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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN] Ryu "Long" Hideyoshi


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Name- Ryu Hideyoshi
Codename- Long
Height- 7'
Mass- 160 kg
Eyes- Blue
Hair- Black/White
Bloodtype- AB+
Age- 38

Ryu Hideyoshi is one of Tokyo Police Department’s leading officers, A Detective with almost twenty years of experience. He is the sole surviving member of the Hideyoshi family, heir to vast wealth and estates, and yet he prefers life as a cop, more than anything. When asked about it, his answer is simple. “The money is nice, and I want for nothing, but being a cop makes me feel like I’m making a real difference.”

He’s known for being incorruptible, a steadfast officer. His eruption came at what could have been the end of his career. He was one stakeout for a Yakuza deal, and it went sour fast. The other group involved, Russians he’d learned, didn’t like the renegotiations, and in a startling turn of events, opened fire. The short brutal fight that followed left the Yakuza dead, ten innocents dead, another dozen critically wounded, including Ryu. He tried to rise, even as the scarred woman looked down the barrel of her gun at him, and pulled the trigger, only to have the bullet disappear in a torrent of quantum. The leader beat a hasty retreat, even as her men covered her, unloading hundreds of rounds into him, but to no avail. Though he no longer looked human, instead he was a large bipedal tiger, he spoke. “You’re all under arrest!” They continued to fire, and in moments he’d subdued all twelve, though three didn’t survive.

The Police arrived to find him, and he sat there, until one of the carriers arrived and rode back to the station. The few bystanders who saw and survived corroborated his story, and it was in the news within three hours. Department Zero sent word to keep him there until a representative could arrive to assess the former Detective Captain, and his fitness for duty.

Appearance- Ryu physically changed quite abit, and at this time he seems to be stuck this way. He looks to be a a mix of Tiger and human, with a powerful frame, brilliant white and black fur, as well as blue pupiless eyes. His Head is almost totally feline, complete with whiskers and large powerful pointed teeth. Still he has no troubles moving around, and he can speak just as he could before. The change is physical, and he has accepted it with a calm stoicism. "I would suffer far more, if it would have helped keep some of the innocents who died safe."


Atts (7)
Strength 5 powerful arms
Dexterity 5 lightning reflexes
Stamina 5 tough as nails
Perception 5 observant
Intelligence 5 discerning
Wits 5 cool
Appearance 5 Statuesque
Manipulation 5 seductive
Charisma 5 suave

Abilities (12)
Might 2
Athletics 5
Martial arts 5
Firearms 5
Melee 5
Thrown 4
Stealth 4
Demolitions 3
Drive 1
Pilot 1
Endurance 5
Resistance 5
Awareness 5
Investigation 4
Academics 2
Bureaucracy 3
Computers 2
Engineering 1
Intrusion 3
Linguistics 5 English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian
Medicine 1
Science 5 Forensics
Survival 3
Arts 1
Biz 1
Rapport 4
Intimidation 3
Style 2
Seduction 1
Interrogation 3
Streetwise 4
Subterfuge 3
Carousing 2
Command 2
Etiquette 3
Performance 2

backgrounds (2)
Node 5
Resources 5
Backing 5 Tokyo Police
Attunement 1
Allies 1 (old family friend and accountant (Haruki Tasuyama)

Powers 57
Mega Strength 5, compression, precision, unbreakable
Mega dexterity 5 Omnidexterity, enhanced movement, Empty Force(martial arts)
Mega Stamina 5 Adaptibility Regeneration, Hardbody, health, resiliency x2, Fertility x2
Mega perception 4 Electromagnetic vision, quantum attunement
Mega Intelligence 3 Discerning mind, Taint resistance
Mega Wits 3 Multitasking, lie detector
Mega appearance 3 copycat, awe inspiring
Mega Charisma 3 soothe perfect Guest
Temporal manipulation 5 Accellerate time, decelerate time, age manipulation, stop time
Armor 5
Forcefield 1
Flight 1
Quantum bolt 4
Claws 1 armor penetrating
body modification- prehensile tail, extra HL 38 maimed
Warp 1
Pretercognition 3
Quantum Leech 3 energy syphon
Clone 2
quantum shield 3
invulnerability 2 physical (BC)
invulnerability 2 mental (BC)
Invulnerability 2 social manipulation

Quantum 5
Willpower 10
Quantum Pool 75

Iron Will 6

Enemy 1 The Russian
Total np spent 79/100

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+25 for June 01 12
+05 for completed story (new beginnings)
-03 Mega perception 1 Electro magnetic vision
-03 Mega appearance 1 Copycat
-05 Mega Charisma 1 Soothe
-09 Mega wits 3 lie detector
-09 Health, resiliency x2
+25 for July 01
+25 for anniversary
-08 demolitions 3
-06 Fertility x2
-09 m app+2 awe inspiring
-09 mper +2 quantum attunement
+25 for AUGust 01
+25 for Sep 01
+25 OCT 01
-09 for Warp 1
-21 for Pretercognition 3
-18 for Q-bolt 4
-09 Mper 4
-09 Mcha 3 Perfect Guest
-11 Clone 2
-21 Quantum leech 3 Energy syphon
-21 14 maimed HL
+25 for Nov 01
+25 for DEC 01
+25 for Jan 01
-17 willpower +2
-16 Invulnerability 2 broad category physical
-16 Invulnerability 2 broad category mental
-11 invulnerability 2 social manipulation
-12 Quantum shield 3

+25 Feb 01

+25 Mar 01

+25 Apr 01

+25 May 01

+25 Jun 01

+25 Jul 01
-75 Quantum pool +25

-36 24 maimed health levels

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