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Guo Zhenglai

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Physical Attributes:
Str: (Wiry)

Sta: (Enduring)

Mental Attributes:

Wit: (Level-headed)

Social Attributes:

Man: (Persuasive)
(Quiet Confidence)


Martial Arts: (taichichuan x3)

Melee: (taichichuan x3, baguazhang x2)

Academics: (philosophy, religion)

Engineering: (weapon smithing)
Linguistics: (Chinese, Russian, Japanese, English)
Medicine: (neidan techniques)
(Taoist charms)
Science: ● (Quantum Theory)

Meditation: (resting meditation)
Rapport: (discern motivation)

Animal Training:
Instruction: (one-on-one)


Backing (SASA):
Gadget: /
Influence (Taoist Sage):
Sanctum: (professional)

Adversarial Backgrounds:

Cult: size: /devotion:

Rigid in Grief (sword): Acc: +3, Dam +8d10L
The Rootless Hammers (meteor hammer): Acc: +3, Dam +7d10B

Fulu Talismans (Extradimensional Pocket w/Deep Pockets extra): 2 – (Quantum 2, Quantum Pool: 14)

Quantum: 5
Quantum Pool: 50
Taint: 0
Willpower: 10

Health Levels:
Bruised 0 (12min / 5hrs):

Hurt 0 (12min / 14hrs):
Injured 0 (12min / 1day & 9hrs):
Wounded 0 (12min / 6 days):
Maimed 0 (36min / 12 days):
Crippled -1 (72min / 1 week, 4 days):
Incapacitated (2hrs / 1 month):

Stamina: 5/2
Mega-Stamina: 8/4
Armor: 15/15

Base Total: 13/6
Power Total: 28/21
Maintained Total: N/A

Initiative: 24

run: 24m
sprint: 56m

Combat Styles:

Tai Chi Chuan (Martial Arts: x3): Block, Dodge, Pressure Strike, Shove, Strike
Tai Chi Chuan (Melee: x3): Clinch, Dodge, Joint Lock, Parry, Weapon Form (Jian), Weapon Strike
Baguazhang (Melee: x2): Joint Lock, Sweep, Throw, Weapon Strike
Associated Advanced Techniques: Chi Respire (3), Circle Walking (Drunken Boxing) (3), Kihon (1), Multiple Assailant Method (3), Pressure Secret (healing; 3), Stop Hit (3), Weapon Form (great sword (free), meteor hammer, rope dart, spear, staff, sword (free))
Non-Associated Advanced Techniques:
Master Thesis (5)

Exceptional Talent (Martial Arts; 5), Iron Will (7), Martial Prodigy (5)

Enemy (less powerful, wants him discredited; -2), Minority (old, -1), Weak Sense (sight; -1)

Aberrations: none

- punishing strike, unbreakable

Mega-Dexterity: - soft fist, empty force (martial arts, melee)
Mega-Stamina: - adaptability, resiliency

Mega-Perception: - body awareness, estimation, quantum attunement

Mega-Intelligence: - analyze weakness, discerning mind, fast learner, mental prodigies (engineering, investigative, tactical), taint resistance

Mega-Wits: - combat awareness, multitasking, natural empath, unpredictable

Mega-Manipulation: - decoy (use Man+Subt instead of App+Style), persuader, subtle, tactful
- autonomy, bestial rapport, pedagogue


Body Modifications (L0): Improved Attributes (Dexterity, Intelligence)
Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Iron Shirt Technique
Armor (L2):

Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Light Body Technique
Flight (L2):

Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

No-Mind Technique
Invulnerability [Mental Powers] (L2):

Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Yarrow Stalks
Pretercogntion (L2):

Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Dependent on yarrow stalks for 1pt, can use at half power rating without stalks (-1pt); requires around 15 minutes of uninterrupted meditation and ritual (-5pts); Strengths: Power Level reduced by 1.

Crossing the Jade Pivot
Spatial Manipulation (L3):

Techniques: askew, flat-form, ripple shield, warp body
Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Placating the Four Dragons
Weather Manipulation (L3):

Techniques: alter temperature, weather alteration
Extras: none
Strengths/Weaknesses: none

Spending History
Freebie Points: 15: 14 points spent on willpower. 1 point spent on backgrounds. 12 points spent on merits. 12 points gained from flaws and adversarial backgrounds.

Nova Points: 100/100: 6 points spent on attributes. 12 points spent on abilities and specialties. 6 points spent on backgrounds. 5 points spent on martial arts techniques. 3 points spent on martial arts advanced techniques. 50 points spent on (in-theme) mega-attributes. 1point spent on devices. 5 points spent on armor. 1 point spent on flight. 1 point spent on invulnerability. 2 points spent on weakened pretercognition. 6 points spent on spatial manipulation. 2 points spent on weather manipulation.

Experience Points: 275/229: 15xp spent raising Dexterity to 6. 18 points spent raising Dexterity to 7. 15xp spent raising Intelligence to 6. 18xp spent raising Intelligence to 7. 1xp spent on Bureaucracy 1. 1xp spent on Bureaucracy 2. 1xp spent on Science 1. 1xp spent on Quantum Theory (Science) specialty. 10xp spent on Martial Prodigy merit. 2xp spent on 3rd Combat Style (Melee) Specialty. 2xp spent on 4th Combat Style (Melee) Specialty. 2xp spent on 5th Combat Style (Melee) Specialty. 3xp spent on Circle Walking. 1xp spent on Kihon. 5xp spent on Master Thesis. 3xp spent on Multiple Assailant Method. 3xp spent on Stop Hit. 3xp spent on Mega-Strength 2. 6xp spent on Mega-Strength 3. 3xp spent on Mega-Stamina 2. 6xp spent on Mega-Stamina 3. 9xp spent on Mega-Stamina 4. 3xp spent on Mega-Perception 2. 6xp spent on Mega-Perception 3. 9xp spent on Mega-Perception 4. 12xp spent on Mega-Wits 5. 9xp spent on Mega-Charisma 4. 12xp spent on Mega-Charisma 5. 3xp spent on Discerning Mind. 3xp spent on Fast Learner. 3xp spent on Mental Prodigy: Investigative Genius. 3xp spent on Combat Awareness. 3xp spent on Subtle. 3xp spent on Estimation. 3xp spent on Analyze Weakness. 2xp spent adding Deep Pockets extra to Extradimensional Pockets talismans. 4xp spent on Body Modifications (Improved Attributes: Dexterity, Intelligence). 3xp spent on Invulnerability (mental powers). 15xp spent on Spatial Manipulation 4. 5xp spent on Weather Manipulation to 2.

Experience Awards 2012:
XP for birthday in April - 25
XP for Participation (April) - 25
XP for 1yr Anniversary - 25
XP for Christmas 2012 - 25

XP for Participation (December) - 25


Experience Awards 2013:

XP for Participation (January) - 25

XP for birthday in April - 25

XP for Participation (April) - 25

XP for 2yr Anniversary - 25

XP for Participation (October) - 25

XP for Participation (November) - 25

,, ,,

Current Total: 275

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Guo Zhenglai's Gadgets

Rigid in Grief


3-dot Gadget

+3 Accuracy (6 OP), +3 Damage (6 OP)

12 Options total

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Melee

Cost: 3 Background dots/10XP

Research Time: 10 days

Construction Time: 5 days

Rigid in Grief was the first jian, or Chinese straight sword, that Guo Zhenglai forged after his wife's death. The blade itself, unlike most blades that are made and sold to collectors in the modern era, has been cast using combat-grade Wootz steel and, while still extremely flexible and strong, is nonetheless stiffer and less flexible than the typical Chinese wushu training sword - hence the name Rigid in Grief. The handle and sheath are made of treated rosewood, and the fittings are of polished brass using a plum blossom motif.

The Rootless Hammers


3-dot Gadget

+3 Accuracy (6 OP), +3 Damage (6 OP)

12 Options total

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Melee

Cost: 3 Background dots/10XP

Research Time: 10 days

Construction Time: 5 days

The Rootless Hammers are an old heirloom, passed down from Tai Chi Master to student for some unknown number of generations. The weapon is properly classified as a 'meteor hammer', one of the more esoteric of the 'Eighteen Arms of Wushu', and is widely considered to be among the most difficult and dangerous weapons to learn or use, due to the high risk of injury to both the target and user. Guo Zhenglai has carried it in his possession for more than seventy years and is an accomplished master in the weapon's use.

Fulu Talismans



1 Level 2 Power, Extradimensional Pocket 2 w/Deep Pockets extra

Quantum 2, Quantum Pool 14

Dice Pool: N/A

Damage: N/A

Cost: 2NP/6XP

Research Time: 3 or 6 days

Construction Time: 2 or 3 days

Taoist priests and sages have used paper talismans to perform all manner of magical feats since ancient times and are even mentioned in one of the oldest classical Taoist scriptures, the Huangdi Yinfujing. These particular fulu talismans have been especially crafted by Guo Zhenglai to "stand in" for items that he cannot or does not want to carry with him, but that he may have need of from time to time. The paper talismans themselves are not unique to any individual item. Rather, Guo Zhenglai must first "link" each desired item to the fulu talismans through the use of an arcane Taoist ritual.

Holding one of these talismans in one's hand and reciting the proper mantra activates the talisman, which immediately vanishes to be replaced by the item one was picturing at the time of activation. This does assume that the item being pictured is an item that Zhenglai has previously linked to the fulu, and that the item has not already been "summoned" by someone else using another fulu talisman.

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