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I originally found this game in college, and have recently rediscovered it. It's a card game by the name Fluxx


The game starts off simple enough, draw one card and play one card. There are 4 types of cards, Keepers, which you keep face up (like cookies, war, and the moon), Actions, which make you and/or others take specific actions (like trade hands with the person on your right, or draw 3 cards and play 2), Rules, which modify the basic rules of the game (like hand limits, draw or play different numbers of cards, or keep your keepers hidden), and goals, which let you (or someone else) win the game (like peace no war, cookies and milk, or rocket to the moon).

This is a fast paced game that can either win very quickly or keep you laughing for half an hour or more. The rules can get quite outrageous, but that's part of the fun. Also, it would be theoretically possible to never play a goal, in which case the game would never be able to be won (possible but unlikely).

This is a very simple game to pick up, and usually multiple games can be played in a short period of time. I recommend this game very highly to anyone that ever has friends over to the house.

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