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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - Profile: Resak Mountain-slayer


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Personal Information:

goblin-prince-appearance.jpgName: Resak Mountain-Killer

Nicknames: Reese

Occupation: Student

Marital Status: Umated

Known Relatives: Itakshir Dragon-Bloodied (father), Huisak Open-handed (mother), Shinriki (younger brother, at school)

Allegiance(s): Nibelung High Chief, Iron Fangs Nibelung Tribe

Physical Traits:

Weight: 194 lbs

Height: 6'5"

Apparent age: late teens

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Ethnic Background: Caucasian (human guise) / Nibelung Tribesman

Eye Color: Purple / Yellow-Orange

Hair Color: Black / white

Handedness: Right

Appearance (human guise): Resak is very tall in human guise, though he’s on average for the Nibelung. His human guise is as handsome for a human as his Nibelung appearance is for his people. He is tall and leanly-built, often wearing very casual clothing – when he wears anything at all. His body is marked with the scars and wear of his hard life on the cold northern mountains and seas; each one of them is a story which he will tell if asked. His eyes are a dark purple; they are his best feature and he uses them to effect, distracting, seducing or intimidating in turn. His hair is straight and black, hanging in a simple cut around his face.

Appearance (Nibelung guise): In his True Form, Resak is broad and imposing. His skin is a dark green color and his hair stark white, marking him as a higher-level demon. His yellow-orange eyes are as arresting as his human-mask, but they usually only inspire fear. He has pointed ears and a broad, hard face. His Nibelung form represents the faster maturity that his kind reach.

Powers, Skills, and Personality

Known Powers: Resak is a fighter, like his father and his father’s father, back to the first Higher Nibelung. His hardened skin allows him to strike his opponents with hands that are hard as rock. He has few of the ‘overt’ powers of that other oni possess, but the Nibelung have always focused on fighting. They have long been considered some of Forbesi’s best shock troops.

Abilities/Special Skills: Resak can fight in the dark, he’s distressingly fast and he can fight more than one target. He hits hard, pounding his opponents into submission. He runs faster than most animals and is unfazed by the cold. His long years at Monster Academy means that he has quite a bit of knowledge about other demon types.

Personality: Resak is the son of the Chief of Chiefs, one of the greatest Nibelung of this era. He was raised with pride in his people and their strength, and he has a definite alpha male mindset. Despite this, he’s been at the Academy since he was ten, and he has learned to adapt to the more 'delicate' environs.


Resak was born to the Wise Woman of the Iron Fangs tribe. He was birthed on the open snow in the middle of a blizzard, an auspicious sign. His father was the chieftain of the Iron Fangs (and would, by the time Resak was two, would become the Chief of Chiefs) and his mother was the highest status woman. All of this meant that few doubted that Resak would be the next chief.

His father, Itakshir, knew that wasn’t guaranteed. Still, he took the chance and arranged for the boy to be sent to the Monster Academy when he was ten. Resak would have the knowledge needed to pass all the tests put before him to be the High Chief. The boy was already battle-worthy at ten, so his physical prowess wasn't in question, and he was Snow-Loved, the unique condition among the Nibelung where cold didn’t hurt him. The boy had the prowess; he just needed the knowledge.

Resak hated it at first; it was always too warm and the people were not Nibelung. But when he went home for break, he realized how much he’d grown, just in that time. Resak went back with a more open mind, determined to learn. He wasn't interested in the ‘human schooling’; that he had no need to learn. Instead, he studied the people who he saw - the other monsters. He hid his interest behind a gruff machismo and let people think he was dumb. But there is cunning in his purple eyes, and purpose in what he does. He even made friends, a group of students that he raps with regularly. It seems that Nibelung war chants lend themselves to rap lyrics and rhythms.

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Body - 7

Mind - 5

Soul - 6

ACV: 6

ACV: 6

Base Damage Multiplier: 9


Attack - 6

HP: 185

EP: 115

Armor - 10 20 Armor - Thick-Skinned

Combat Techniques - 8 Blind-fighting, Brutal x3, Critical Strike, Lightning Reflexes x2, Multiple Targets

Attack Combat Mastery - 6

Defense Combat Mastery - 4

Energy Bonus - 6 60 Energy

Extra Actions - 1

Extra Defenses - 2

Heightened Senses - 3 Scent, Hearing x2

Land Speed - 3 30 kph

Massive Damage - 4 Fists

Melee Attack - 0 Fists

Skill: Cultural Arts - 2 Nibelung Nobility

Skill: Foreign Culture - 1 Greater Demons

Skill: Intimidation - 2 Stares

Skill: Language - 3 Nibeluth (N), Draconic, Demonic, Japanese

Skill: Occult - 5 Recreational

Special Defense: Freezing Cold - 2 Cannot freeze

Special Defense: Freezing Water - 2 Cannot freeze

Super Strength - 3

Tough - 12 120 HP

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