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(AoH) Bay City Rogue's Gallery

Craig ST

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Okay this thread is for me to post up brief write-ups of known villains in the Age of Heroes game. Feel free to peruse as this is all publicly known information. Please don't post anything in here, the is for the bad guys only .

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Real Name: Donnie Moore

Other Known Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

Known Criminal Associates: A variety of brief associations. No substantial Allies

Height: 3’

Weight: 1,600 lbs.

Hair Color: Metallic Silver

Eye Color: Gun Metal Grey

General Appearance: Donnie the The Anvil” Moore is a tiny thuggish looking man who appears to be made entirely out of metal. He wears biker leather, denim and bandannas and is often seen smoking cigars.

Known Biography

No one really knows how or when career thug Donnie Moore became Anvil, only that he made his debut robbing several Bay City banks, in late 2010 before colliding head on with Talos, the City’s new official defender. Their fight lasted for over half an hour before Anil got pinned under a collapsed building. He was taken in to custody but escaped hours later, before he could be transported to Alcatraz. Since that time, Anvil has made a nuisance of himself up and down the Californian coast harassing anyone he thinks can give him a good fight. He is eagerly awaiting a rematch with Talos, to finally prove who is the tougher of the two. Somewhere along the way he picked up a motorcycle that seems specifically designed for him.

Power Profile

Anvil is a three-foot tall metal man. His body is very dense (weighing the better part of a ton), mon­strously strong, and very difficult to hurt, almost im­possibly so with physical attacks like explosions or punches. It appears he’s immune to most environmental factors, poisons, and toxins and he never seems to get tired.

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Cerebral Rex


Real Name: Kestrel Longstreet (it is believed this is a false identity but if it is, it is very good as no flaws in it have surfaced)

Other Known Aliases: A variety of mundane Identities, usually kept for no more than a few days to a week.

Base of Operations: Kestrel maintains homes all over the world, including London, Paris, Monaco, Boston, Orange County Cuba, South Africa and others.

Known Criminal Associates: The Synaptic Council (The Doll Collector, Spectral, Fling and Psi-Fire); a variety of normal agents and controlled parties.

Height: 5’ 6

Weight: 141 lbs.

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue-Grey

General Appearance

Kestrel Longstreet is a very attractive man in his early to mid twenties. He is always dressed in whatever the height of male fashion is for the time and is always impeccably groomed. Despite taking on the roll of superhuman conqueror, Kestrel has so far eschewed the typical costume one normally associates with a super villain as he doesn’t see himself as such.

Known Biography

Born of wealthy British bankers, the extremely handsome man now known as Kestrel Longstreet grew up used to considering himself better and more important than others, a sense of superiority that grew more pronounced through Eton at 14 and a host of degrees achieved by 18.

It is believed by investigators that around the time of his 20th birthday, Kestrel developed his powers and hit complete megalomania, believing that only those with mental powers like himself were fit to control the governments of the world. Using his wealth and influence to travel the globe, he began searching out and recruiting other self-interested and disaffected psychics that shared his sense of self importance.

Appearing to the world at large as Cerebral Rex; he and his followers formed into the Synaptic Council They preached of the supremacy of the mind and attacked various superheroes and military forces in the Bay Area, before preparing technologically amplified mind control of the population to ensure their hold on a would be independent state. Kestrel’s grandiose scheme was thwarted by a new comer to the Bay City hero scene known as Psi-Warrior, however the psychic mastermind and his followers managed to escape capture and remain at large..

Power Profile

Cerebral Rex is a master psychic with a variety of Telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. In addition to being able to communicate mentally over vast distances, Cerebral Rex has shown the ability to read minds, alter memories, temporarily control thoughts and actions of others, and perform a devastating psychic assault. Psychokinetically, he can lift several tons, generate protective kinetic shielding and fly at supersonic speeds.

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