distracted.

"Sorry... but I wanted to bring you over to remind you of something."

She stroked the side of his face. "If anything should happen to me... if I'm unconcious or dead... get my body and secure it. Whatever it takes. Make sure no one can harm me."

"I told you about the little trick my Mother can do, right?"

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Yomiko nodded as the sound of the F-35 scout switched to VTOL and left the confines of the hangars.

"I couldn't remember if I told you or not... I just didn't want you to worry... I'll be fine... given time. It's just that if that happens... I may change. I might be a different person or... someone you'll love even more... someone you'll despise. I'm not sure as a Second Generation I can control what comes or not."

"I have to be prepared for that eventuality, Daniel."

"No matter what, I love you."

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He looked at her abit concerned. "You'll be you, that's what matters Yomiko." He avoided saying the other words, until he could almost feel her desire to hear them just prior to releasing her.

"I love you too, Yomiko. Just come back to me after this, and I will show you."

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yomiko smiled. "Hey... I have faith in our abilities. Hopefully that pilot is a skilled fighter as well with an aircraft... that Hiveling is probably still weak... probably subsisting off of animal energy. Living off that is like living off of potato chips. Not very much in value."

She tussled Daniel's hair. "Hey... if anything we'll have to have each other's back."

Over the ship's intercom, Kat spoke from the main bridge. "Hey, glasses-girl! I'm picking up a odd energy signature near Duluth. faint, but strong enough to be picked up on by that fancy program you put in my sensors! I just sent that pilot over there."

Yomiko smirked as she stepped over to a intercom. "Okay, tell her not to engage. Only to observe and get intel as we arrive."

"Uh... It's on the move... making a bee-line to the carrier!"

Yomiko gulped. "Okay, when it gets to 1 mile of the carrier have Rebecca engage the target. I and Daniel will take care of it."

"You both fly?"

Yomiko adjusted her vest. "I can, that'll be enough to get us to the ground, unless Daniel has some skills I am unaware of."

"Roger that, holding position."

Yomiko turned to Daniel, smiling sheepishly. "Umm... can you fly or not? Otherwise I'll have to carry you."

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Yomiko blinked. "Well... that is actually good to know."

She scratched her head. "I think the best I've gotten in speed is a private plane... that is... much slower than you."

She hits the intercom again. "Bridge... I and Daniel will be leaving shortly. Have Rebecca engage now."


"Prep any S&R resources to head to our location."

She does something with a odd looking pen-like device. "See that signal, that is my location. I and Daniel will be close to it. I wager Rebecca has her own distress beacon if needed."

"Roger that. Happy hunting."

Yomiko held Daniel's hands after walking over. "Well, time to go faster than I ever have. Let's go!"

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He took her in his arms and she felt an intense warmth as he attuned her, then they jumped out the bay, and Daniel ignited his abilities. moving well over mach four towards the target. There could be no speaking, but she could see his smile, he truly loved flying.

When they got to the site he stopped, and allowed her to catch her breath. "Not too bad eh?"

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"Not in the slightest!" Yomiko said, out of breath. Everything Daniel did was... amazing. She remembered a couple of her siblings were just as amazing, but Daniel...

Her internal musing was cut short with a sinking feeling as she sees a explosion, then the wreck of a plane crashing into a nearby lake. She looks up and sees a white parachute drifting down in the distance. Missile trails were visible in the sky heading to the ground. Or was it to the air?

"Daniel... let's move, that's not too far from here!"

Yomiko decides to take the initiative and forms a ball around them out of paper and bounces a short distance to a beach near the crash site... the scene of blown down trees greets them as well as she drifts back down on what is best described as a paper airplane. Then she sees it before landing...

= a minute or two ago =

Rebecca saw the creature, it's white, armored body suggested something mechanical. It definately looked like it didn't belong there. "Kat this is Osprey, I got it. Did Glasses-Girl tell you anything on if it was mechanical or what-not?"


"Well, it's big, whatever it is, it is bipedal, standing about 6 meters in height, white armor plating. Looks almost like a smaller form of Mecha... I'm flying in closer... Crap it spotted me and it's firing!"

Rebecca evaded as best she could with flares and 9-G turns. Eventually coming about she locked on and fired her own salvo, but the missiles seemed to be blocked by a force field. Then from it's open "mouth" as it were, it fired a bluebolt of energy. Rebecca knew she couldn't dodge it, but the realization came too late as it gouged off the lower section of her aircraft. Instinctively, Rebecca ejected. Gritting her teeth as she rocketed away before the remains of her aircraft burst into flames.

When the seat deployed her chute and it fell away to earth, Rebecca first looked up, realizing how something so primative worked so well, then looked down. She saw Yomiko and Daniel arrive on the sccene. She was still some 1000 feet up though and... that creature was looking right at her.

"son of a bitch..."

= Now =

Yomiko looked up and saw Rebecca was still a minute from landing. Based on drift she was going to hit the water as well. She also saw the creature was intensely interested in Rebecca.

"Daniel... distract that creature while I save the pilot up there. She's a sitting duck!"

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  • 4 weeks later...

Daniel nodded. He held up his hand, and in an instant a blast of Fire shot upwards, striking the unidentified foe. The blast was a small one, a fraction of his full power. Still it was a display of raw power most adult novas simply couldn't manage. He nodded when the foe turned to him. A field of flames sprung to life between them his first line of defense. "I think I managed that"

40 damage L blast

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Yomiko flew up and with two carefully thrown paper daggers cuts Rebecca away from the parachute as she hears from down below what sounded and felt like a volcano. She catches Rebecca and makes a gradual turn as Rebecca grunts. "Dammit... I think I broke my tailbone... it hurts bad..."

"Nothing I can do up here until I can get you to the ship or mine. I got a sickbay that is probably more of what you're accustomed to than what they had on the ship."

"Right... and good god what did your boyfriend do?!?"

Indeed the sight of plates of armor getting scorched off by a jet of red-hot fire looking like the surface of the sun ravaged also through the octaconal force field it projected in front of it.

"No... you cannot have it! It is MINE!" It shouts as it has it's undivided attention on Daniel now, it's eyes glowing red with rage. Then what sounds like a mechanical voice begins to weakly complain from the armor... "Free... Me..."

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Daniel nodded. "The two of you need to get behind me, fast as you can." In his hands an orb of fire began to coalesce, a miniature sun of heat they could already feel.

he was waiting, impatiently mind. He'd not used this attack in a couple years, mostly because his greatly increased power made it dangerous. "I got something special for ya, biggun, I'll free you just wait."

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Yomiko looked stunned for a moment until Daniel's orders snapped her to. "Right!"

"Wait... I know that voice... I got a plan."

The pain was excruciating, and Rebecca channeled it. "Seatalon! Destruct code 0-9-Epsilon-Red-Pasture-Unsung!"

The monster looked confused as a golden light burst from it's back as what looked like the charred remnants of a mechanical creature burst out. Falling limp to the ground. "Damn... I hope there's enough left to recover..."

Yomiko looked stunned as the monster stumbled for a moment. "No... matter... once I have you three youngling novas that mechanical contrivance's power source will be irrelevant!!!"

"Wait... Nova?" Rebecca puzzled...

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The miniature sun compressed, and he smiled, even as he adjusted his target. "Smile you sonovabitch." He fired the blast, which shot off soon taking the form a huge dragon of fire "DRAGON STRIKE!" Which enguled the enemy who'd spoken and likely carried him for miles, whatever ash or residue remained, that is.

8x10+32x5dice damage so yeah huge attack probably seen from orbit. 80+160d10 damage

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The display of sheer destructive power wasn't lost on Yomiko. One of her brothers did a similar move. "Damn..."

There indeed was nothing left of the hive-drone that had assimilated the now charred and heavily damaged humanoid-type machine.

"Help me over... glasses."

"The name is Yomiko, Lieutenant." Yomiko says, pointing on the rank pin on Rebecca's neck.

"Whatever just help me."

They head over to the machine ejected from the monstrosity and see there was very little to salvage, except...

"Yes... YES... the black box is intact!... ow... ow... We need to get that back home..."

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"No Daniel, from what I know of the reputation of the now late species... You were par for the course." Yomiko said, nodding. "Damn... just realized you might have destroyed the last of their kind... to be honest... good riddance."

Rebecca blinked as she was supported by Yomiko. "Odd to actually agree... thing's a bastard hijacking my stuff."

"True. Is there anything else we got to know about whatever it was?" Yomiko says, pointing at the charred remains of whatever the hive drone had taken for it's own.

"Not really... there's nothing left but charred nano-carbon steel and that black box."

"We'll pick up the salvage. I'm sure the Bartender will want to investigate further." Kat says over the comlink Yomiko took before leaving.

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