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Shadowrun: Everybody Lies - House Rules and Clarifications


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House Rules/Clarifications and General Posting Guide

Concerning the use of EDGE:

You can spend 1 point of temporary EDGE to reroll all dice which are not hits AFTER you made your roll. You can’t spent EDGE again to reroll again – this is only once per Skill roll possible.

If you announce to spend temporary EDGE BEFORE you make your roll you add your Permanent EDGE Rating to your Dice Pool and roll. The EDGE-Dice reroll on 6s (exploding dice).

You can burn 1 Permanent EDGE to avoid death and stabilize (treatment is still necessary but you won’t die from bleeding et al.)

Combat and Combat Stats:

I will create a seperate Combat Thread to keep track of initiatives/IPs, Spent EDGE and Condition Monitors or other circumstantial modifiers which have a global effect.

Please include in your combat rolls (or even better in your signature) the damage code of your Weapon(s)+Ammo – that makes it easier for me to roll for defense and keep track of everything instead of having to look it up in your sheet, then in the books and lastly ask if you used your Stun’n’shock ammo or your AP or whatever...

If you have access to a number of different weapons be so kind and describe which one you are using including all modifiers used. I will try to keep you informed about Modifiers during combat (like moving targets, visibility mods, cover etc.).

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Posting during Combat:

I quoted Reven since he basically summarized how I want to handle combat:

For those with multiple actions have the character simply post all their actions at once. If another PC or NPC performs an action that negates another PCs move simply move the action to the next logical target. So, if I was going to shoot Jonny X on my pass 2 Kemuri killed him on pass 1, simply move the attack to the next logical target, especially if a team member needs the assistance. This emulates how professionals would handle things without everyone having to re-read the entire battle to just to make the sure their attack isn't wasted. If an event arises that opens up for a different action (like hacking instead of attacking) simply notify the PC and allow them to switch actions, it's faster to re-roll one actions than wait for someone to re-post an entire event the next time they are available.

When Pass 2 rolls around I don't need to roll an action (I already did in my first post) I simply follow suit with the flow of combat and just type in my awesome flavor text, if I'm not around to do that, Joani or someone else can since my action results are already posted. If the action needs to change due to circumstances, Joani can make a call and change the action as need be (Like Chunin defending an attack that could have killed him). We'll have to trust him.

Since PCs can go on defense anytime it still allows us to assess what's going on and escape heavy attacks if need be. This way you can have an entire rounds worth of combat in one post from us, read it over, sum it up, and just move on from there. PBP is a little harder than table top when it comes to combat and communication. We can't just reach over the table and slap Max for using a grenade launcher as a sniper rifle, we have to bend and even break a few rules to see to it things flow smoother. What takes us 3-5 minutes at the table usually takes us 3-5 weeks here, because the rules are designed to be used at a table.

Additionally Jameson mentioned the following:

Also, if I can suggest, Joani if one player's rolls are the only thing standing between you and an update you should make the roll for them or penalize them slightly and move forward with your post.

Once combat starts I employ a 24-hour posting rule. You have 24-hours time to post your action - if you don't I'll take over for you and make your rolls.

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