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Shadowrun: Everybody Lies - Beta-Testing Games App and future plans


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As you may or may not have noticed I volunteered to Beta-test the Games-App.

What does that mean?

First - you should join this game with your PCs account.

Second - I'll be trying to make use of the Games-App many functions and see how they work. This may cause some trouble or complications if I encounter any bugs. Chosen will help us out should I FUBAR this somehow... (I hope)

Third - The News function will be used for general announcements, notifications or clarifications - this should be the first place to check out before you post.


Future Plans:

Team Blue isn't running the way I planned unfortunately so I will make some necessary adjustments for the PCs in Team Blue to have an actual game instead of waiting for nothing. I was hoping that Chunin and Tomas would take a more active role to guide our new (read never played SR before) Players Dawn, Malachite and Ace. I don't know if there was a missunderstanding or if my short vacation (which really was only 5 days and I even checked in from the hotel) caused this sudden drop in activity. Maybe it's also lack of interest in the game? I don't know. I can't work without feedback. I have been contacted by the new players that they need a more "hands on" introduction to the setting and the game since they never played it before and while I chose a beginner's mission/run this still doesn't help much if the more experienced players are not around.

I will freeze Team Blue's thread while I work out a reasonable solution. I will make a poll offering options I have and can work with and based on the results I will move things on. Sorry about this but it's tough to GM a game if no one knows what he's supposed to do.

Additionally I'll impose a few rules which will be added in the appropriate section of the game. Most importantly an expected requirement to post at least once a week. There'll be two days I'll update the game which will be tuesdays and fridays but that doesn't mean I post only on those days. If required I can update more frequently which will depent on the individiual situation. PCs who miss out a week without leaving a notice in OOC will be put on inactive status until I hear otherwise from the player. These rules will be effective once posted.

Once we're in combat I'll impose a 24 hour rule. Should you not post within set time I will default your actions trying to make the most reasonable action depending on the situation. Since I won't be always able to make updates on my home desktop (actually most of my activity here is during workhours) I will need your combat stats in your signature. I will try to set up a template which I'd like to see as part of your signatures put in a spoilerbox (similar to Magisterium, but I won't need the whole Charactersheet, just equipment and combat stats)

Look out for mor ooc updates soon - this will be a busy week.

Thank you for your attention.

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