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Aberrant: Infinite Earth - Character - [CN Character] Naomi Minami (Deceased)

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Naomi Minami
Department 0 Consulting Detective

Status: Deceased

Background History
Not every Nova on the planet has a average eruption, nor a peaceful one. None exemplify this than Naomi Minami. A former Schoolteacher, 35 years of age and a fan of detective novels. She grew up in the Japanese ocean town of Ukedo, a shipping and fishing port on the northeastern coast of the main island. She wanted to be a schoolteacher like her English father and Japanese mother. And she did well enough to finally achieve that dream. She taught at Ukedo Elementary School for 10 years as a Math Teacher.

Two years prior to her eruption, she adopted a cat named Shiro. A Calico kitten who grew to be an inquisitive, intrepid soul. Naomi loved him greatly, and when she could, she took Shiro everywhere. On March 11, 2011 though, everything changed. For her town, and for her.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, she was at School, preparing for her lessons. She knew from some of the physics she knew, that a Tsunami could happen, and fast. So unlike everyone who went for a higher level of the school, Naomi rushed to her home to save her Cat. The school wasn't too far of a trip, and most people were heading inland to avoid the coming wave. But Naomi after finding her scared cat stepped outside and saw the rushing water of the Tsunami about to crash into her.

She held onto Shiro and said. "I'm sorry... don't hold your breath... it'll just prolong the inevitable."

The wave hit and Naomi's world went black.

She came to in the ocean, she was swept out to sea with her town's wrecakge. She scampered on to a fishing boat that somehow miraculously got washed out. It was starting to sink from it's hull damage though. But the radio had power. When she tried to speak though she felt her lips were strangely shaped, it was harder to talk. She thought she was injured severely, so she immediately found a mirror and looked... She looked... like herself and Shiro!

She ran up to the radio again after grabbing a life vest that was still on board and tried radioing shore again.

It was a day before a JMSDF helicopter arrived. The boat had already sunk and she was holding on to a piece of driftwood while floating by the life vest she found. The bewildered look of the crew onboard was muted when a woman peeked from behind the hoist operator. A odd woman with dull pink hair and wearing a white labcoat under her life preserver vest.

"I'm Aiko Nakamura. Head of Department 0, and Nippontai, a emergency team currently operating in the area... Are you alright, dear? Although I wish this was on better circumstances, welcome to a new world."

Naomi fainted.

When she came to the next day she was wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting full-body suit. She looked in the mirror and saw her tail, and wondered what happened.

Then the memories came... and she could only think of one thing her father taught. Something in regards to Quantum Physics where two objects cannot be in the same place and time in Time-Space. Whatever happened... violated that rule and now she is here... changed.

When she realized that she somehow understood completely what happened she had no choice but to accept Aiko's offer to train in the use of her new gifts, study her body's changes, and to adapt. What she discovered is that she has a natural aptitude and innate understanding of the process of being a Detective.

In a matter of a year, she was ready for her first assignment.


Cause of Death

Death after Child Birth complications.

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Naomi Minami
Concept: Protector (Detective)
Theme: Cat/Human Hybrid
Nova Name: Dai neko keiji - "The Great Cat Detective"

Status: Deceased
Allegiance: Japan, Department 0
Nature: Analyst
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150pds
Birthplace: Ukedo, Japan
Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan, Jinbocho ward
DOB: January 8th, 1977
Age: 35

STR: 2

DEX: 5 (Nimble)
Martial Arts: 5 (Blind Fighting, Multiple Opponents)
Melee: 5 (Improvised Weapon, Staff, Katana)
Athletics: 5 (Swimming, Acrobatics, Parkour)
Drive: 5 (Incliment Weather)
Pilot: 5 (Light Aircraft, Parachute)

STA: 5 (Unflagging)
Endurance: 5 (Holding Breath, Long Distance Exertion, Sleep Loss)
Resistance: 5 (Resist Interrogation, Resist Disease, Ignore Pain)

PER: 5 (Intuitive)
Awareness: 5 (Sharp Sight, Acute Hearing)
Investigation: 5 (Research, Analysis, Deduction)
Navigation: 5 (Land, Sea)

INT: 5 (Discerning)
Academics: 2 (Mathematics)
Computer: 1
Science: 5 (Forensics, Chemistry)
Medicine: 5 (First Aid, Emergency, Nova)
Linguistics: 5 (Languages listed in seperate section)
Survival: 5(Hunt, Track, Salt Water)

WIT: 3

APP: 5 (Cute)

MAN: 5 (Way with Words)
Interrogation: 5 (Misdirecton)
Diplomacy: 5 (Foreign Relations)

CHA: 3
Instruction: 4 (One on One, Lecture)

Language Families Known
Native: Japanese
Others: English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Irish, Welsh, Swahili, Dutch, Icelandic, American Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language

Influence: 5
Resources: 5
Contacts: 5
Mentor: 5
Backing: 5
Node: 2
Dormancy: 5

2 Lightning Calculator
2 Speed Reading
1 Internal Compass
1 Concentration
1 Ambidextrous

2 Obsessed: Milk
2 Phobia: Dogs
1 Costume Fetish: Raingear
2 Addiction: Catnip

Minor: Fur - A Calico Feline Pattern
Minor: Feline Biochemistry - That which harms or affects a cat but not a human affects her.
Medium: Aberrant Cat Eyes - Green
Minor: Feline/Human Hybrid Face

WP: 10, Q: 5, QP: 75 INI: 13
Walk: 7/42, Run: 16/96, Sprint: 32/192

In Theme Powers
L1: "Shiro's Gift" Luck 5
L1: "Shiro's Instinct" Intuition 5
L1: "Homo Felis Novus" Body Modifications: Balancer Cat Tail, Directional Ears
L1: "Empress of Cats" Animal Mastery 4 ([-4] Cats Only, [-1] -1 Die Pool) [+5] Power Level reduced by 1)
L1: "Feline Reproductive Qualities" Fecundity BMod

In Theme Mega Attributes
Mega Dex 5 w/Flexibility, Catfooted, Enhanced Movement
Mega Perception 5 w/Hyperenhanced Hearing, Blind Fighting, EM Vision, Bloodhound, That Creepy Feeling

Out Of Theme Powers
L2: "Deductive Prodigy" Pretercognition 1

  • Weakness: requires sufficient evidence
  • Weakness:limited to only the past
  • Weakness: dice pool reduced by -1
  • Strength: Power Level reduced by 1

Out Of Theme Mega Attributes
Mega Stamina 5 w/Regeneration, Hardbody, Resiliency, Adaptibility, Fertility 2
Mega Intelligence 1 w/Linguistic Prodigy, MP: Investigative, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Memory, Taint Resistance

Out Of Theme Gadgets
Gadget 3: Department 0 "Yoroi" Fieldsuit (Based off of Advanced Body Armor)
6B/6L, Full Body, P:0, No Conceal, 15 Destruction
-2 Penalty (4op), Half Weight Ballistic Polymers (2op), 1 Hour Life Support (4op), Life Vest (1op), HUD (1op) - R&D 12 Days, Construction 6 Days

Gadget 2: Department 0 "Omoikane" Tablet Computer
Typical Storage Capacity, Processing Power, and features of a RL Tablet Computer.
Wireless Network Transmitter/Reciever (1op), HUD Interface (1op), Hardened (3op), Half Weight (2op), Waterproofed (1op) - R&D: 8 days, Construction 4 Days

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Experience Blotter

Earned Experience: 275
Spent Experience: 35
Current Experience: 240

Earned Experience = 250 xp

05-01-2012 - 25xp for April Participation
06-01-2012 - 25xp for May Participation
07-01-2012 - 25xp for June Participation
07-01-2012 - 25xp Infinite Earth 2nd Anniversary Present
08-01-2012 - 25xp July Participation

09-01-2012 - 25xp August Participation

10-01-2012 - 25xp September Participation

11-01-2012 - 25xp October Participation

12-01-2012 - 25xp November Participation

No December 2012 Participation

01-08-2013 - 25xp 36th Birthday Gift

No January - March 2013 Participation




Story Experience = 25 XP

04-28-2012 - 5xp for The Cat and the Mecha
05-18-2012 - 5xp for New Beginnings
07-14-2012 - 15xp for Discovery (+10 from being the thread ST)

Purchases = 35 XP

07-07-2012 - 22xp for Dormancy 5
07-14-2012 - 3xp for BMod: Fecundity (In Theme (Litters, anyone?) - 3XP)
07-14-2012 - 10xp for Fertility x2 (Out of theme - 5xp each level)

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