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Sandman XI

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Krul - Witch (arcane caster, healer)

thejoshie - Fighter (melee damage)

Stargaizer - Fighter/Cleric (minor melee, minor heals)

Dave ST - Fighter (melee damage)

RushingMountain - Rogue (trap picker I think? I see no skill list!)

SalmonMax - Oracle (Healer)

Once SalmonMax and Nyrath finish their characters and RushingMountain gives a skill list, I'll pick my five starters. The two of you i don't pick will be Next in line for spots.

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Partially done, editing as I go along at the moment.

Fael (Vel')Delshyn

Player: Nyrath

Alignment: Neutral (with evil tendencies) (She’s rather more kind and generally “good” than drow tend to be. But a century of “nurture” in drow culture has left her ruthlessly pragmatic, though she’ll consciously dial that down if needed to avoid antagonizing allies.)

Race: Drow

Deity: Calistria (nominally at least, and it’s more socially acceptable topside than any demon lord patron)

Class: Sorcerer 5 [Favoured Class Bonus: skill points (1-3), spells: Interrogate (4, switched for Negative Reaction), Interrogate (5)

Female, Age 121

Abilities: Str 8 -1 Dex 14 +2 Con 12 +1 Int 16 +3 Wis 13 +1 Cha 18 +4

HP 35 Initiative 3 (Dex 2 + Survivor 1) Speed 30 Base Attack: 2 CMB: 1 CMD: 3

Fortitude: 2 = base 1 + Con 1 Reflex: 3 = base 1 + Dex 2 Will: 5 = base 4 + Wis 1

+2 racial vs. enchantment spells and effects.

Armor Class

Normal: 16/12 = 10 + 2 (dex) +4 (Mage Armour) Touch AC: 12 Flat-Footed: 14/10


Melee: +1 Rapier (1d6-1/18-20 x2)

Melee: +1 Dagger (1d4-1/19-20 x2)

Ranged: +3 Crossbow, Light (1d8/19-20 x2)

Ranged: +3 Crossbow, Hand (1d4/19-20 x2)

Skills [(2 base +3 int) x 5 level + 3 Favoured Class bonus (lvls 1-3)

Acrobatics 2 (Dex 2)

Bluff 12 (Cha 4 + ranks 5 + class trained 3)

Climb -1 (Str -1)

Diplomacy 15 (Cha 4 + ranks 5 + class trained 3 + Ambitious Schemer 2 + Princess 1)

Intimidate 13 (Cha 4 + ranks 5 + class trained 3 + Princess 1)

Kn. Arcana 7 (Int 3 + ranks 1 + class trained 3)

Kn. Religion 7 (Int 3 + ranks 1 + class trained 3)

Linguistics 4 (Int 3 + ranks 1)

Ride 2 (Dex 2)

Sense Motive 10 (Wis 1 + ranks 5 + class trained 3 + Survivor 1)

Spellcraft 11 (Int 3 + ranks 5 + class trained 3)

Stealth 7 (Dex 2 + Cloak of Elvenkind 5)

Swim -1 (Str -1)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Drow Sign Language, Dwarven, Elven and Undercommon.

Traits: Princess (+1 Diplomacy & Intimidate), Survivor (+1 Initiative & Sense Motive, Sense Motive class trained)

Combat Gear: Rapier [20gp], Dagger [2gp], Light Crossbow [35gp], Hand Crossbow [100gp], Rod of Metamagic, lesser Merciful [1,500gp]

Magic Non-combat Gear: Cloak of Elvenkind (+5 to Stealth) [2,500gp], Handy Haversack [2,000gp], Muleback cords (+8 Str for carrying capacity) [1,000gp]

Feats & Bloodline [Arcane]

F1. Drow Nobility: Superceded by Drow Nobility, Improved

F2. Drow Nobility, Improved: Superceded by Drow Nobility, Greater

F3. Drow Nobility, Greater: Constant Detect Magic, Use of dancing lights, deeper darkness, faerie fire, feather fall and levitate at will.

BF1: Eschew Materials: Any material component for a spell without a marked gp cost can be ignored.

Class Skill: Knowledge: Religion (from any one).

Bonus Spells: identify (3rd), invisibility (5th)

Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you apply a metamagic feat to a spell that increases the slot used by at least one level, increase the spell's DC by +1. This bonus does not stack with itself and does not apply to spells modified by the Heighten Spell feat.

Bloodline Powers
Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond, as a wizard equal to your sorcerer level. Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object. Once per day, your bonded item allows you to cast any one of your spells known (unlike a wizard’s bonded item, which allows him to cast any one spell in his spellbook). This ability does not allow you to have both a familiar and a bonded item. Fael has a (as yet unmagical) ring as her bonded item

Metamagic Adept (Ex): At 3rd level, you can apply any one metamagic feat you know to a spell you are about to cast without increasing the casting time. You must still expend a higher-level spell slot to cast this spell. You can use this ability once per day at 3rd level and one additional time per day for every four sorcerer levels you possess beyond 3rd, up to five times per day at 19th level. At 20th level, this ability is replaced by arcane apotheosis.

Special Abilities

Drow are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Spell Resistance (11)
Drow possess spell resistance (SR) equal to 6 plus their total number of class levels.

Ambitious Schemer (Diplomacy)
Seduction and treachery are tools for advancement in drow society, even for the martially inclined. drow with this racial trait may choose either Bluff or Diplomacy as a class skill, and gain a +2 bonus on such skill checks. This racial trait replaces keen senses.

Poison Use
Drow are skilled in the use of poisons and never risk accidentally poisoning themselves.

Superior Darkvision
Drow have superior darkvision, allowing them to see perfectly in the dark up to 120 feet.

Light Blindness
As deep underground dwellers naturally, drow suffer from light blindness. Abrupt exposure to any bright light blinds drow for 1 round. On subsequent rounds, they are dazzled as long as they remain in the affected area.


Spells per day: 7 1st lvl, 5 2nd lvl + 1 any lvl (Arcane Focus)

Spells known: 6 Cantrips, 7 (4 + Bloodline 1 + Favoured Class 2) lvl 1, 3 (2 + Bloodline 1) lvl 2

Cantrips: Detect Poison, Ghost Sound, Mending, Prestigitation, Read Magic, Spark

1st lvl: Charm Person, Identify, Interrogation, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Negative Reaction

2nd lvl: Invisibility, Protective Penumbra, Scorching Ray

Appearance: Standing at 6'7'' tall and weighing in at a comparatively slender 160lbs Fael strikes an imposing figure for an elven lady. And in the surface lands her coal black skin, pupil-less white eyes and silver hued hair marks her out as a dangerous one as well. Seemingly always impeccably groomed, she habitually lets most of her long hair fall free down her back with a pair of braids in front.

Attitude: Drow have a well deserved reputation for cruelty and evil in general, and among them Fael is unusually soft in the eyes of some. While she is ruthless and not one to flinch from witnessing or inflicting death and pain she sees no point in cruelty for cruelty's sake; she'll do what is necessary and no more. Pragmatism also dictates that she'll treat allies well, preferably mildly trustworthy ones at the least, and makes at least a token effort to respect their wishes; allies who like and value her are after all much more likely to take risks to her benefit.

As a result of all this Fael tends to come across as amiable and warm with a bit of a cold streak hiding just beneath the surface. Sadly, this is both a falsehood (constructed to aid her in this strange society) and perhaps the closest she's ever been to being 'herself' despite over a century of immersion in probably the darkest and relationally harshest culture in the world. Paranoia, deception, treachery, assassination and seduction are some of the hallmarks of her upbringing; such nurture hardly deserves the name.

History: Fael was born into the Vel'(roughly = "fell/ of the demons", signifying that the house is aligned with a demon lord rather than a deity)Delshyn noble house of the city of Volyndeith, and from an early age seemed like a typical scion of this clan specializing in arcane matters. Fourth (out of currently six) child, and third daughter, to Ythleit Vel'Delshyn, one of the more prominent wizards of the house and herself commonly seen as third from the matron's seat, and an unknown male soldier. The young drowess soon found herself being maneuvered as yet another pawn in the complex political games played as a matter of course in drow society. Her manifestation as a sorcerer did mean less time spent pouring over mystic tomes to master magic, so as to be of further use to her mother, and a bit more time spent refining social skills.

Over the decades Fael came to learn several things. She was... smarter than most of her "peers" and more adapt at handling people; this likely saved her life more times than she's bothered to count as gently manipulating others to get in the way of any plots against oneself is a great way to escape unharmed. She also learned that she, unlike most of kin she's observed, took no real pleasure in inflicting pain. The position of power and control, dominance in short, that such a thing implied was what she took pleasure in instead. Probably most importantly she learned that age, guile and experience tend to go hand in hand in drow society, and that those near the top excel at what it takes to get there in the first place. And when one gets in over ones head with one of those, one should endeavor to extract ones self speedily even at the cost of anything nonessential; nonessential meaning anything one doesn't explicitly need to stay alive.

In the end she found herself outmaneuvered by at least two different major players in the house (and likely a few minor ones) to such an extent that she decided that physical distance would be excellent to have; and legged it. Her keen senses of social intrigue managed to give her enough warning that she at least didn't leave empty-handed. So, deciding that it was the place she'd be least likely to run into other drow out for her blood, she headed for the exotic lands of the surface world two years ago. In hindsight, this was perhaps not the greatest decision she's ever made, but she's been able to survive even under the harsh sun. It is a testimony to her interpersonal skills and general charm that she's only had to make an escape from three towns due to angry mobs in the past two years.

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I'm opposed to Drow nobility being available as a PC Race. Compared to the creation rules the rest of us are going by a Drow noble practically handed 2-3 levels extra in attributes and special abilities. I know we're given a few bonus things, like an extra feat or something, but that hardly compares to the power granted to Drow nobility.

Sand you're the GM and it's your game, but honestly a Drow is a bit too powerful. IMHO the Sorcerer should be a Drow, not a Drow Noble. Nobles should be NPCs only.

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She's not using the Drow Noble abilities from the Bestiary, which should be readily noticeable if you take a minute to crunch the math on her abilities. She's basic Drow with three feats and a trait.

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I was thinking on doing an chatting character of sorts. Yet I am having problems in the sense I have two different ideas and both are interesting in my view. One is a rouge who I am to do a sort of multi facet or multi skill. I also want to do a sorcer who manipulates people. I just don't know which one to pick yet.

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