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Dragon Age: Learn to Play - Shiral'ven - Circle Mage

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Circle Mage

Communication 2 (Animal Handling)

Constitution 2

Cunning 3 (Arcane Lore, Healing, Religious Lore)

Dexterity 1

Magic 5

Perception 1

Strength 0

Willpower 2

Health: 38

Speed: 11

Defense: 11

Armor: 0

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Staves

Language: Ancient Tevinter, Trade Tongue

Equipment: Backpack, traveler’s garb, waterskin, healer’s kit, quarterstaff, wand, and 34 silver pieces.


Arcane Lance • +4 • 1d6+4 damage

Quarterstaff • +1 • 1d5+1

Class Powers & Talents:

Arcane Lance: When holding a quarterstaff or wand, you can make a special ranged attack. This is resolved like a normal ranged attack (so stunts are possible) and requires no mana points. It has a range of 16 yards.

Talent - Chirurgy: 3d6+5 vs TN 11

Novice: You have trained in the art of chirurgy and your aid is swift and sure. Heal is a minor action for you.

Journeyman: You have the hands of a healer. When you use the heal action, your ally gets back an amount of Health equal to double the Dragon Die + Cunning.

Spells: Arcane Bolt, Heal, Rock Armor

Mana Points: 35 • Casting Roll: 3d6+4

Spell - Arcane Bolt - Mana Cost: 2 MP• Action: Major • TN: 10

A bolt of arcane energy springs from your hand or staff and streaks towards a visible target within 30 yards. It inflicts 2d6 damage plus your casting roll’s dragon die result. But if the target makes a successful TN 14 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test the spell only inflicts 1d6 damage.

Spell - Heal - Mana Cost: 1–3 MP • Action: Major • TN: 10

Your touch seals wounds and restores vigor to one wounded target, either yourself or someone you touch. Choose how many MP to spend when casting; heal 1d6 Health per MP spent.

Spell: Rock Armor - Mana Cost: 3–8 MP • Action: Special (1 Minute, only outside combat) • TN: 10

Your skin becomes as hard as stone, giving you Armor Rating 4. The spell normally lasts for one hour, but its duration can be extended. For each additional MP spent beyond the first 3, the spell remains in effect for another hour, to a maximum of 6 hours. You can only cast this on yourself.

Spell: Heroic Offense - Mana Cost: 3 MP • Action: Major • TN: 11

Your touch fills one ally with magical might. Until the end of the encounter, the target gains a +1 bonus to Strength.

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