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Mutants & Masterminds: A House Divided - Ouroborus's Files

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Mal didn't advocate tracking the children in any format that could be found by others, but Ouroborus keeps them anyway. To him, it is all part of the tactical readiness of the Nursery - not just for using them for its defense but in case they should betray the Nursery and have to be stopped.

Please put a profile for fully approved Terat PCs here.

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Personal Information:pre_1342909261__kate_beckinsale_light_blue_by_blacksheep5555.jpg

Identity: Roxanne

Nicknames: Roxy or Blade

Occupation: none yet

Legal Status: Born in the Nursery

Marital Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: Divis Mal (Father), Fahrenheit (Mother,Deceased), Serafina (Twin Sister)

Allegiance(s): Teragen (Primacy)

Physical Traits:

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Apparent age: early 20's

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Ethnic Background: Caucasian (with light blue skin)

Eye Color: Blue (piercing)

Hair Color: Black and Blue shades

Handedness: Right

Appearance: Roxanne is the spitting image of her mother – minus the flames for which her mom was famous. Some of that heritage remained though. When Roxanne uses her powers an anima banner of purple flames surrounds her giving the impression that she is set on fire.

Roxanne wears her hair about shoulder long and is of athletic, yet voloptuous built. She moves with a predatory grace and is highly focused with everything she does. Her wardrobe is always functional and a mixture of black leather and latex for maximum flexibility in combat. The young Adult is never seen without her Katanas.

Powers, Skills, and Personality

Known Powers: Roxanne has a versatile spectrum of mental abilities ranging from Telekinesis to Telepathy. She is able to communicate and understand all languages and has defaulted to use her Telepathy as her primary means of communication. When she speaks her words are echoed telepathically which can be irritating and discomforting since it is difficult to concentrate on her ‘voices’ (speed of mind being faster than the spoken words).

Roxanne’s primary set of skills and powers revolve around her close combat abilities (dual wielding Katanas) paired with a mixed martial arts style that she adopted for maximum effectivity. She’s a deadly dervish with her blades but even unarmed she makes a formidable foe. Her main offensive power is a Katana made of pure psychic energy which she wields like a true blade. Roxanne can also fall back to a mental blast should she require a ranged attack but she rarely uses it and it is far weaker than her close combat abilities.

Another remarkable ability is her strict code of honour which she follows without compromise. Roxanne lives by a bushido-like code of conduct which includes never attacking an unarmed enemy or declining a challenge. Her entire behaviour and way of perceiving the world is focused around this code making her predictable to some degree.

Abilities/Special Skills: Roxanne’s has taught herself a unique MMA-Combat style combining it with her dual-wielded Katana’s. If her opponent proves resistent to her physical attacks she switches over to using her mental powers giving her a great advantage in combat to switch from one form of attack to the other without impeding her style of combat.

Personality: Roxanne is very focused in everything she does – as if everything is a challenge or someone constantly checks her worth. She feels responsible for her twin


Roxanne is the older of the two Twin Sisters and Daughter of Divis Mal and Fahrenheit. Her mother died when they were still young girls and the mystery around her death is something that keeps Roxanne busy to this very day.

The young woman spends most of her day training her abilities or following the latest news about the war efforts of the Movement. She is very eager to join the ranks of Soldiers always searching for an opportunity to prove her worth. Her heritage is something she is consciously aware of but insecure to deal with. Roxanne has been a very alert and hard-working student and has found a keen interest in the old asian teachings of bushido and martial arts along with its philosophies. She’s adopted her own code of conduct based on these teachings and has acquired a deadly martial arts form which perfectly melds with her Novapowers.

Still she lacks the experience of a real front line warrior – something she is set to change in the near future.

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