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Shadowrun: Everybody Lies - Update schedule, Combat and Accounts


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Following update schedule will be in effect from now on:

I will update biweekly at least - guaranteed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Should I not be able to post I will make a news post announcing my absence.

I expect active PCs to post at least once a week - if there is no post during an entire week and no message left in OOC I will put the PCs status fro Active to Inactive. I understand all excuses including being uninspired and/or not knowing what to do - just let me know and give me a chance to do something about it.

During Combat there'll be a 24 hour rule. If you can't post within 24 hours when you're up I will default your action to the most reasonable action. Since most of my active online presence is during workdays I don't have access to most of my resources like pdfs and sheets.

Please add your PCs combat stats in your signature and put it into a spoilerbox and label it SR-Stats.

This leads to my next and last request. Most of you have already done this but I kindly ask those who haven't to create a separate account for this game and upload an Avatar portraying your PCs appearance. Thanks.

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