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Small World

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I have recently been introduced to a board game that I fine amazingly fun. It's called Small World.


I have played it twice, both against two other people (one more experienced the first time we played and both more experienced the second time), and I have found it to rank right up there with Settlers of Catan. (the first game was a 3 way tie that I ended up winning, the second game I came in 2nd)

Basically, there is a stack of race cards (and each race has a special ability), and a stack of modifier cards (each which gives you another special ability). Both of these are shuffled randomly, and then paired off. You get to pick which pair you want, and then try to conqour and hold as many territories as possible. The thing is, the 'armies' that you start off with are all that you get, so once you loose one, it's gone (with rare exceptions). So once you're done with that race, you 'put it in decline' (meaning that they keep their territories but you can't move with them anymore), and pick another race. Every game has 10 turns.

Every game is different, and I've found it extremely entertaining both times I've played it.

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